Daerch the Mad
Race Reachman
Gender Male
Age 49 in Chapters I and II, 64 in Chapters III-VI, 74 in Chapter VII
Status Dead
Factions Silver-Blood Clan, the United Holds of Falkreath, Haafingar and the Eastern Reach, the Cyrodiilic Empire
Titles Steward of Falkreath (formerly), Lord Regent of Falkreath (formerly), Lord Regent of Haafingar (formerly), Lord High Chancellor of the Elder Council, Thane of Snowhawk
Place of Birth In the Eastern Reach
Family Unknown (Deceased)
I have a raging erection! By the Divines, not even a god can kill me!
— Daerch the Mad, after nearly being killed by Adawulf Sea-Born

Daerch is an infamous sorcerer who has served Jarls Eriksson Silver-Blood and Sven Gold-Dawn as a court mage and steward. He has also served as an ambassador to Adawulf Sea-Born, Lord Regent of Falkreath Hold, Lord Regent of Haafingar Hold, Thane of Snowhawk and Lord High Chancellor of the Elder Council.

He was eventually killed by Adawulf Sea-Born when he was taken prisoner by Etaret Witchbane and his Templars.

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