Eriana "Erys" Ebonheart

Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Female


4E 170


Auron Ebonheart (Step-Father)
Valeria Ebonheart (Step-Mother)
"Terra" Ebonheart (Step-Brother)
Cloud Strife (Lover)
Unnamed Daughter

Status Alive as of 4E 211
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6
Weight 147 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation House Ebonheart
Weapons Save the Queen
Home Skyrim
The truth can be cruel at times. But wheter or not they can accept that truth is up to them.
— Erys

Eriana "Erys" Ebonheart is an Breton and member of the Order of Harmony during the Fourth Era.

Biography and Personality

Born in House Ebonheart at 4E 170, Erys is one of the last, true descendants of the First Ebonheart. At an early age, she began her training in the art of combat and the arcane. At 4E 203, she had the beastblood within her veins. This gave her an great edge in combat, but also serious disadvantages. Though she gained the ability to track down targets through their scent, this amplified her dangerous mental instability along with restlessness, making her mentally fragile.

At year 4E 204, she willingly gave up her lycanthrophy at her own request to her brother. Her blood was purified and gained an unique ability to breathe underwater, but lost her Dragonskin power as a side-effect of using custom magic to remove Lycanthrophy through alternate means.

Despite her traits, Erys has an bright, cheerful personality. She also developed maturity and a strong sense of justice. She also values friendship and is willing to help those who are in need, a similar trait that her brother Terra has.


Erys proved to be an nimble jack-of-all-trades, able to utilize various forms of combat to adapt to any situation. Though she is an agile and flexible warrior, one of her serious disadvantages was her lack of a large magicka pool. Because of this, she cannot cast most very powerful spells and can only cast a few spells when entering combat. Despite her innate magical prowess, she is ultimately considered a melee fighter.


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