Fraxinus Vampiris


Adawulf Sea-Born

Year of Creation:

4E 230



When Adawulf was still mortal, he refused to turn to Vampirism for immortality. He thought it was pointless, reckless, and idiotic to make himself a pawn of Molag Bal, who already had many servants. So, four years after he became a god, he decided to create an alternative for mortals.

Differences from Vampirism

Those infected with Fraxinus Vampiris are known as Ash Vampires They do not age, are deadly when casting Ash and Fire spells, and they do not require blood. Instead, they require Magma or Lava from a volcano every month. Also unlike Vampirism, it cannot be spread through bites. To gain Fraxinus Vampiris, Adawulf must choose one at birth or pass it on to one.

The Vampirism even transfers into one's next life via soul. The only known cure is death without revival or reincarnation.

Known Ash Vampires


  • Fraxinus means "ash" in Latin.
  • The essence that makes someone an Ash Vampire has been called 'Fraxin' by multiple individuals, but it is unknown if this is officially what it is called.
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