Elyssa Heart-Fire
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female
Age 20
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Born Unknown
Height 4'8
Weight 112 lbs.
Other Information
Factions House Lionheart
Home High Rock
Family Unnamed Parents
Firmament Transparent

Elyssa Heart-Fire is a Breton in the Firmament.


One of Agrias's accomplices who came into Skyrim for reasons unknown. She joined Agrias and her troupe at the age of 16 and was already known as a skilled spellsword due to her training in High Rock. She was also known to be a skilled smith, and can repair armors of various materials with relative ease.

Despite being one of the most trusted members of Agrias's secret order, little is known of her.


- The Firmament (On-Going)

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