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Direnni Stronghold


Isles of Balfiera

Current Owner:

Adawulf Sea-Born

Year of creation:

4E 226


After the Second Oblivion Crisis and Adawulf's ascension to Godhood, Adawulf came back to the Isles to start a new Kingdom. The partially destroyed Direnni tower became his Stronghold of Ashes, and the Capital of the Magocracy of Balfiera.

Differences from the Original Tower

The new stronghold was completely renovated and it had many tall and thick walls around it, each with lower than the other. The Stronghold has a temple, a barracks, a magic college, a smithy, a storeroom, a Magic Armory, and Vulcan's Tower.

Around the Stronghold is the city of Direnni, which is populated by the Kagrenan. Both the city and the Stronghold are very well defended, and the constant ash storms make it hard to attack.