Gaius Caesar
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Age 55 (Chronologically)

Late 20's - early 30's (Biologically)

Status Alive
Factions Templars


Titles Templar Grandmaster

Master Gaius

Place of Birth Imperial City
Family Livia Caesar (Mother) (Deceased)

Heather Caesar (Wife)

Gereon Alexius (Father)


Gaius Caesar is the leader of the Templars of Eastmarch. He is a photokinetic or 'light-bender' of amazing power. He fought with the Imperial Legion for several years before meeting Etaret who eventually convinced him to leave the legion. He appears in The New Kingdoms.


Gaius was raised by his mother in the Imperial city. He was taught by the some of the best tutors in Tamriel. He had a pretty uneventful life until he was ten and realized he could bend sunlight easily making a dagger of light. From then on he trained with various mages both in the College of Whispers and the Synod. He quickly became a master of restoration and alteration.

Imperial Legion

Shortly after leaving the Synod rumors of a rebellion in Skyrim spread to Cyrodil. A legion was dispatched to the Province but due to the Great War was only half full and needed reinforcements. Wanting to see the world and to become a great warrior he joined the legion. After quickly passing training he was sent to Skyrim as a battle-mage.

After fighting for nearly a year in the Skyrim civil war Gaius was made a captain. While guarding a fort in Morthal hold he suffered his first failure as captain a the hands of Etaret Witchbane, a Stormcloak who had become infamous among the Imperials as a brilliant tactician and excellent warrior. Etaret had snuck in to a hidden entrance in the prison, released captured stormcloaks and attacked the fort from within while a large force attacked from the outside.

This caused Gaius to despise Etaret and become obsessed with killing or capturing him. The two came face to face several times during the war and were equally matched, neither one defeating the other. This cycle repeated itself until the two were captured by bandits in Dawnstar hold. Both men's squads had been wiped out during a skirmish when bandits had come upon the two, weakened from the fighting they were easily taken.

They were held for a few weeks before eventually escaping and fighting their way out. After the bandits were defeated the two men once again fought, this time Etaret defeated Gaius. However when it came time to deliver the killing blow Etaret couldn't do it, the two men had become almost friends during their time held prisoner. Etaret allowed Gaius to leave, something Gaius wouldn't forget.

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