Geralt Loktivson
Geralt's Armor
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 25
Status Alive
Factions Felsaad Vanguard
Titles Geralt the Blade
Place of Birth Wilds of Solstheim
Family Unknown

Geralt Loktivson is the second in command of the Felsaad Vanguard.


Geralt rarely reveals his face, but much more often than Terlov. He has rusty brown hair, and is clean shaven. He has brown eyes. He has a lean but strong physique. He is a very charming individual, who likes to woo the barmaids in most every tavern. However, when speaking to someone besides those he likes, he keeps a very neutral and emotionless expression and tone of voice.


Geralt's Vanguard armor consists of a lightly embroidered hood, specially made cuirass, combat boots and gloves, all a light brown. He has a grappling hook hidden crossbow attached to his left wrist, and over 20 throwing knives strapped all across his body. He also has his special close range knife. During formal occasions, he takes a ceremonial nordic sword with him, even though he usually doesn't use it. A complete list of Geralt's gear is shown below.

  • Geralt's suit
  • Geralt's bandolier
    Geralt's Dagger

    Geralt's primary dagger

  • Hidden crossbow
  • Geralt's dagger
  • Several throwing knives
  • Reinforced grappling hook twine
  • Jarrin Root Extract
  • Ceremonial nordic sword


  • Geralt is the ruling champion of the Frelser Throwing Knife Competition, and has been for over a decade.
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