Emperor's Armor
Emperor Armor
Base Armor 90
Weight 55.5
Base Value Priceless
Enchantment Numerous
Type Heavy Armor
Material Enhanced Skyforge Steel
Current Owner Darius Septim

Emperor's Armor is a unique set of heavy armor, made of enhanced Skyforge Steel. It was forged by Eorlund Grey-Mane in Whiterun, Skyrim, as requested by Daric Lariat. It was made to look like Imperial Legion armor as this was the armor Daric intended to use during his campaign in Cyrodiil, where he hoped it would help him by making him seem like less of a foreigner.

The materials used to forge the armor were steel and corundum, which made it similar to Steel Plate armor but because it was forged at the Skyforge the resulting armor was more durable and lighter than its counterpart.

Armor Set


Emperor Helmet
Base Armor: 20
Weight: 8
Enchantment: Increases Magicka by 40 points, Destruction spells cost 25% less to cast


Emperor Cuirass
Base Armor: 40
Weight: 35
Enchantment: Increases Stamina Regeneration by 25%, increases Health by 40 points


Emperor Vambraces
Base Armor: 15
Weight: 6
Enchantment: One-handed attacks do 30% more damage, increases Heavy Armor skill by 20 points


Emperor Greaves
Base Armor: 15
Weight: 6
Enchantment: Increases Stamina by 40 points, increases Fire Resistance by 50%


Emperor Cape
Base Armor: 0
Weight: 0.5


  • Initially Darius was supposed to wear the Emperor's Armor from TES:O, but that was changed.
  • This armor is from the mod: Emperor's Will by gechbal.


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