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Unbreakable as it grows stronger for each foe it slays, almost weightless in the hands of those of Ylgar's blood, able to cut through any material




Keratin (possibly)


Warworn the White


Valkyrie Ghost-Wolf

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Frostbite is the primary weapon of Valkyrie Ghost-Wolf. It is said to be made from the claw of the giant white wolf Warworn the White.

Since Valkyrie has claimed that Clan Ghost-Wolf trace their heritage back to Ylgar, the youngest son of Ysgramor, it is safe to assume that Frostbite did indeed once belonged to him.


Though the blade is heavy Valkyrie carries it around and handles it with great ease. She holds a scabbard for the blade on her back. The hilt is in the shape of a snarling wolf head in silver, the ancestral coat of arms of Clan Ghost-Wolf. The blade is free from scratches and has a mirror-like glance to it. The handle is pitch black and bound with leather to ensure the wearer's grip around it.


Quotes about Frostbite

The sword is ice cold to the touch. I would hate to find out how it bites.



  • Valkyrie stated that it had "tasted the blood" of many elves during "The Return".