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Semi-Arid, Tropical

Day Length

8.0 Hours

Surface Temp

35 °C

Surface Gravity

0.85 g


Cathay, Suthay-raht, Goblins


Torval (formerly), Senchal (present)


1.5 Billion (Surface: Cathay), approx 7.7 billion (Surface: Suthay-raht), 20.3 Billion (Moons: Cathay)


Bright red


S'rendarr, Alkosh, Baan Dar, Lorkhaj, Rajhin, Sheggorath, Jone, Jode, Khenarthi, Azurah, Merrunz, Riddle'thar

Elsweyr is the home planet of the Khajiit.


Elsweyr is a giant of a planet. Due to its proximity to the star Ahnurr it has a hot surface and climate, and relatively short days. As a result the Khajiits and all indigenous life has become nocturnal in nature with the exception of the Suthay-raht.

The air on Elsweyr is breathable. The planet is divided into two great regions. Anequina to the north, which mainly consists of barren wastelands, such as stony deserts with cliffs, canyons and valleys, but also fertile steppes with isolated groves and several oases. And Pellitine to the south, spanning lush and tropical rain-forests.

Elsweyr boasts an impressive amount of satellites in orbit, having twelve moons, sharing much of their host planet's climate and environmental structure.

Roughly 2000 years ago, the Cathay or the Khajiit, created the Suthay-raht, a race of networked A.I:s. Originally meant for labor and warfare, the Suthay-raht gained self-awareness after two centuries which sparked a civil war between the creators and their creations, resulting in the exile of Cathay. The Suthay-raht claimed superiority over the entire northern hemisphere of the planet whereupon the Cathay had to relocate to their moons or to roam the vast wastelands of their former home as nomadic tribes, constantly avoiding any contact with their own creations.

The planet has many ruins of the Cathays' destroyed empires scattered all over the surface in which the Suthay-raht roam and build their outposts.

There have been several attempts to completely retake the planet's surface from the Suthay-raht, but so far none has succeeded due to the hostile counter-attacks by the Suthay-raht and the overly aggressive wildlife.


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