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The Drujunit Tribe is a Wood Orc tribe from the Malabal Tor region of Valenwood, who have their stronghold in the Xylo River Basin. The tribe derives its name from its founder, Chief Drujun, who first brought them to the region. In the final days of the Merethic Era, the tribe discovered Mauloch's Blood Spring, a magical well of blood located in the mines beneath their stronghold. This caused a splinter in the tribe that was only healed by the intervention of the Chosen of Y'ffre.


Originally a nomad tribe in the south of Valenwood, in the Late Merethic Era Chief Drujun led them in a pilgrimage into the Malabal Tor region. Seemingly led to the Xylo River Basin by a vision his head shaman had been sent from Malacath, they settled there and built their first permanent stronghold - naming it after the chieftain that led them there. From then on the tribe became known as the Drujunit.

Malabal Tor was a region already inhabited by the Bosmer when the Drujunit Orcs arrived, the village of Silvenar was already forming around the Graht-Oak where the wise sage of the same name lived with his wife, the Green Lady. The Orcs were initially aggressive against the local Bosmer, raiding them and going to war on numerous occasions. Similarly, the Bosmer tried to wipe them out, but were unable to do so as the Orcs were quite hardy. It wasn't until the reign of Chief Ghora's rule that the Orcs agreed to a truce with the Silvenar's community. Ghora's son, Kurzel, maintained the truce though his brother Barrz had counseled against it.



  • Dragag
  • Barrz gro-Ghora, Warrior
  • Murtha gra-Orkzol, Wise-Woman
  • Ghorsha gra-Shadug, Champion
  • Brazub gro-Rugan, Warrior
  • Ulush, Shaman
  • Bura gra-Dragag, Ambassador to Silvenar
  • Lubruk gro-Rugan, Hunter
  • Shubak gro-Kurzel, Chieftain
  • Rulga gra-Dragag

Former Members

  • Drujun, Chieftain
  • Ghora, Chieftain
  • Rugan, Champion
  • Orkzol, Shaman
  • Shadug
  • Kurzel gro-Ghora, Chieftain


  • The name Drujun derives from the Orcish word Dru, meaning "Fear". So the tribe's name translates to something akin to "Frightful Ones".