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A fire drake guarding a ruin

Drakes are mighty creatures made by the vampire Vorwith Forlen. Drakes were Vorwith's attempt at making dragons, but eventually, he changed their genetic makeup into what what they are now.


Drakes are most often brown, but there are some drakes of other colors. These colors signify certain genetic advantages. For example, a white drake will be more resistant to the cold, and is therefore dubbed a 'frost drake'. Drakes are, in a sense, a reptilian lion. A drake's skeleton and a lion's skeleton are very similar, suggesting that Vorwith based them off of lions. An adult drake's back reaches about 6 feet high, and their length from head to tail is approximately 15 feet long. Drakes have sharp spines along their front legs, head, neck, back and tail. They also have a leathery 'mane', which is also covered in spines. Their claws are about 7 inches long when fully extended, and 2 1/2 inches long when retracted. Their teeth are about 4 inches long.


Drakes are extremely territorial, and will defend up to 30 meters away from their den. They roost in caves primarily, but have been known to have a den on top of large hills. They prey upon deer, bear, elk, mammoth, men, mer, or anything that seems like an appetizing dinner. Depending on their objective, they will attack differently. If they are hunting, they will attack with their mouth, trying to latch onto the prey. However, if they are just defending a location, they will mainly attack with their claws. If they are hesitating and hissing at you, while pacing back and forth, they are warning you and are telling you to leave.


Drakes live in many different environments. They live in caves, on cliffs, on mountains and hills, in snow drifts, in volcanoes, and many similar locations. Some known drake family locations include the following. These locations are only some of the drakes roost. There are other drakes across Tamriel, but these are some more well known drake inhabited locations.

  • Dragontooth Crater
  • Bard's Leap Summit
  • Eldergleam Sanctuary
  • Lost Knife Cave
  • Ancient's Ascent
  • Skyborn Altar


  • Some believe drakes and dragons to be related, but they are actually not related in any way.
  • Some Drakes are known to be domesticated. However, this occurrence is extremely rare, as the Drake must have been found as a newborn, at most 6 days old.
  • There are sub-species of drakes that actually have little similarities with the actual Drake.
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