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Approximately 1E 2920

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Fury-in-the-Snow was an Argonian warrior of Clan Bone Obelisk, turned slave rebel. He fought against the oppression of his people and his death sparked a revolution among the Argonians known as "The Bone Ritual", which resulted in the slaughter of the remaining family members of the clan.

Early life

Next to nothing is known or written about his earlier life nor whether or not Fury-in-the-Snow was actually his true name. Some sources speculate that he had once been a trader in his homeland, while some speculate that he might have been a thief, and once captured this would explain the reason as to why he became a slave.

He was bought by the Dunmer family of Clan Bone Obelisk to serve as a warrior in their battles, particularly after their humiliating defeat during the Second Clan War.

He rose quickly in the ranks and was well-respected amongst his own. However, he was displeased with the treatment of his kin and eventually started to protest against the usage of Argonians as warriors.

He was eventually captured and held in a dungeon for a month, while the clanmembers decided what to do with him.


His fate was finally decided when the clanmembers knew that they had to set an example to prevent further warriors among their ranks to object and revolt. Fury-in-the-Snow was sentenced to the cruelest of punishments found within Clan Bone Obelisk. And that was by impalement on the very same obelisk from whence the clan had gotten its name from. As Fury-in-the-Snow slowly died with the obelisk buried through his chest his last words are said to have been: "No more bowing", indicating that he was at peace with his death as it had finally set him free from the slavery.


His death did not create the reaction the clanmembers had expected. Instead it angered their Argonian subjects. The event known as "The Bone Ritual" - named after the cruel punishment which Fury-in-the-Snow had to endure - came to pass, which ultimately led to the massacre of the entire Dunmer family, thus liberating the Argonians from their servitude and crowning them as the new leaders of the clan.

Known Aliases

  • The Slave King
  • The rebel within us all


Quotes by Fury-in-the-Snow

No more bowing.
— Fury-in-the-Snow's last words

Quotes about Fury-in-the-Snow 

Despite being a lizard that man had probably more balls than any Nordic Berserker I know of.


  • The Clan Wars - TBA
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