Themselves (Most Goblins are loyal to their own tribe.)

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Goblins are green/yellow humanoids, who inhabit dungeons and sewers in Reign of Chaos. they use hand axes, short swords and shields and appear to be at war with the Lizard Men.


The Goblins don't appear to be as big of a threat to the people of the Imperial City and mostly keep to themselves, unlike their reptile counterparts. However, they viciously defend their territory, to the point that they are willing to go to war with other tribes of beasts to maintain it.

Goblins tend to have their own tribal identities, which revolve around a totem, that is kept at the center of the camp. Like the Lizard Men, they use makeshift hand axes and sword and also loot them off of fallen survivors. Goblin craftsmanship is vastly superior to that of the Lizard Men and they are somewhat more intelligent and are better fighters, though Lizard Men are typically stronger, the Goblins appear to be winning the war.

Though Goblins are more intelligent than Lizard Men, their intelligence is marginal at best and they prove to be pretty easy to dispatch, even when the group are unarmed. On the Threat Scale, they stand between rats and Lizardmen.


On the battlefield and in their 'society' Goblins appear to have different roles, so far the Companionship have encountered...


Shaman are Goblin sorcerers, who usually use powers of witchcraft and necromancy, they traditionally carry around Goblin Totem staves, which usually have the severed heads and bones of fallen goblins on them. It is unknown if these severed heads are goblins from their own tribe or a conquest from a war with a rival tribe.

Goblin Warrior

These are typically encountered throughout Reign of Chaos, they carry hand axes and basic armour, sometimes shields or rustic swords, they are the most aggressive type of enemy, though they don't deal as much damage as Shaman or Warlocks.

Goblin Rogue

Goblin rogues are generally weaker than their warrior counterparts but are capable of using long range attacks, with bows and arrows, they are not dangerous on their own but can be quite devastating as ranged support in battle.


Reign of Chaos: Prologue - The Imperial Prison

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