Forlen Guard
Leader Captain Cyranir
Locations Drakespire Palace,

Kagrenzel, Narasaroth

Headquarters Drakespire Palace
Key Members Captain Cyranir
Alignment Vorwith Forlen
Enemies Unknown
Founder Vorwith Forlen
Founding Unknown; Some time in the first era

The Forlen Guard are Vorwith Forlen's guardians in Drakespire Palace. They were once members of a brotherhood of Falmer knights, but millenia later, shades of their former selves were bound to their armor by Vorwith, making them his slaves without wills.


There are two types of Forlen Guard.

  • Forlen Guard
  • Forlen Puppet
  • Forlen Guard Captain

Forlen Guard


Captain Cyranir

These are the regular Forlen Guard. They are equipped with the corrupted gear of the knights of the Order of the 12 Curates. This is because they were those knights. They mostly wield the swords that also once served them.

Forlen Puppet

The Forlen Puppets look exactly like Forlen Guard. The difference is that of their behaviors. The Puppets have to directly follow orders from a commander of sorts. The orders are followed directly, so the commander must be very specific with their orders.

Command of a puppet can be shifted to somebody else at varying levels. If somebody passes on the command at the same level of their own command, the second person can negate the first person's command. It is for this reason that Vorwith always retains a higher level of command over them all, so they cannot be used against him.

Forlen Captain

This was once the paladin known as Paladin Cyranir, the leader of the Order. Now he has been corrupted further, into the commanding officer and captain of the Guard. He wields a Dragon Spear. He has more will of his own.


  • Drakespire Palace
  • Kagrenzel
  • Narasaroth


  • Due to the fact that they are shades, they can be impaled, decapitated, or otherwise inhibited and not be killed. The only way to kill them is to destroy their binding seal, which is written somewhere inside their suit of armor.
  • If they are destroyed, their souls are freed and they can finally rest peacefully in the afterlife.
  • The pieces of armor are held magically in place. Therefore, if an arm or leg is cut off, it can be reattached.
  • Though they are shades, Vorwith has left them with the ability to speak. They all have the same deep, metallic voice.
  • The puppets don't have souls. They are basically daedric entities from Evergloam that Vorwith put into suits of armor.

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