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For others that bear the name Cyrus, see Cyrus.

Cyrus is a Redguard adventurer, who appears in The Story of Apocrypha, traveling with his companion and quite close friend, Chell. Though Chell is obviously the leader of his group, he proves that he is quite knowledgeable about a lot of things, moreso than his Bosmer companion.


Cyrus grew up in Bravil, where he lived until he was sixteen. He was always the pillar of his household, he had to be as he couldn't rely on his drunken father as the man was scum, when he wasn't beating him, his mother and his sister senseless, he was blowing what little money they had on liquor and whores.

Cyrus got the worst of it, because he was different and Cyrus often thought about killing his old man in his sleep, at one point he stood over his Father, clutching a pillow, ready to smother the drunken slob to death with it. One day, his prayer was answered, his mother kicked the scumbag out of his house and vowed that she never wanted to see him again. Things were tough after that but better, they didn't have what little their father provided for them but thanks to Cyrus' job as a courier, his Mother's laundry skills and his Sister's sewing skills, they got by.

This life as perfect as it was for him, didn't last, his Father came home 'a changed man' and begged his mother to take him back. Cyrus didn't expect his Mother to be so stupid but she said 'yes' without any hesitation. The boy lost it, he yelled at her and made it perfectly clear how weak she was before storming out of the house.


Cyrus in Story of Aporcypha

He'd been travelling Cyrodiil for several months, when he came across Chell, a Bosmer adventurer, who was down on her luck. Neither of them couldn't afford a carriage to go to Bruma, where they heard that there was work, so they both decided to pool their money to travel to the frozen city, however, they soon realised that the still didn't have enough for both of them and so they decided to keep their money pooled and travel together. They have formed a bond ever since and have become quite friendly over the past month, neither of them can remember what life was like before meeting the other one.

The Story of Apocrypha

Cyrus and Chell find themselves in the Tap and Tack, where a rather heated debate is going on between several people, who seem to be arguing over a black book. Cyrus immediately senses danger and practically begs his companion to leave but Chell proves to be stubborn, staying until the group's leader, Darius Stormblade opens the black book and unleashes the tentacles of Hermaeus Mora, which grabs them and pulls them inside the book, trapping them inside.

She and her companion must put their faith in their companions as they venture deep inside the realm of the Daedric Prince of knowledge.

The Legend of Nirn: The Adamantine War

Cyrus is one of the protagonists of Legend of Nirn: The Adamantine War. He begins the story as a saboteur, who is hired to sabotage the T2 of a Grand Prix entry.

The Fall of the Aubeanic Reign

[Note, the following is content taken from the abandoned RP: The Fall of the Aubeanic Reign and therefore is non canon to the official LON timeline and considered 'flavor material.']

During the events of Story of Aporypha, Cyrus contracted something similar to Corpus, which granted him a longer life span. His condition is similar to that of the Nerevarine, a form of Corpus which has boosted his lifespan, possibly making him immortal. Ironically, this was the last thing that Cyrus wanted as he's secretely wanted to die for centuries but due to the fact that he doesn't believe in suicide or simply giving up, he's forced himself to keep going and do as much good as he can, hoping that he'll be rewarded with an ending.

Such an opportunity came to him when the plague hit Hammerfell, the officials on the boarder have grown worried that Frederick Landyt plans to use the plague as a biological weapon, to infect the surrounding areas. There has been little to no evidence of this but if it hasn't occured to Landyt yet, it will do soon...

Cyrus was sent in to kill him, due to the fact that many feared that he was somehow related to the Fallen/Risen curse and that he may even carry the plague himself. This is all untrue of course but fear has caused the rumours to grow into 'facts' and the Redguard has feared persicution for a long time. The officials told him that he could earn their favour in death, by going into the wastelands of Skyrim, finding Landyt and killing him. It was obviously a suicide mission, with little chance of success but Cyrus still went along with it, hoping to find the end that he sought in the most dangerous land in Tamriel.

It was here that he met two travellers, Mona and Niall, who he shared an abandoned inn with for the night. The three of them were taken, the next morning and held captive. Niall was taken away to be killed and Mona has blamed herself ever since.

With Mona too depressed to care, Cyrus took it uppon himself to ensure her safety as he lead her across the land... [The Fall of the Aubeanic Reign content has ended]


Cyrus is very distrusting of strangers and often tries to avoid trouble and conflict, he is generally quite a cynic, constantly expressing a pesimistic attitude and constantly putting his home town down as well as going as far as to accuse other people of treachery.

As he gets older, he finds himself to be a lot more relaxed and trusting of others, this could be down to the fact that he has little to live for anymore and doesn't care either way. He noticabely doesn't swear and rarely blastphemes.


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