Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Male
Age 23
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Born Unknown
Height 5'6
Weight 140 lbs
Other Information
Factions None
Home Skyrim
Family Unnamed Parents (Status Unknown)
Firmament Transparent

Ernest is a Breton in The Firmament.


Ernest was born to a common family in Helgen just before the town was destroyed by a black dragon known as Alduin. In his early life, Ernest was know to be friendly and easy going to his friends and always dreamed of being a well-known adventurer once he grew up.

His life took a turn when he was separated from his family after Helgen was burned down to the ground at 17th of Last Seed in 4E 201. Ernest eventually found refuge in Riverwood and was welcomed with open arms. Despite the generosity of the town, Ernest worked hard and always repaid his debts by working in the lumber mill for an honest living.


Despite his misfortunes, Ernest is friendly and easy-going to others despite his status. He works hard to achieve his dream of becoming an adventurer and claiming fame and fortune. He also hates politics to a very high extent, correctly stating that almost all politicians are self-conceited, greedy and egotistical maniacs.


  • The Firmament


  • TBA
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