I would have once called you brother, but you have betrayed all of the Deadlands by consorting with the Master of Knowledge.
— Daugalo, to Kuros.

Daugalo is a Dremora who is helping the group in The Unsung Heroes of The Oblivion Crisis. He is a commander of a legion of Dremora, and brother to a Dremora killed by Daric Greycloak in the Solitude Great Gate.

The Unsung Heroes of The Oblivion Crisis

Daugalo is first seen in the Deadlands, commanding a legion of Dremora to capture Darius. After a short discussion, Daugalo joins the group. He tries to stop the cage while the group is battling Mactan for the first time, and fails. Later, he blends into the crowd to assist Agatha, Arik, and Daric in battling Kuros.

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