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[Note: The following is content taken from the abandoned RP: The Fall of the Aubeanic Reign and therefore is non canon to the official LON timeline and considered 'flavor material.']

Dread Captain Frederick Landyt is the Captain of the 'Tempest' and it's crew and the second known person to earn the title of Namira's chosen.

He is a member of the Collaboration in The Fall of the Aubeanic Reign and therefore one of the main antagonists. He is also at war with Tiberionus of Morrowind.


Little is known about Landyt’s past, though it was known that he was feared by sailors across the Sea of Ghosts, due to his reputation and the many tales of his exploits and crimes out at sea.

He came back to his homeland of Skyrim, during the Fallen’s occupation of Falkreath, he had heard of a powerful weapon, which was almost demonic in its nature. The Nord quickly travelled across the land but found that the conflict had long since been resolved by the time that he got there.

Landyt cursed his luck and marched back to Dawnstar and heading back out to sea, disheartened and disappointed by the fact that he never got to wield the Sword of Pestilence.

After the second Oblivion Crisis ended, Landyt continued his daily ritual of finding unfortunate sailors to attack and invade for decades to come. Despite the fact that it happened nearly twenty years ago, Landyt found himself stewing over it and growing slightly obsessed. He tried everything, every ghost story and legend about the Sword of Pestilence, stories of it cropping up in High Rock, Hammerfell and eventually Morrowind.

After trying the previously former two places, he began his voyage to Morrowind, where a man named Xervish, a ‘friend’ of Set Oakvale, the man believed to be the Blighted Knight resided. Whilst sailing across the sea of ghosts, Namira blessed him with her presence, finding his obsession with the Sword of Pestilence somewhat interesting.

She offered him an offer, to make him her ‘Chosen One,’ an undead being, who never ages, doesn’t feel pain, doesn’t age and doesn’t die. This was beyond perfect for Landyt, who took the offer, without question and received his coveted Sword of Pestilence.

From that day onwards the Sea of Ghost’s name had never been more fitting; a thick fog engulfed it and slowly crept its way through Skyrim, turning anyone who stood in its way into the Fallen. Within the space of a year, the entirety of Skyrim had been engulfed in the intense fog and those who stayed behind became the Fallen, corrupted beings, who served as Landyt’s eyes and ears across the wasteland of Skyrim.

Landyt eventually decided to branch out and sent an invading force into Solthstiem, his army of ghosts gutted the place and within a matter of hours, Solthstiem was under his control. The Pirate Lord was more than pleased with his victory at Solthstiem but it was short lived as a fleet of ships soon broke through his mist, coming from Morrowind and he soon found himself facing an invasion force, which was as big as the one that he had used to conquer Solthstiem.

Due to the sudden nature of the attack, Landyt soon had to pull off the beach and fall back toward the center of the island. The counter strike was lead by a man named Tiberionus, a man who had fought the previous wielder of the Sword of Pestilence, almost twenty years prior. The two met and clashed swords on the battle field and fought aggressively for their territory. However, the chaos of the battle field made a one on one fight impossible and they both got separated by the crowd.

Tiberionus and Landyt were eventually pushed back to their own territories, Landyt kept hold of the snowy north of Solthstiem, which resembled Skyrim, where as Tib kept hold of the ash covered south, which resembled Morrowind. Tensions have been raising with each passing day and many fear that an all out war will break out, if one side does so much as make one step wrong.

Fall of the Aubeanic Empire

Landyt first appears to the group, he descends from his ship and lands before them, demanding that they handle Niall Tira over.

Niall hands himself over, to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed but Landyt still orders his fallen to attack the group before taking Niall away. Niall is locked in a cell with Mona Oakvale, it isn't currently known what interraction he had with them but Mona appears to fear him in later chapters.



Author's notes

Landyt is one of many characters who I've named after people I know in real life or online, the others are Silvia, Grem, Sir Loz and Manja (to some degree).

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