The city of Daggerfall

The city of Daggerfall was once the capital of High Rock, and is now one of the major cities of the Empire in the Age of Industry canon. It was sacked by the Thalmor during the Kamodus Campaign, but rebuilt soon after. In the year 6E 184, it was put under blockade by the Empire, due to the attack on the nobility at the Beaufort Mansion. After the sacking of Brightwall, the maintaining of the siege could have been to prevent the Council of Nobles from getting inside the city.

At the end of Age of Industry II the city is destroyed when Axel Leclaire commands the guardians of the catacombs to raze the city. After this, the ruins are considered dangerous, as anyone who enters them never returns.

It is one of the main locations in the AoI II RP.


Daggerfall is located in the south-east of High Rock, on the coastline. This makes it ideal as a port and centre of trade, meaning that it has a strong economy. Its distance from Samarkand means that it has only been attacked a few times, and this is always done by sea.

Notable Locations


Sander in the catacombs

  • The Catacombs - These run under the Church of the Divines, and are where Anna Gilliet lives - and where various abominations and monstrosities lurk, an example being the Guardian.
  • The Jolly Maiden - An inn run by Alex, a friend of Sander Lafayette. "According to science, alcohol is a solution!" the slogan reads.
  • The Port - Where most of the city's trade comes in.
  • Numidium Way - The location of the Resistance's Daggerfall base.
  • The Beaufort Mansion - Home to the late Stephanie Beaufort, which was destroyed during the events of AoI II.
  • The Guetierre Mansion - Home to Jean Guetierre.
  • Bourbon Street - The street where the Guetierre Mansion was built.


  • Numidium Way is named after the Numidium, a large Dwarven construct that served as a major plot-piece in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.
  • The images above are from the game Bloodborne.
  • Bourbon Street is a reference to the song Moon Over Bourbon Street, by Sting, which is about a vampire.
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