Drakespire Palace is owned by Vorwith Forlen, and his reception for any and all of his guests.


The deed to the castle is in the name of Yssis Tarin, a cover name for Vorwith. Vorwith still has complete control over the estate and has it well-kept.


The main resident is Vorwith Forlen, but there are many guardians and caretakers on the estate. There are hundreds of Forlen Guard present, and the Forlen Guard Captain stays here as well.


Vorwith doesn't actively stay in Drakespire very often, but this is where he meets with all of his guests. It also serves as his entrance to his underground Dwemer city, and Narasaroth Prison.

Areas and Facilities

Throughout the confines of Drakespire, there are many different areas and facilities. Areas in Vorwith's underground city or Narasaroth are not included here.

  • Forge
  • Atronach Forge
  • Spell testing grounds
  • Cemetary
  • Forlen Guard maintenance room
  • Drake mutating chamber
  • Drake nursery
  • Drake sleeping dens
  • Testing Arena
  • Great Dining Hall
  • Great Chamber
  • Armory
  • Entrance to Narasaroth and dwemer city
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