Erica Gravita is an Imperial farmer who joined the Companions.


Erica is the child of Aurelio and Sypha Gravita. Aurelio Gravita was an Imperial legate who was wounded in the Battle of the Red Ring, and was retired from service with honors. He met Sypha, a dancer in the court of Bruma, and they fell in love and married. As a result of his service, Aurelio was granted a piece of land in southern Skyrim that he used to start his own farm with Sypha. Erica was born in 4E 183, 8 years after the end of the Great War. Growing up, she was trained to fight by her father while her mother taught her how to dance and sing. Eventually, inspired by the tales of her father and the Dragonborn, Erica left her farm to join the Companions.

Appearance and Equipment

Erica is a short and lithe Imperial. Her hair is long and brown, and she has deep blue eyes. She wears a red shirt with a short white skirt. She has leather armor fitted to her shirt and a cape that can also function as a light cloak. Her weapons are a silver rapier and steel throwing knives.

Powers and Abilities

Erica is fast and is agile, allowing her to dodge attacks well. She does not know any magic, but due to her Imperial blood, she has the Voice of the Emperor, which allows helps her persuade people, and Star of the West, which allows her to drain the enemy's stamina. She was born under the Lord.


Despite growing up on a farm, Erica is very formal with those she meets, as proper manners were taught to her by her parents. However, she is naive, and assumes the best of whoever she meets.

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