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Ekendal is a small settlement in the Rift in south-eastern Skyrim. It is one of the few known communities to care for a rare ghost oak.


The settlement has a small population. It has an inn named The Oak Trunk and a smithy run by Starkad the Smith and his apprentice Aldoran. The Oaken Hall is stands on the northern side of the village. Svante Thuriksson, the founder of Clan Ghost Oak was born and raised in this settlement and chose it as home for his clan.


Very little is known about the village at this point. Although it is safe to say that it is at least just as old as the ghost oak in its center. Once every year the feast Ekendal Star Night is held in order to honor the supposed founding of the village. Legends tell of how a star fell from the sky and struck an acorn on the ground. The acorn and the fallen star fused and began to grow roots which eventually grew into the ghost oak in the settlement's center. The settlers came to the conclusion that it was a sign from the gods and so built their village around the growing oak.


Quotes about Ekendal

It's pretty and it's my home. Nothing else to it. I wouldn't by any means want to move anywhere else.
— Starkad the Smith



  • Ekendal translates from Swedish to "oaken-vale" or "valley of oaks".
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