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Dark Judgement
Dark Judgement.png
Base Damage 29
Weight 17
Base Value 1000
Additional Effects Fires faster and quieter than a standard crossbow. Has a faster reload speed.
Class Archery, Crossbow
Upgrade Material Ebony
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Dark Judgement is a unique ebony crossbow.


An example of exquisite smithing technique, this ebony crossbow is of high quality and is among the best handheld ranged weaponry to be used in conjunction with stealth. Due to its ease of use, like most of the crossbows, Dark Judgement can make a marksman a formidable opponent.


The crossbow is forged by the fletcher Clemence for Urjorahn in 4E 202, as a token of gratitude. The weapon comes with a quiver of ebony bolts.


A quiver of Ebony Bolts that come with the crossbow

  • Dark Judgement: fires and reloads faster than a standard crossbow. Does not affect detection.

The enchantment is considered an additional effect instead, and thus any other magical effects can be placed on the weapon. Enchantments placed on the bolts result in a triple effect. Additionally, Dark Judgement ignores 50% of opponent's armor rating when tempered.


Dark Judgement can be improved with an Ebony Ingot, and benefits from knowledge of smithing ebony. Tempering the crossbow results in an aforementioned additional effect.



  • Dark Judgement's design is similar to the default crossbow, used as a trademark weapon by the Dawnguard in Fourth Era and the Imperial Legion on Vvardenfell in Third Era.
  • Like its steel counterpart, the ebony crossbow utilizes a "Goat's Foot Lever" as a means of loading.
  • In the first unreleased version of Songs of Cinder, Dark Judgement was named "Bitter Judgement" and was in possession of Clemence, the one who forged it.