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A ghost oak is an elusive and extremely rare tree with magical properties native to Skyrim. It is described as an old looking tree with a dead trunk and silvery bark. Despite its overaged appearance, fresh green leaves blossom on its branches all the year round, no matter which season. It doesn't seem to age or get dented beyond its already decomposed state. The tree is so rare that only one known entity is known to exist in the small village of Ekendal in Skyrim, however there have been speculations that there might have been one once in the settlement Maiden's Rest.

According to the festivity known as the Ekendal Star Night, the oak was born when a star fell from the sky and struck an acorn. The acorn and the star fused, grew roots and eventually became the ghost oak standing in the center of the village.


The trunk is highly priced for woodcrafting even though it is rare to find a craftman skilled or experienced enough to handle the material. Since the trunk is said to be as hard and sturdy as the mountain itself, it is therefore also hard to find the adequate tools to handle the wood.

Among famed items crafted from a ghost oak is the enigmatic blade Gastbane.


It is unknown as to what kind of abilities a ghost oak has. Though it is known that it reacts strongly to spiritual energies and magic. The wooden blade Gastbane, which was crafted from the trunk of a ghost oak, had the ability to banish evil spirits and it is therefore most likely that the remainder of the tree also possess some sort of spirit repelling ability.



  • The concept of the supernatural oak is somewhat based on the concept of the World tree Yggdrasil from the Norse mythology.
  • A Cadet Branch in The Clan Wars canon is named Clan Ghost Oak, hinting that the two universes are actually one and the same.
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