Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Head of the Dark Brotherhood, Shadow Assassin


Dark Brotherhood, Shadowscales

Place of Birth

Laga, Black Marsh


Moves-Waters (Father), Digests-Her-Sap (Mother), Muwana (Sister)

Draco is an Argonian Listener for the Dark Brotherhood who was born in Black Marsh.

Early life

Draco was born in the small Tribe-Community of Laga, near the center of Black Marsh (or Argonia). His parents were servants to the Chief of the tribe. He lived a comfortable life (or as comfortable as you could in a tribe). Until one day, the tribe was attack by the Archeins, known enemies of Laga, who destroyed their homes & community, while selling men, women, and children into slavery. Draco and his sister Muwana managed to hide in a nearby marsh and avoided to massacre, but were completely alone. Draco felt alone and scared by all that he saw. He only had one thing he felt could truly help him, and that was his worship of Sithis.

Draco started to carry around a rock with a face (drawn with blood) on it, even speaking to it and "doing it's bidding" by sending unworthy souls to the Void. Through all of this, however, he did care about his sister, the one part of his family left, and the remainder of his innocence. He went from town to town, trying to get money by doing mercenary work, in order to buy basic things, and serving Sithis. Eventually, he was invited to the city of Gideon to become an assassin for The Shadowscales.

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