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The Eltmer, also called the Holy Elves, or the Light Elves, are a race of Pure Elves from the Summerset Isles.


The Eltmer were a group of Aldmer who attempted to integrate Azura and Meridia into the Aldmeri Pantheon. This did not go over well with the other Aldmer, and war was brewing.

However, the Chief Priest, the Ruler of the Eltmer, came to an agreement with the Aldmeri King: The Eltmer would transform themselves, and leave Aldmeris forever. So, they did. The Chief Priest led his followers to the Summerset Isles, where they established permanent cities. However, when the Altmer arrived, a war did begin.

The Altmer were winning, and they drove the Eltmer onto the Isle of Artaeum, where they lived, until the Psijjic Order came, and they also came to an agreement. The Eltmer would begin to move onto the Main Island, but the main group would stay on Artaeum. However, they were unaware of the Psijjic Order's attempts to make the island disappear, until it happened.

The remaining Eltmer have small settlements on Alinor, but their main city is in the great City of Atnium. The Eltmer are known to have fought with the Dominion in the Fourth Era.


The Eltmer have extended lives from those of other Mer, living sometimes up to the age of 1000.

They have blonde hair, and sky-blue eyes, but their distinguishing feature is their light-gold skin, and their feathery white wings. The wings have little other use, besides ceremony, but the Eltmer use them to hover up to 50 feet in the air.