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Crime Syndicates


The An-Xileel is an extremist crime syndicate native to Black Marsh. Originally a political party whose interests were founded in the ideas of a pure-Argonian homeworld, free from outsiders, but also all the indigenous non-Argonian races such as the Kothrinigi and the Lilmothiit. Though they were considered harmless, if yet racist, they were not outlawed from stating their opinions. However as their following grew so did the methods they used to express their hatred towards non-Argonians and the new policies imposed on Black Marsh by the Elder Council. In an act considered as terrorism the group in was ultimately outlawed when they in 1965 EC besieged the space port of Helstrom, killing numerous foreign tourists and visitors. Now the An-Xileel reside in the seedy underbellies of Black Marsh's cities where they deal in smuggling and the local drug trade and to support their continued cause to drive off all the foreign elements from the Argonian homeworld.

Bal Molagmer

The Bal Molagmer is a syndicate of thieves native to Morrowind. Though outlawed they are not considered a serious threat and the local law enforcements tend to look the other way when apprehending members. The group is mainly composed of idealistic youths who steal from the rich to give to the poor. Though the nobility of Morrowind frown upon the syndicate and wished that they were all locked up, the Ordinators tend to regard them as harmless disillusioned youngsters with nothing better to do than to prank the wealthy and will more often than not reprimand them before letting them go. A considerable amount of the youths also tend to be close relatives to the members of the Great Houses as well.

Camonna Tong

The Camonna Tong is an extremist crime syndicate native to Morrowind. They deal in everything from the drug trade, smuggling, extortion, prostitution, kidnapping, gambling, trafficking, slavery, and even murder. The group is entirely composed of Dunmer who despises foreigners. In order to join the group, the initiate must prove themselves by beating a kidnapped individual of another race in hand-to-hand combat, which usually results in the latter's death. The Camonna Tong has a finger in every part of the criminal underworld imaginable. Their ties and connections reaches all the way to the Great Houses of Morrowind and even, according to rumor, to the White-Gold Tower Station. Thus no legal force can touch them, and even though they have been outlawed by White-Gold law, the group continues to operate both in the shadows and out in the open with little to no regard for rules and laws. But for as long as they keep the majority of their business relegated to Morrowind space, the Elder Council do not prioritize their disbandment.

Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is a lucrative order of extremely dangerous and professional assassins. With ties all over the Mundus Galaxy, there is no target that can fully escape their reach. They also have members and affiliates on every known homeworld. Due to their powerful allies and their skills in covering their tracks; law enforcements from all over the galaxy have a hard time in locating and identifying known members. It is completely illegal to so much as suggest hiring the Dark Brotherhood, even for mercenary purposes. The organization was considered crippled for a period of time when Shades-in-the-Shadow, the Listener, was arrested by law enforcements from Skyrim and brought to be incarcarated at Labyrinthian Station. Though it soon turned out that the Argonian member had been betrayed and dethroned by his own, and thus the organization continues to thrive in the shadows. What little more that is known about them is that they have a Sanctuary on every homeworld. Though the Dark Brotherhood does not only deal in assassinations, but also offers information brokering and staging deaths of people under pursuit.


The Nightingales is composed of an anonymous trio of information brokers. The identity of these individuals remains unknown, and the knowledge they can gather and provide for the paying customer has threatened the stability of the Elder Council on more than one occasion. This has resulted in them being outlawed for espionage and for infringement of privacy and official matters of the Mundus Galaxy. A client can never directly contact with one of the Nightingales, but must instead seek out one of their affiliates who in turn will establish contact with the trio to conduct business. But even their affiliates, plenty as they are, are hard to come by unless the customer knows where to look for them. The amount and quality of the data the Nightingales will gather can range from just about any information the client desires, as long as the payment is right.

Renrijra Krin

The Renrijra Krin is the native crime syndicate of Elsweyr. While not as extremist in their views like the An-Xileel and the Camonna Tong, the Renrijra Krin is anything but friendly, and is predominantly composed of Khajiits. They practice acts of crime one would expect from a vast network of smugglers, drug dealers, thieves, mercenaries and murderers. The syndicate is divided into several branches spanning several of Elsweyr's moons which each have their own designated category of crime. They dislike open violence and will as such often dispatch of competition or unruly and unreliable members with discretion, making them "disappear". Every member of the organization answer to the current Clan Father or Clan Mother, who constantly has to shore up with loyal enforcers and bodyguards to ensure that no one overthrows them should the opportunity present itself. The current Clan Mother is Ahnissi, who has run the Renrijra Krin's business with an iron fist for nearly two decades.

Thieves' Guild

The Thieves' Guild is a widely renowned criminal organization whose wide range of services include thievery, burglary, hacking, and grand heists. Though they consider themselves a functional guild, they have never been acknowledged as one by White-Gold law. Members have to prove themselves before joining, whereas establishing contact with an already initiated member is the first step to full membership. The Thieves' Guild frown upon murder and violence and instead favor more subtle and stealthy approach to conduct their business. Due to how widespread the guild is enlisting them is relatively easy and a client may pay the guild a sum to retrieve intel, conduct espionage, hack and datamine, sabotage, or acquire a specific item. The organization will not accept contracts which require them to steal credits outright for the client. This is because any amount of credits stolen cannot surpass the cost of the contract.

Order of the Bat

The Order of the Bat is a coalition of vampire clans from all over the Mundus Galaxy. The Crimson Scars and Cyrodiil Vampyrum from Cyrodiil. The Anthotis, Khulari, and Selenu from Hammerfell. The Aundae from Summerset. The Berne and the Quarra from Morrowind. The Garlythi, Haarvenu, Lyrezi, Montalion, Thrafey, and Vraseth from High Rock. The Hollowfangs and Tenarr Zalviit from Elsweyr. The Keerilth from Valenwood. The Volkihar and the Snowbrood from Skyrim. And the Whet-Fang from Black Marsh. While a lot of the clans are rivals they are united in the purpose to spread vampirism across the galaxy and to further their E2-based abilities by drinking the blood of other E2-users. While being a vampire is not considered a crime by White-Gold law conduct, willfully spreading the disease is, and as a result the entire Order of the Bat and their agenda has been outlawed.

Industries and Corporations

Adamantine Augmentations

Altmer Alterations

Animunculi Armorers

Archeologists' Guild

Baar Dau Industries

Brena Cyberworks

East Empire Company

Kagrenac Corporations


Abbreviated from Lusty Argonian Maid Entertainment.

Potentate Arms

Shamshir Corporations

Skyforge Steel

Stalhrim Alloys

Ylgermet Industries

Mercenary Companies


The Alik'r is a mercenary company hailing from Hammerfell, consisting predominantly of Redguards, but also Bretons and Orsimer. Even though the mercenary company possesses a license that allows them to operate under Elder Council law there are rumors of them taking on more ludicrous jobs outside of the legal sphere. However, since no concrete evidence has surfaced the Alik'r continues to provide their services under strict surveillance from the Elder Council.

Blackwood Company

The Blackwood Company is a mercenary group hailing from Black Marsh and is considered to be the Fighters' Guild's primary rival in terms of business and social standing. The company consists predominantly of Argonians, Khajiits and a few Kothringi and Lilmothiit. The Blackwood Company mercenaries are considered to be thorough, hardy, and ruthless in their endeavor to complete a contract. It is also said that they practice unconventional methods in order to carry out their contracts to completion, but that they bribe officials and lawmen to keep their license and right to continue their business. Though unscrupulous and rough, there has not been a job that the Blackwood Company has left unresolved.


The Companions is a mercenary company hailing from Skyrim and consists almost entirely of Nords and the occasional Imperial. They are the oldest mercenary company up to date, still remaining in business. Honest and hardy, the Companions have kept good faith with their license to conduct mercenary business under White-Gold law ever since they were first founded.

Order of the Virtuous Blood

Fighters' Guild

Morag Tong

Silver Hand

Military and Paramilitary Organizations


The Blades were originally an order of warrior-agents in service of the Emperor of Cyrodiil, however since the establishment of the Elder Council, the order was re-organized to serve as the eyes and ears of the council in order to keep order and peace in the Mundus Galaxy and for the sake of its residents' well-being. Their role at the Imperial court was instead overtaken by the Penitus Oculatus, serving the Blades' original purpose. Being a member of the Blades is considered a great and prestigious honor. With membership comes diplomatic immunity and other legal advantages as Blades are considered to be "above the law". That does permit them to purposefully commit crimes however.

Individuals cannot apply for membership without filling two core conditions: they have to be naturally gifted E2-users and have a clean criminal record. And even then the applying for membership is rarely accepted as the order are very selective about who is allowed to become a Blade, and they normally seek out young men and women of all races naturally gifted in the usage of Elder Effect on their own accord.

The Blades' utilize their connection to Elder Effect to hone their skill in swordsmanship with E2BS-Spathas Mk. II, a Blade member's primary weapon-of-choice. They train intensively with a combat style heavily supported by Elder Effect, which allows them to perform moves and strikes that would be considered near impossible for the unexperienced E2-user or soldier.

Buoyant Armigers





Imperial Legion

Knights of the Nine

Knights of the Thorn

Lion Guard


Penitus Oculatus


Sahxleel Legion





Political and Religious Institutions


Elder Council


Dragon Cult

Grand Republic of the Eleven Dunmer Houses


Moth Priests

Order of the Black Worm

Psijic Order



Tribunal Temple

Twin Lamps