Base Damage 15
Weight 16
Base Value Priceless
Enchantment Target takes 30 points of fire damage. Chance to frenzy the target for 2 seconds.
Type One-Handed, Sword
Material Glass
Current Owner Jovron Lariat

Flamerend is a unique red Glass sword, sometimes called the sister sword to Chillrend. The sword is of elven make and has appeared in various places in Tamriel, two traits that it shares with its sister sword. However, while Chillrend has a frost enchantment, Flamerend has a fire enchantment.

It has been in the Lariat family for a few generations, being wielded by Andre, Daric and Garth Lariat, among others. The sword was notably used by Daric during his rebellion against the tyrant, Emperor Augustus Mede, before it was replaced with his new sword Tazaarfeyn. After Daric became Emperor he gave Flamerend to his cousin, the new High King of High Rock.

Known Owners

  • Andre Lariat (4E ? - 4E 211)
  • Daric Lariat (4E 211 - 4E 215)
  • Garth Lariat (4E 215 - 4E 227)
  • Emeric Auld (4E 227 - 4E 228)
  • Perien La Rouche (4E 228 - 4E 229)
  • Jovron Lariat (4E 229 - )


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