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Harold Burned-Mane
Harold-50s Sketch.png
Harold in 4E 227
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 66
Status Alive
Titles Jarl of Hjaalmarch, Ysmir, Stormblade, Thane of Skyrim, Skaal-friend
Formally: Harbinger, Arch-Mage, Grandmaster of the Thieves Guild, Listener.
Factions Skyrim, Stormcloaks, Hjaalmarch Hold, Dragonguard, Dawnguard, Skaal, House Telvanni
Birthplace Whiterun, Skyrim
Family Aenar of the Burned Mane (Ancestor - Deceased)
Aenar Burned-Mane (Ancestor - Deceased)
Rigard Burned-Mane (Father - Deceased)
Lieci Burned-Mane (Mother - Deceased)
Serana Burned-Mane (Wife)
Harkon (Father-in-Law - Deceased)
Valerica (Mother-in-Law)
Rigvar Burned-Mane (Son)
Liesl Burned-Mane (Daughter)
Dovahoth (Adoptive Children)
By my beard!
— Ysmir

Harold Burned-Mane, also known as Ysmir, Stormblade, Dovahkiin and Last Dragonborn, is a Nord dragonborn. He was the hero of the Dragon Crisis, the Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy and Miraak's Return in the 4th Era. He is the current jarl of Hjaalmarch, ruling from the city of Windstad which he founded. He is also a thane in every hold throughout Skyrim, holding political influence in all holds, not just his own. Harold adopted the many orphans of Skyrim and raised them collectively as the Dovahoth, the Dragon Orphans.

Early Life

Harold was born to Rigard and Lieci Burned-Mane, in Whiterun on the 20th of Evening Star in 4E 174. Their clan, the Burned-Mane clan, is as old as the city itself. Their founding member was Aenar of the Burned-Mane, one of the 500 Companions of Ysgramor. The clan had a house in Whiterun but because of the apparent extinction of the clan it was sold to a Redguard family.

Rigard and Lieci both died in the Battle of the Red Ring during the final year of the 1st Great War. Rigard was a Nord warrior and part of the Legion. Lieci was a Battle-Maiden and former priest of the Temple of Kynareth. Her father was an Imperial and she inherited his skill in restoration. Their son was only 1 year old when they answered the call of duty and departed along with General Jonna and his Nordic Legionnaires to take back the Imperial City. Their bodies were buried along with countless other dead Legionnaires in the Imperial City's cemetery, their names were carved into the Red Ring Memorial located in Green Emperor Way.

Because of his parent's death Harold was sent to the Riften Orphanage, he grew up there. Like many of the other orphans there he hated Grelod the Kind, who was always mean to him. Since his youth he showed signs of magical affinity, but Grelod would hit him every time she caught him practicing magic. When he was 9 he got fed up with the Orphanage and planed his escape. During the night he managed to escape from the retched place and left Riften. At first living in the wilds was hard for a small child, but slowly he managed to grow accustomed to it. There was however one incident in the first month when he couldn't hunt that he was so hungry that he killed a traveler and ate him. The traveler had seen the boy, who was very skinny at the time because of the lack of food, and tried to help him. Thinking that the traveler would take him back to the Orphanage Harold panicked and killed the traveler by mistake. His hunger was so great that he though about eating the man, he built a small fire and used the traveler's knife to cut a bit of meat. After the first bite he threw up, however he knew that he if he didn't eat he would die soon, so he fed off the traveler until he was full. But he swore never to eat another human being again. Though that memory was repressed.

Harold eventually made his way to Cyrodiil, hoping to find traces of his parents. He found their names on the Red Ring Memorial which ended his search. After that he worked as a Mercenary in Cyrodiil for a while. During this time he went on a job with a Khajiit, a very strange blue khajiit that seemed to be addicted to skooma at the time. During that job with the khajiit he tried to kill Harold in order to take the money all to himself. He got hit on the head, passing out, but didn't die. He lost the memory of that job because of the head injury. By 4E 201 Harold had heard of the Skyrim Civil War and wanted to return home to fight for its freedom.

Dragon Crisis

Harold during his escape of Helgen

Harold was travelling into Skyrim. When he passed the border he thought it weird that it wasn't guarded. After walking into Falkreath Hold he was passed by a man on a horse and then a group of nords. Harold ignored them but after that he saw a group of legionnaires coming right at him. They caught him thinking he was with the nords and the man who stole the horse. The Legion put them on carriages and took them to Helgen. Harold found out that the group of nords were Stormcloaks and that their leader, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, was with them. They were being sent to Helgen to be executed, Harold tried to tell them he had nothing to do with it but the imperials would not listen and an officer put him in line for execution. When his turn came up he prayed to Talos for some miracle to save him. Just then a black dragon attacked the town, the Legion was unprepared since no one even knew that dragons still existed. In the confusion Harold followed a stormcloak named Ralof out of the city through a passage under Helgen Keep.

Ralof and Harold when to Riverwood, where they told Ralof's sister of the attack. Harold decided to go to Whiterun to ask the Jarl for guards to protect Riverwood. When he arrived in Whiterun he went to Dragonsreach to speak to Jarl Balgruff the Great. The Jarl thanked him and sent a group of guards to Riverwood to guard it. Balgruff lead Harold to his Court Wizard who was investigating the dragons, they asked Harold to find a so called Dragonstone in the Nordic Ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow. The young Nord departed for the ruin in search of the stone. At the Ruin he fought bandits and had his first encounter with draugrs inside. He traversed the ruin and made it to the final chamber, where he found the stone and encountered a strange wall. The wall seemed to call to him and in it he saw the word FUS. Retrieving the Dragonstone caused a powerful draugr to awaken and that draugr was the first time Harold observed the use of the voice. It didn't take long for Harold to defeat the draugr and return to Whiterun.

In Whiterun he returned the Dragonstone to Farengar, after getting the stone and having a conversation with a mysterious woman he told Harold that the Jarl wanted to speak to him. He met the Jarl and his housecarl, Irileth, they informed him that a dragon was attacking the Western Watchtower. Harold, along with Irileth and the guards, rushed to the location to fight the beast. After a tough fight Harold managed to slay the dragon and he absorbed its soul. It was then that Harold understood the meaning of the word FUS, it was Force. The guards said that Harold was a Dragonborn and when he first shouted FUS a call was heard echoing in the sky, DOVAHKIIN. Harold returned to Balgruff and learned that the call was from the Greybeards and that they were summoning him. Balgruff rewarded Harold by making him a Thane of Whiterun Hold, he also was given a Housecarl to serve him, and he purchased Breezehome in the Plains District. Harold quickly made his way to High Hrothgar, he climbed the 7000 steps and reached the monastery. There they taught him how the words RO and WULD. RO, meaning Balance, was the second word of the Unrelenting Force shout and WULD, meaning Whirlwind, was the first word of the Whirlwind Sprint shout. They then entrusted him the task of retrieving the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller as a final test.

The Horn was said to be in Ustengrav, a Nordic Ruin in Hjaalmarch Hold. Harold went there and entered the ruin. After traversing the ruin and defeating the draugrs inside he found the word FEIM, meaning Fade, on a word wall and in the chamber where Jurgen was buried he found a note. The note was where the horn was supposed to be and it told Harold to go to Riverwood and to rent the attic room there. He decided to follow up on the note and went to Riverwood, going to its inn and asking for the attic room. He met with Delphine, who told him that she was one of the surviving members of the former organization called the Blades. She had been investigating the dragon attack and heard about the Dragonborn. She wanted evidence that Harold was in fact that Dragonborn and so she said to meet her in Kynesgrove, where a dragon was buried. She gave him the horn and he left for High Hrothgar to return it to the Greybeards. When he gave it to them they taught him the last word to the Unrelenting Force shout, DAH, meaning Push. They then formally acknowledged his as a dragonborn and bestowed on him the title of Ysmir. He then headed to Kynesgrove to meet with Delphine. When they arrived the Black Dragon was there and he revived the dragon that was buried in Kynesgrove. Harold fought the resurrected dragon and after defeating him he absorbed his soul. Seeing Harold absorb the soul of a dragon was proof enough for Delphine.

When they returned to Riverwood Delphine shared with Harold her plan of infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy, for she believed that they must know something about the dragons. The plan involved Harold infiltrating a party and then slipping away to search for clues about the dragons. They headed to Solitude to meet with a bosmer that worked in the Embassy and would help Harold in his task. Harold changed into clothes more appropriate for the party and gave his equipment to the bosmer, Delphine gave him an invitation to the party and then he departed. When he arrived he gave the invitation and then entered the Embassy. He mingled with the guests, which included nobles from all over Skyrim, and then found Malborn, the bosmer. Harold asked a guest to help by creating a distraction and when he did he slipped into the kitchen with Malborn. He retrieved his equipment from the bosmer and then started searching the Embassy, encountering a few guards along the way. In a building in the back of the Embassy he found a torture chamber in the basement. He found a thief that had been imprisoned and dossiers on various persons of interest to the Thalmor. He found one on Delphine, Ulfric and a nord named Esbern. When he was going to escape he saw the guards had discovered that Malborn was a spy. They were going to kill him but Harold intervened, saving the bosmer.

He returned to Delphine and gave her the dossier on Esbern. She was shocked that the old man, who was a former Blade like her, was still alive somewhere in Riften. Delphine entrusted the task of finding Esbern to Harold and so he departed for Riften. When he arrived a Thalmor assassin tried to kill him, after dispatching the assassin Harold searched around the city for signs of the old man. He eventually was pointed to the Ratways and so he went searching for Esbern. In the deep Ratways he encountered Thalmor soldiers and had to defeat them before finding Esbern. He told the old man that Delphine was still alive and that he is a dragonborn. Harold escorted Esbern back to Riverwood, there they met with Delphine. After the two Blades talked they decided to head to an old Akaviri ruin called Sky Haven Temple, located in the Reach. Together the three set out for the Reach to located the Temple, for it is said that the Temple holds a prophecy that could explain the return of the dragons.

The only way to get to the Temple ruins was to go through a Forsworn camp called Karthspire. They fought their way through the Forsworn and made it to the Akaviri ruins. They solved the Temple's puzzles and made it inside. There they found a wall that held the prophecy of the destruction of the world. Esbern called it Alduin's Wall, which foretold the return of the World Eater, Alduin. Esbern deciphered the wall and then told Harold that he must defeat Alduin. To do so Esbern said that he needed to learn a shout that the ancient Nordic heroes, called the Tongues, used to defeat the World Eater. Harold then returned to High Hrothgar to see if the Greybeards knew about this mysterious shout, but not before finding the sword Dragonbane. The sword did extra damage to dragons so he used it until the end of the Dragon Crisis. He talked to Arngeir and said that Alduin had returned and that he was the Black Dragon that Harold had seen those two times before. Arngeir was a little shocked with the new but accepted it, Harold however changed his mind and the Greybeards agreed to let Harold meet their leader that lives atop the mountain, in the Throat of the World.

They taught him the three words to the Clear Skies shout, so he could make it up to the top which had constant storms blocking the path. He made his way up and found the master of the Greybeards, who was a dragon. He met with the dragon, Paarthurnax, and they talked. Doing their conversation Paarthurnax taught Harold the word YOL, from the shout Fire Breath, it meant Fire. Afterwards Harold asked the dragon elder about the shout that the Tongues used against Alduin. Paarthurnax said he didn't know the shout as it was something that the heroes had created. He told Harold that the only way to learn the shout was from the Tongues themselves, and to do that he needed an Elder Scroll. He told Harold that the Throat of the World contained a time wound, he said that the Tongues never defeated Alduin. They had used the same Elder Scroll to send Alduin into the future. Though Paarthurnax said he had no idea where the Scroll could be found.

Harold returned to High Hrothgar and asked Arngeir where he could find an Elder Scroll. The Greybeard pointed Harold to the College of Winterhold since he said that a librarian should know about the Scroll. He went to the College in Winterhold and spoke to the orc librarian. He read a few books that the College had on the subject and then discovered that an expert on the Elder Scrolls was researching nearby. Harold went looking for the scholar, named Septimus. He found his laboratory north of the College, there he spoke to the scholar and learned that the he wanted some information that the Scroll possessed. Septimus agreed to help Harold if he would bring the information from the Scroll back to him, he handed a Black Lexicon and an Attunement Sphere, and pointed him to the Dwemer ruins of Alftand. Harold had learned that under Skyrim was a secret Dwemer city called Blackreach, which connected all the Dwemer ruins in the province. The dragonborn then departed for the ruin, which was located in Wintehold, to reach the underground city where the Scroll was said to be. He fought his way trough the Dwemer automatons and the falmer present in the ruins and eventually made it to Blackreach.

In the underground city Harold searched for a place called Tower of Mzark, there he found the Scroll after fixing a dwemer contraption. After retrieving the Elder Scroll he returned Septimus and gave him the Blank Lexicon, which he had place in a Dwemer machine and it transformed into the Runed Lexicon. After that he went back to the Throat of the World to meet with Paarthurnax. He read the Scroll inside the time wound and was able to see what happened atop the mountain back in the First Era, during the end of the Dragon War. He learned the shout from seeing the Tongues use it on Alduin. When he returned back to present times Alduin was there waiting for him. He used the newly learned Dragonrend shout to make Alduin land so he could hit him. The battle raged on but eventually Harold won and Alduin retreated. Paarthurnax said that Alduin had retreated, to recuperate. The elder dragon said that the only way to find the World Eater's location is to get it from one of his subordinates. By talking to the dragon and Arngeir he devised a plan to trap a dragon in the keep, Dragonsreach, in Whiterun.

Harold returned to Whiterun and talked to Jarl Balgruff, he didn't want to help as long as he needed to worry about the Stormcloaks and the Legion. Harold agreed to help form a temporary truce so Whiterun wouldn't be in danger. He called Ulfric and Tullius to High Hrothgar and there, with the help of the Greybeards, he managed to create temporary truce. With that problem out of the way he returned to Whiterun and Balgruff agreed to let him capture the dragon in his keep, which had been designed by Jarl Olaf One-Eye to hold a dragon. Esbern had told Harold of a dragon that followed Alduin, his name was Odahviing, and he called his name. The dragon saw this as a challenge and attacked Whiterun, Harold and the guards were able to enact their plan and captured Odahviing in Dragonsreach. He questioned the dragon and found out that Alduin had a secret base called Skuldafn in the mountains, and it could only be reached by a dragon as it required flight. Alduin had a portal in the base that let him travel to and from Sovngarde, where he went to devour the souls of the Nords. Harold spoke to the dragon and they made a deal, if Odahviing was set free he would carry Harold to Alduin's location. Odahviing also said that if Harold defeated Alduin he would follow his thu'um. Harold agreed and set the dragon free, then he climbed on Odahviing's back and the two flew to Skuldafn.

Harold as the legendary Ysmir, Dragon of the North

Harold fough his way through Alduin's draugr minions and eventually made it to the top of the base, where a Dragon Priest named Nahkriin awaited. He battled the priest and won, he used the priest's staff to open the portal to Sovngarde and then traveled there to stop Alduin. In Sovngarde a mist had been created by Alduin to trap the souls of the Nords that weren't inside Shor's Hall. Harold managed to pass through the mist and make it to the Hall, he encountered Tsun guarding the Whale Bone Bridge and they fought so Harold could prove worthy of entering the Hall. Once inside he met with the Nord Heroes, including the ancient Tongues. They agreed to help him take down Alduin for good and so they left the Hall to fight Alduin outside. The four of them used Clear Skies to dissipate the fog. Alduin tried to recreate it but the Tongues and the Harold kept dissipating it with their thu'um. Finally Alduin decided to face them, and after an intense battle he was defeated. However Harold did not absorb his soul. The Tongues granted him a shout that could call them to Nirn, to aid him in battle. Tsun then returned Harold to the mortal world, he was transported to the Throat of the World.

Harold was welcomed by Paarthurnax and other dragons and was acknowledged by them as having the strongest thu'um. Odahviing pledged his allegiance to Harold like he had promised. Paarthurnax said that he would try to convince some of his kin to join him and because peaceful dragons studying the Way of the Voice. After that Harold became the Savior of Nirn by stopping Alduin, who would have brought the end of the world. He had told the Blades that he would not kill Paarthurnax, which was something they had asked he do, and said that they as Blades need to follow him no matter what since he was Dragonborn. They reluctantly agreed and Harold helped them rebuild their organization and hunt rogue dragons. He also studied with the Greybeards and with their help found other words of power scattered around Skyrim. When he was in Sovngarde he didn't have time to look for his parents but he pledged to find them once he died and went there himself.

Civil War

Harold Stormblade, Stormcloak General

After stopping the Dragon Crisis Harold turned his attention to the Civil War that engulfed Skyrim. Harold decided to join the Stormcloaks as their ideals were similar to his, and above all else he wanted to kill the Thalmor. Because both his parents were killed in the Great War he grew to hate the Dominion, and the Empire letting the Thalmor do whatever they wanted in Skyrim angered him so much. He also believed that the Empire was crumbling and that the Nords had the right to free themselves from the dying Empire before they were brought down along with them. He also believe that Ulfric was a better choice for High King than Elisif was, so he went to Windhelm to join Ulfric's militia. He met with the Jarl and requested to join, having learned that Harold was Dragonborn and a hero of Skyrim he was glad to have him on his side. Harold took the oath and joined the Stormcloaks. He gained the rank of Unblooded.

His first mission was to find the Jagged Crown, which was the crown worn by the High Kings of Ysgramor's Dynasty back in the 1st Era. He, under the command of Galmar and with Ralof (the Stormcloak with which he had escaped Helgen), went to the Nordic ruin where the former bearer of the crown was said to be buried. The ruin was Korvanjund, and the High King buried there was Borgas, the last of the Ysgramor Dynasty. Galmar and the Stormcloaks went to the ruin to retrieve the crown but the Legion beat them to the ruin. Harold and the others had to fight the Legion at the ruin in order to gain access to the inner part of it. They solved the claw puzzle and entered the tomb of High King Borgas. They had to fight the High King and other draugrs, then took the crown from Borgas' body. At the ruin was also the word TIID, meaning Time. After completing their mission they returned to Windhelm and presented the crown to Ulfric, as it would strengthen his claim to the throne.

Harold was sent by Ulfric to Whiterun to give a message to Balgruff. The Jarl of Whiterun had been stalling in making a decision in which side to join in the Civil War. The Stormcloaks had become tired of waiting for Balgruff to chose and so they gave Harold Ulfric's axe so give to Balgruff. According to Nordic tradition when present the axe Balgruff would be forced to make one of two choices, give the axe back and declare war or keep the axe and join in an alliance. When presented with Ulfric's axe by Harold Balgruff chose to return it and side with the Empire. The choice saddened Harold for he had like Balgruff and though of him as a friend, however he had a mission and he would do what is best for Skyrim. He went back to Windhelm and gave Ulfric his axe back, telling him of Balgruff's decision.

The Stormcloaks marched to Whiterun and prepared for to besiege the city. The Legion had come to Whiterun and now defended the city. Galmar ordered the attack and the Stormcloaks' catapults fired on the city's wall. Harold lead the charge and used his voice to break the Legion's lines of defense. The siege waged on and eventually the Stormcloaks, with Harold and Galmar at the head, managed to break the gates and entered the city. They fought the Legionnaires and the city guard while making their way to Dragonsreach. When they reached the Winds District Vignar Gray-Mane joined the fight and helped the Stormcloaks storm the Jarl's Keep. Vignar and Balgruff had a conversation about what is best of Whiterun and Skyrim, then the Stormcloaks asked for Balgruff's surrender. Balgruff wouldn't surrender, making the Stormcloaks have to fight him and his men in the Keep. It was only when he was near death that he gave up and surrendered the city to Vignar and the Stormcloaks. Balgruff was exiled from Whiterun Hold along with the members of his court and his family. Vignar took over as Jarl of Whiterun and the Stormcloaks garrisoned the hold. Harold returned to Windhelm to report the success of the siege to Ulfric and received the title of Ice-Veins.

Harold was then given the mission to rescue some captured Stormcloak from Fort Neugrad. Harold lead the mission, Ralof and other Stormcloaks were with him. They assaulted the fort and killed the Imperial outside. Afterwards they entered the fort and made their way to its dungeon. After freeing the prisoners the Stormcloaks fought against the remaining Legionnaires and then secured the fort. Ralof stayed behind his the others to garrison he fort while Harold returned to Windhelm to report the mission's success. Ulfric promoted Harold to the title of Bone-Breaker. With Fort Neugrad captured by the Stormcloaks Falkreath Hold soon fell to them as they had no back up from the Legion.

After returning Harold was sent to report to Galmar in the Stormcloak Camp in Hjaalmarch. He was tasked, by Galmar, to capture an Imperial Courier and take the document he was carrying. Harold started his search in Dragon Bridge and eventually found the courier along the road. He killed him and took the letter he was carrying, then brought the intel back to Galmar at the camp. The letter relayed Stormcloak activity in Hjaalmarch Hold, Galmar forged a fake document to trick the Legion. Harold then disguised himself as the courier and went to Morthal to give the fake documents to Legate Taurinus Duilis, that way the Fort in the hold would be undermanned which would allow the Stormcloaks to take it from the Legion. After reporting back to the camp Galmar ordered the attack on the fort in Hjaalmarch, Fort Snowhawk. Harold lead the attack and with the power of his voice helped the Stormcloaks defeat the Imperial forces that garrisoned the fort. With the fort now in the possession on the Stormcloaks the city of Morthal had to surrender to the Stormcloaks, the Jarl Idgrod and her court members were exiled from the hold as the Stormcloaks appointed one of their supporters as the new Jarl. After capturing Hjaalmarch for the Stormcloaks Harold was promoted to the title Snow-Hammer.

Ulfric then ordered that Harold oversee the recapture of the Rift, since he was the one that gave it away to the Empire during the peace negotiations. He rendezvoused with Galmar with the Stormcloaks' camp in the Rift and they lead an assault on Fort Greenwall. It didn't take long for the Stormcloaks to overwhelm the Legion that were completely surrounded by the Stormcloaks. With Fort Greenwall back in Stormcloak hands Laila Law-Giver was reinstated as Jarl of the city of Riften. After completing his mission Harold returned to Ulfric. Having helped the Stormcloaks capture all the Holds, with the exception of Haafingar, Harold was acknowledged by the Ulfric and his men as their most prized comrade. Ulfric then gave Harold the title of Stormblade and made him one of his high ranking officers.

Now only Haafingar remained in Imperial control. The Stormcloaks, lead by Harold, gathered their forces and marched on Fort Hraggstad. They attacked it and, after defeating the Legionnaires there, garrisoned the fort. Which no forces to provide reinforcements to Solitude the Stormcloaks prepared to besiege the city. Ulfric himself lead the assault on the capital. He gave a speech to the soldiers then ordered the start of the siege. He and Harold used their thu'um to destroy the barricades blocking the gate and then lead the charge into the city. They fought against the Legionnaires alongside Galmar and their other comrades. The metal gate that lead from the market to Castle Dour was closed so they had to take a detour into the housing district of the city, they fought their way through. The bulk of the Legionnaires was in Castle Dour protecting their general, but they were no match for the power of the voice. Ulfric, Galmar and Harold broke through their defenses and entered the castle after Tullius. The imperia general tried to surrender but Ulfric declined. Legate Rikke didn't want to give up, like Tullius, and fought to the death with Ulfric. After she died Tullius was next, Ulfric said that Harold killing him would make for a better song but Harold was tired of killing. So in the end Ulfric killed Tullius and the trio left Castle Dour. Outside the Stormcloaks had finished off the last Legionnaires and had rounded up Jarl Elisif and her court. She pledged allegiance to Ulfric and he spared her life. After that Ulfric gave another speech and said that he would wait for the Moot to name him High King. With the 4th Legion defeated and Skyrim now in free from the Empire the Civil War ended. Harold became a hero to the Stormcloaks. Ulfric made Harold a Thane of Eastmarch, he gained a new Housecarl, and bought Hjerim, a house in Windhelm.


The Companions

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The College of Winterhold

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The Thieves Guild

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The Dark Brotherhood

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Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy

Harold in his Dawnguard Armor

Vampires had started attacking the cities of Skyrim, every time Harold saw an attack he ran over to help. But this was not enough, stopping one attack would not stop the vampires as a whole. He heard a rumor that a group of vampire hunters, called the Dawnguard, were being reformed and needed new members. He traveled to Riften and encountered an Orc from the Dawnguard there, the orc pointed out where their base was. He took to the road east from Riften. From there he headed close to the boarder to Morrowind, where he found the entrance to Dayspring Canyon. In the Canyon was located Fort Dawnguard. Along the way he caught up to Agmaer, another new recruit to the Dawnguard. The young Nord expressed his anxiety concerning entering the fort on his own, and accompanied Harold the remainder of the way. Along the way he also met an Orc that was using an unusual weapon. Durak, the orc, said it was a crossbow and gave Harold one, along with 45 bolts for ammunition. When they reached the steps to the fort, they found Celann guarding the entrance. Celann was a former Vigilant of Stendarr and told Harold a bit about the Dawnguard's leader, who was also a former Vigilant.

When they went inside Isran, the Dawnguard's leader, was talking to a former college of his, a Vigilant named Tolan. Tolan explained that the vampires that burned down the Hall of the Vigilant and killed many of their members, including Keeper Carcette, their leader. Isran was a little saddened by the news but said that he did try to warn them about the vampires. Isran then noticed Harold and Agmaer, he asked them what they wanted and they replied by saying that they wanted to join the Dawnguard. Isran agreed since the Dawnguard didn't that many members, he told Agmaer to start training since the young Nord barely knew how to hold a weapon. However, he gave Harold the task of assisting Tolan, who said that the Vigilants had uncovered a vampire artifact at Dimhollow Crypt.

Tolan left for the Crypt and Harold looked around the Fort for supplies. Afterwards he headed there himself. In the first room he overheard two vampires conversing, he killed them and their Death Hound. There he found the body of Tolan near the bodies of two dead vampires. He continued through the ruin after opening a closed gate. He eventually made it to a small wooden door at the other end of a room that led to Dimhollow Cavern. When he entered the cavern he overheard a vampire, Lokil, interrogating a Vigilant named Adalvald, who died before revealing anything to his captor. Harold attacked the vampire and his thralls, killing them. After killing them he made his way to the circular stone structure that dominated the chamber. He pressed a button atop the pedestal in the center, which caused a spike to emerge impaling his hand as a purple light shines up from troughs in the floor. He solved the puzzle with the purple braziers and the purple lights. The center of the structure then descended to reveal a stone monolith beneath the pedestal, which contained a mysterious woman carrying an Elder Scroll. Harold approached the woman and talked to her, she said name was Serana and that she was a vampire. She asked him to take her to her family home, Castle Volkihar, northwest of Solitude. Along the way he asked her a few questions, but she was not very trusting of him. However, she did reveal that she had been imprisoned for a very long time, since before the rise of the Empire of Cyrodiil. As they were leaving the ruin they encountered a word wall containing the word GAAN, meaning Stamina.

They travelled to where Serana said the Castle was. When they got there Harold saw that the Castle was on an island away from the shore. They took a rowboat to the island and walked up to the Castle's gates. About halfway across the bridge to the gates Serana told Harold to keep quiet and let her do the talking. The Watchman opened the gate when he saw Serana. They entered the Castle. A vampire confront Harold, but backed off when he saw Serana and told her the group was gathered in the main hall. They descended into the hall and Harold watch the reunion between Serana and Lord Harkon, her father. After that Harkon approached Harold, he told him there is only one thing he could give him as thanks: his blood. Harold refused his offer, Harkon then cast a spell that teleported him outside the Castle gate. He advised Harold never to return. He returned to Fort Dawnguard to report back to the Dawnguard. When he arrive the fort was under attack by a band of vampires. After defeating the vampire attackers he spoke to Isran and told him what he discovered.

Isran realized that it was time to bring in reinforcements to Fort Dawnguard. He told Harold about the two people, Sorine Jurard and Gunmar, they were former colleges of his that were invaluable to the Dawnguard. He sent him on his way, to convince Sorine and Gunmar to join the Dawnguard, and use their special skills to help out against the vampire menace. Gunmar was hunting in the wilderness of Skyrim. He explained that he had been chasing a bear for two weeks, and that he finally managed to corner it. Harold told him that Isran needed his help, Gunmar said he had moved on and didn't want to be a part if it anymore. When Harold told him about the vampire threat and the Elder Scroll he reconsidered, though he still wanted to kill the bear. After they killed the bear in the cave Gunmar headed to Fort Dawnguard while Harold went searching for Sorine. Sorine was just south of Mor Khazgur, a dwarven ruin. She asked Harold if he had seen a sack full of Dwemer gyros. Harold ignored the question and said that Isran needed her help. She, like Gunmar, initially decline, but when told about the vampire threat and the Elder Scroll, she changed her mind. Though she still wanted a dwemer gyro. Harold looked around for her satchel, and found it on the shore a few feet away. After getting her sack back she headed with Harold to Fort Dawnguard. When they return to the Fort, Harold saw that Isran had tightened security and made several changes to the exterior. They met up wit Gunmar and the three entered the fort. Isran was above the main hall looking down at them from the balcony. Isran sealed off the chamber, trapping the two new recruits and shower them both with concentrated sunlight as a test. Since non of them were vampires he gave a short speech and filled them in on the situation. Gunmar and Sorine immediately went to work in their respective stations that Isran had set up.

Isran told Harold to follow him for a little interrogation session with a newly arrived vampire, it was Serana. When Harold asked what she was doing in the enemy fort, she explained that her father once was a better person but stumbled upon a prophecy that foretold vampires could control the sun, thus not be afraid of daylight. Serana and her mother tried to stop him from taking over the world, so Serana was sealed away with the scroll, to keep it from her father. She realizes she was in a fort filled with vampire hunters, but agrees to try and persuade Isran to let her help. Isran agreed to let Serana help out, but still didn't trust her. She reminded then that she carried an elder scroll on her back and that it was necessary to read it to understand the prophecy. The only people who can read the scrolls are the blind Moth Priests who lives in the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, a long way from Skyrim. Luckily, Isran noticed an imperial scholar passing by on the road just a few days ago. Serana suggested that the College of Winterhold as a place where a scholar would go. Harold and Serana then departed for the College, but first Harold stopped by Gunmar and got a full set of Dawnguard armor and weapons. At the college they talked to Urag, who said a Moth Priest was heading for Dragon Bridge. The duo then left for the town. They asked the locals if they had seen a Moth Priest. Some claimed they knew nothing about a traveling priest. Through the local guards did see a caravan with a priest travelling with an imperial escort heading south. Harold and Serana headed southeast out of town and crossed the old bridge. Before long they saw signs of a roadside attack. They examined a corpse of a vampire and read the vampire's note. The note pointed towards a place named Forebears' Holdout, apparently where the attackers dragged the Moth Priest.

They followed the trail to four standing stones, and the entrance to Forebears' Holdout. They entered the holdout and traversed it, killing the vampires that stood in their way. Despite the vampires being Serana's kin she showed no signs of mercy towards them. They eventually headed up a set of stairs where Malkus, the author of the note, was be busy trying to enthrall the imprisoned priest. They disposed of Malkus and claimed the Weystone Focus from his corpse. They went up the stairs and activated the Weystone Source with the Focus they took from Malkus. The magical barrier disappeared and revealed the Moth Priest, however he was under Malkus' enthrallment. The enthralled priest attacked them, they were forced to defeat him. After being defeated the spell wore off and the priest was freed, he introduced himself to his saviors. The preist was called Dexion Evicus and he was a Moth priest from the White-Gold Tower. Harold introduced himself as a member of the Dawnguard and told him that they need him to read an Elder Scroll. The three of them then returned to the Fort. When they gathered with Isran in the main chamber Dexion started reading Serana's Elder Scroll. After describing what he saw from reading the Elder Scroll Daxion concluded that to know the full prophecy he would need two more Elder Scrolls.

Sorine and Gunmar had settled down in Fort Dawnguard's western area, and while keeping up appearances, they had secretly discussed the vampire threat. Sorine asked Harold for assistance. She tadmited that she and Gunmar agreed that they could use the help of Florentius Baenius, a former priest of Arkay and quite eccentric. The problem was Isran and Florentius had a past, and Isran disliked the priest. Another problem was that Isran was the only one who knew the location of Florentius, and she leaved it to Harold to get the information. When confronted with the request, Isran immediately guessed the people responsible. He then reckoned the Dawnguard could use all the help they could get and pointed Harold towards Ruunvald, an excavation site recently explored by Vigilants of Stendarr, including Florentius. The Vigilants at the ruin had been charmed by a conjurer named Minorne and Harold was forced to kill them. Florentius was imprisoned and after killing Minorne he freed the priest. Like Gunmar and Sorine, Florentius was hesitant to join the Dawnguard. But "Arkay" (the voice in his head) and Harold eventually convinced him and he went with Harold and Serana to Fort Dawnguard.

Harold and Serana then left for the College of Winterhold, where they once again met with Urag. Harold bought back the Elder Scroll he had sold to the orc. They now had two scrolls, Serana had an idea where the last one was. She thought her mother, Valerica, might have information on it, and possibly even possess it. She believed Valerica may have left a clue at Castle Volkihar, in the courtyard. They travelled to the Castle's island and entered through a secret entrance used by the previous owner to obtain shipments. When they reached the castle's old docks they took care of the skeletons then headed inside. They fought their way through death hounds, skeletons, and feral vampires as they made their way through the castle's catacombs. When they reached the courtyard Serana told him there was something strange about the moon dial, there were three missing pieces. They searched around the courtyard for the pieces and then put them in place, which caused a secret entrance to be revealed. They went inside and continued fighting gargoyles and skeletons until you reach a room with gargoyles and a fireplace. Serana told him there must be a secret entrance somewhere and they turned the candlestick near the fireplace, which revealed a door. Inside Valerica's laboratory search for her journal. It was located on the central bookcase. After Serana read it she told him to find certain ingredients which could be found in the laboratory. After Harold collected them he gave them to Serana. She placed them in the vessel in front of the portal. Serana then added her blood to the mixture and the Soul Cairn portal started to open. Serana told Harold to enter the Soul Cairn he must be "dead". She knew of two choices, either become a vampire or have his soul partially trapped in a soul gem. Harold chose to have his soul partially trapped.

They entered the Soul Cairn. In the Soul Cairn Harold encountered the Dunmer Saint, Jiub, and helped him find all the pages to his Opus. They also encoutered a spirit that had lost his horse, Arvak. Harold found the horse's skull and learned how to summon Arvak. They a,so found tomes that told how to summon the Soul Cairn undead. They travelled to the Boneyard and found Valerica standing near the entrance. While they were able to speak with her, she couldn't be reached due to an invisible barrier. Valerica didn't trust Harold because he was a vampire hunter and asked his intentions with Serana. Harold said he would never hurt Serana, whom he had befriended and grown fond of since first meeting her. During the course of their conversation, she revealed that the barrier could only be removed by defeating the three Boneyard Keepers. The Keepers were each in separate towers. Each of the Keepers had a group of minions that attack Harold and Serana. Once the final Keeper was defeated, they returned to Valerica. She then led them into the Boneyard. Once inside they had to defeat Durnehviir, the undead dragon that guarded the Boneyard. There were numerous skeletons aiding the dragon. While Valerica and Serana handled the minions Harold focused on Durnehviir. Once he was defeated they took the Elder Scroll, and spoke to Valerica. Valerica instructed Harold on how to retrieve his soul from a Soul Essence Gem located at an offering altar. Once they left the Boneyard, Durnehviir rematerialized and spoke to Harold, hailing him as his Qahnaarin (meaning Vanquisher). He expressed his surprise and admiration of Harold's fighting ability, stating that he had never been felled on the fields of the Soul Cairn before. He then recount the tale of how he came to be bound into the service of the Ideal Masters, explaining that he was deceived after he sought their power to help establish his dominance amongst his fellow dovah on Nirn. He taught Harold how to summon him back into Tamriel, promising to reward him each time you set him free. Afterwards, they proceeded to the offering altar to retrieve Harold's soul, then travel back to the portal and left the Soul Cairn.

Once they had the two Elder Scrolls, they returned to Dexion to find that, because he had not prepared himself earlier, he had gone blind and would not be able to aid them further. He did, however, give Harold the means to read an Elder Scroll himself. The first objective was to find a Moth Priest's draw knife. The location to do the ritual was Ancestor Glade, so Harold and Serana headed there. It was one of the only paces in Tamriel which held Ancient Moths, from which Moth priests were named. The Glade was located in Falkreath Hold. There they found the draw knife, now they needed bark to attract the moths. Harold cut some Canticle tree and obtained some bark, then used it to attract Ancestor Moth swarms. He walked around the glade with the bark and the moth swarms started to follow him and fly around him. After collecting a large enough group of moths he went to the middle of the glade and entered a column of light. After reading all three Elder Scrolls he saw a map-like object glowing in front of him. On the map he saw two red symbols, the one at the lower left represented the ram of Markarth, and the one at the upper right represented the wolf of Solitude. The lines on the map represented rivers. The location of Auriel's Bow was shown by the small white symbol, near the head of the river in the top-left quarter of the map. He looked at it for a while and his vision whited out. It didn't take long for his vision to return. He then talked to Serana and she asked him if he are okay, as she was worried that he may have gone blind. Harold assured her that he was fine. He told her that the bow was in a place called Darkfall Cave. She asked where it was and he said the scrolls gave him its exact location. As they were leaving the glade vampires ambushed them, but they were no match for the two of them.

They travelled to Darkfall Cave, the cave was very dark so they had a difficult time to traverse it. At the end of the large cave they met Knight-Paladin Gelebor, a Snow Elves. He told them that in exchange for his help obtaining Auriel's Bow, they had to slay his brother, Vyrthur, who was corrupted by the Falmer, whom he called "The Betrayed". Vyrthur was hiding in the Inner Sanctum of the Forgotten Vale, a gigantic outdoor snow elven ruin. In order to make their way there they must fill a jug, the Initiate's Ewer, with water from five wayshrines: the Wayshrines of Illumination, Learning, Radiance, Resolution, and Sight. The first wayshrine, the Wayshrine of Illumination, was through the portal Gelebor opened that led to Darkfall Passage. They found it at the end of a long, dark trek through Darkfall Passage, they encountered several Falmer and chaurus. The second wayshrine, the Wayshrine of Sight, was found soon after emerging from Darkfall Passage into the Forgotten Vale. It was to the north of the path that climbs up out of the entry vale through the arches. The third, the Wayshrine of Learning, was found after continuing up the path, passing through a narrow pass inhabited by frostbite spiders, then dropping down to a narrow river valley. After crossing the river below the third wayshrine, they went up the steep path to a large, frozen lake. Two dragons, Naaslaarum and Voslaarum, attacked them as they crossed the frozen lake. After defeating the dragons they found a word wall that contained the word LAH, meaning Magicka. The fourth wayshrine, the Wayshrine of Resolution, was above the northwest bank of the lake. The fifth and final wayshrine, the Wayshrine of Radiance, was reached after a long, arduous trek through Forgotten Vale and Glacial Crevice. Along the way ,in small Falmer hut ,they found the "Unknown Book, Vol. III" before they entered the Glacial Crevice. This final part of the Vale consisted of a confusing maze of Falmer tents and platforms crowded within a series of narrow, twisting canyons. They picked up the "Unknown Book Vol. IV" from a hut in the second village, before the wayshrine.

Down the path from the Wayshrine of Radiance was the Inner Sanctum. Upon entering, they found many frozen Falmer and chaurus in the entry chamber. When Harold tried to take some of the items that the frozen Falmer were holding some of them broke out of their icy state and attacked him. After defeating the Falmer they placed the Initiate's Ewer on the pedestals to open gates as they made their way to Vyrthur's chamber. When they got there Vyrthur attacked them. During battle, he caused the ceiling to periodically collapse as he awakened several waves of Falmer and chaurus to attack. When all frozen enemies were gone, he collapseed the rest of the roof on Harold. He woke up with Serana telling him to get up and get on the balcony. Serana confronted Vyrthur and discovered that he was a vampire and the one responsible for making the Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy. Harold and Serana finished him off. When Vyrthur is dead, a wayshrine appeared and Gelebor came through. He was surprised at the real reason for Vyrthur's actions, and thank them, telling Harold that he deserved to carry Auriel's Bow. He also blessed some Sunhallowed arrows for him. Gelebor said he would try to restore the Sanctum and maybe look for other pockets of surviving Snow Elves. Harold and Serana said farewell to Gelebor and left the Forgotten Vale. Before he left Harold searched for all the Unknown Books, finding all of them and even Auriel's shield.

Serana said they should get back to Isran. Once at Fort Dawnguard, they talked to Isran, who then gathered the rest of the Dawnguard. After a short speech from Isran everyone headed out to Castle Volkihar. Once they arrive there, the Dawnguard, including one armored troll, charged at the castle. Five vampires, a few Gargoyles and one Death hound defended the outdoor approach to the castle. When they were defeated, Harold led the charge into Castle Volkihar, fighting the remaining vampires and Death hounds. After all the vampires had been killed, they followed Isran to a gated off doorway with a pull chain to the right of it. Serana pulled it to raise the portcullis, then Harold and Serana head up the steps and through the doors, where they found Harkon. Harkon admited that it was only a matter of time before Serana would one day return with hatred in her heart. He then questioned the player's allegiance to Serana by asking if she and Valerica are next after dealing with him, to which Harold said no. He said that Serana and Valerica were nothing like Harkon and that they didn't deserve to die like he does, so Harold would not hunt them. Harkon then demanded Auriel's Bow, which Harold refused. Harkon summoned skeletons and gargoyles to kill them. However, Serana handled them on her own, which left Harold to focus solely on Harkon. Harkon was continuously moving throughout the room, firing Vampiric Drainballs at Harold and frequently turned into a swarm of bats, which made him a hard target to hit with Auriel's Bow. As Harold was starting to wound Harkon pretty badly he turn into a swarm of bats and materialize at the altar. He hovered over the altar created an impregnable shield of Blood Magic which protected him as he healed himself. Harold fire a sunhollowed arrow at the shield, which destroyed it. As the killing blow was struck, Lord Harkon turned into a swarm of bats and materialized by the altar one final time, where he made a final cry to his daughter's betrayal, and then melted into a pile of red ash.

After the battle Isran entered the chapel of Molag Bal. He commended them for defeating Harkon. He then explained that there would be a new beginning for the Dawnguard. Serana said that she would stay at Fort Dawnguard, but would still accompany Harold on his travels should he ask her. Serana took her father's sword from his corpse and started using it. Harold and Serana returned to the Soul Cairn to inform Valerica that Harkon and the Volkihar were dead. Valerica was amazed and return to Castle Volkihar. She continued her experiments and started tending to her garden once again. Harold continued helping the Dawnguard hunt vampires all around Skyrim. Harold aided Sorine in finding various dwemer technology to improve their crossbows. Florentius had Harold search for 2nd Era Dawnguard relics, a Waraxe, a Warhammer and a shield. Harold had summoned Durnehviir three times to Tamriel, each time the dragon taught Harold one word of the Soul Tear shout, as per their agreement. Harold sold all the Unknown Books to Urag, who had them translated by Calcelmo, and received translated copies. Harold also sold Saint Jiub's Opus to Urag, and had him make copies to send to Morrowind. Harold had asked Serana if she ever though about curing her vampirism, she had and despite how much she gave to become a Daughter of Coldharbor she thought it was time to give that up. She went to Falion and cured herself.

Miraak's Return

A sketch of Harold Burned-Mane

Sometime after being recognized as a Dragonborn by the Greybeards Harold encountered two masked people who asked if he was the Dragonborn. After answering their question they attacked Harold and he was forced to kill them. After reading a note that Harold found on the body of one of the attackers it was clear that they were sent to hunt down Harold and kill him. They appeared to be cultists of a so called Miraak from Solstheim which came to Skyrim on a ship that docked in Windhelm. Went he arrived at the Windhelm docks he searched for the ship that brought the cultists to Skyrim, the Northern Maiden. He found it and asked a man if he was the captain, who was hesitant to answer for some strange reason. After Harold told him that the cultists that he brought to Skyrim tried to kill him he asked the captain, Gjalund Salt-Sage, for passage to Solstheim, who refused. Harold convinced him that it was the ealst he could do since he was the one that brought the cultists to Skyrim. And so Harold boarded the Northen Maiden and sailed off to Solstheim to discover why the cultists were trying to kill him.

Upon arrival at the docks of Raven Rock in Solstheim, Harold was approached by Adril Arano, the Second Councilor of Raven Rock. He greeted Harold sternly since he was an Outlander. Harold asked Adril if he knew a Miraak, the dunmer seemed confused as he though he knew the name but could not place it. After further pressure from Harold he said that the name may have a connection with the Earth Stone. As Harold was leaving the docks Adril told him that Raven Rock is territory of House Redoran, so it was a part of Morrowind, not Skyrim, which meant he had to abide by Morrowind's laws. The location of the Earth Stone was west of the docks, a short distance away from Raven Rock. Upon arrival at the stone Harold noticed several of the inhabitants of Raven Rock alongside some of the Redoran guards working on what appeared to be a mysterious shrine surrounding the stone. He walked toward the shrine and was approached by Neloth, a Telvanni wizard, and Harold asked him about what was happening. When he explained to Neloth that he was searching for Miraak, the wizard said that Miraak has been dead for thousands of years. Though Neloth pointed to a ruin of an ancient temple of Miraak's toward the center of the island. So Harold left for the temple. As he approached the exterior of the temple, he saw skeletons of several dragons littering the pathway leading up to the temple. As Harold climbed up the stairs and further to the temple, he saw many of Miraak’s thralls working to rebuild it. They were also chanting, as were the thralls at the Earth Stone. None of the enthralled people attacked him, but some cultists appeared and did attack him.

After killing the cultists Harold noticed that he was not the only non-enslaved person around, as Skaal resident Frea was attempting to contact the mindless builders. Frea saw Harold and seeked him out. She explained that she was there to either free or avenge her people, revealing that some of the workers were from her village. She was also knowledgeable about the return of Miraak and offered Harold companionship to help defeat him. Together they located the entrance to the underground Temple, when, soon afterward, a gate opened and two cultists came rushing out, revealing the entrance. They disposed of them and went into the temple. Harold and Frea traversed the Temple, killing the Draugr and the cultists inside. In the Temple they found a word wall containing the MUL, meaning Strength. The room with the word wall also contained a provocative trophy, hung there by Miraak as a symbol of his superiority, according to Frea. Numerous draugrs attacked, including the Gatekeeper. After the battle, they searched the Gatekeeper for the temple key then found his sarcophagus on the western wall and unlock the door behind it to continue. Frea hinted that there may be something in there that filled in the holes in the story of Miraak, and headed into the next room and gaze at the statues of octopus-like figures. In the last chamber they found a pedestal holding a Black Book, "Waking Dreams". When Harold read the Black Book, dark tentacles reached out of the book's pages and grabbed him. He was transported to a strange realm just in time to see a dragon arrive. Nearby were octopus creatures standing guard and a dragon priest. The dragon priest was Miraak, who said he was also a Dragonborn, one much more powerful than Harold. Miraak demonstrated the Dragon Aspect shout, to show his power. Afterward he ordered the octopus creatures, the Seekers, send Harold back to Nirn from the realm he was in, Apocrypha, the realm of the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora.

Harold woke up in the Sanctum inside the Temple and Frea demanded an explanation. As soon as she realized the potential danger of the situation, she suggested that he follow her to her village and talk to her father, Storn Crag-Strider. On the way to the village she told him about the Wind Stone and how her people were working against their will. She noted that the magical barrier around Skaal Village, that protected its remaining citizens from Miraak's influence, still stood before heading into town. In the center of the village was Storn and two town residents in deep concentration, all of them maintaining the magical shield. Frea spoke to her father. When talking to Storn, it became clear that creating the magical shield was weakening him and that time was short. He will also told the tale of the Temple of Miraak and how dragons burned it to the ground in a huge battle long ago. Storn concluded that dragons never managed to kill Miraak and that he has now returned. Storn admited that he doesn't yet know whether Harold was meant to destroy or save his people, since he was also a Dragonborn. The shaman told him and Frea to go to Saering's Watch and learn the word of power Miraak learned long ago, in hopes Harold would be able to break the spell cast upon the people of Solstheim. Saering's Watch was the only dragon lair on Solstheim and was located in the northern part of the island, between Castle Karstaag Caverns and Benkongerike. It was inhabited by several draugr and a dragon. The battle was quite hard as the enemies attacked in groups. After defeating every hostile at the lair Harold approached the word wall and learned the word GOL, meaning Earth.

They then traveled to the Wind Stone, which was located across the bridge west of Skaal Village. Seven Skaal villagers surrounded the Wind Stone, mindlessly performing a synchronized chant with Miraak as they build a structure around the shrine. Harold used the Bend Will shout on the Wind Stone to free the villagers and destroy the structure surrounding the Stone. As soon as he shouted, the villagers woke up from the trance and wander aimlessly around, claiming that they have just woken up from a nightmare. Before long, a large fish-like creature, a Lurker, was released and it attacked Harold. Harold and Frea defeated it. The villagers returned to Skaal Village, Harold and Frea followed them to report back to Storn. Back in the village, Storn had lifted the magical barrier and the inhabitants had returned to their daily duties. Storn was waiting for Harold and Frea. They told him that his people were free, he was pleased and named Harold a Skaal-friend, making him an honorary Skaal. For the next step in weakening Miraak, Storn asked Harold to cleanse the rest of the shrines all over Solsteim. Harold was able to persuade Frea to continue being his follower and together they set off to cleanse the other stones. When Harold inform Storn that he needed to stop Miraak, not just weaken him, he told Harold to seek out knowledge on the Black Book he found in the Temple of Miraak. He advised him to visit Neloth, a wise dark elf living in Tel Mithryn who has recently visited Skaal Village and showed another Black Book to Storn.

First they went after the Beast Stone, it was southwest of Skaal Village. Two entranced Rieklings, small blue creatures, were working there. A cultist was patrolling around the stone and monitoring the work of Miraak's slaves. The cultist attacked Harold and Frea on sight. They defeated him and Harold used the Bend Will shout to cleanse the stone. The structure around the stone will collapse and a Lurker rose from the water, then they killed it. The Rieklings return to their tribe at Thirsk Mead Hall. They traveled south and found the Sun Stone north of Tel Mithryn. A group of Reavers were enthralled. Harold shout at the stone and a Lurker showed up to attack him. The Reavers aided in the fight, then left after the Lurker was killed. Then they traveled to Raven Rock, from where they headed to the Earth Stone. Bralsa Drel, Rirns Llervu, and three Redoran guards were working mindlessly. He cleansed the stone and two lurkers appeared. The guards aided in the battle. After the lurkers were killed the guards and the citizens returned to the city. They walked along the west coast of Solstheim to the Water Stone. The shrine at this stone was being worked on by a group of sailors, and a cultist was monitoring their work. Harold and Frea killed the cultist then Harold cleansed the stone. A lurker was raised from the water and tried to kill them. During the fight a dragon appeared and attacked them, making the fight more chaotic. After the battle the sailors returned to their boat docked in the bay and sailed back to Skyrim.

Harol then travelled to Tel Mithryn, the home of Neloth. He asked the wizard about the Black Books, Miraak and Hermaeus Mora. Neloth eventually said that he knew the location of another Black Book that was connected to Miraak, one that the Dwemer had in their possession. The two then travelled northeast to the ruins of Nchardak, the city of a hundred towers. Once you reach the outskirts of Nchardak with Neloth and Frea commented on the ruin. Outside there was a band of reavers, which the group quickly took care of. Once they were dealt with they headed up to the main door. Neloth walked up to the main door and revealed that he sealed the ruins on his last visit to make sure the ruins weren't tampered with. Once inside, they followed Neloth towards a large gold ring in the center of the room where the Black Book was held. He explained that to get the book they needed to restore the power to the room. Neloth then used his control cube to open another door where an elevator leading to the Nchardak Great Chamber was located. They follow him down the elevator and into the Great Chamber. Upon entering, Neloth said that he had explored part of the ruin before as he walks down the stairs. Upon reaching the main chamber both Frea and Neloth remarked on the dwemer ruin. They followed Neloth to a control pedestal overlooking a large flooded area where he activated the pumps with his cube. As the water begins to drains, he revealed that to fully drain the water they needed four control cubes, but Neloth only had one so they needed to find four more. They picked up the control cube from the pedestal and Harold followed Neloth over to a display panel that he begins to study. He said that the display panel showed the location of the other cubes.

Before they entered the Nchardak Workshop, he remarked that three of the cubes were through there. Once Harold placed the cube in the control switch, the large brass seal that covered the door retracted and Neloth headed into the workshop. Harold picked up the cube as he headed into the worshop with Frea. They followed Neloth over to a nearby control switch that contained a cube. Neloth hoped the rest were as easy to find as the first but highly doubted it. They then followed Neloth down to the next area. Dwarven spiders were down here, once they had been dealt with they headed over to a bridge stretching over another flooded area. Several Dwarven centurions could be seen lining the walls of the chamber. Neloth and Frea remarked how impressive the workshop was, Neloth even stated that most of the Dwemer army must have come from there. They walked over the bridge to reach two control pedestals. Neloth said that they needed to lower the water level to make any more progress. They placed a cube in either pedestal to lower the water level, as a result a few Dwarven automatons appeared so the trio had to take care of them. They then proceed down to the ground level and placed a cube in the control switch to expand a set of stone stairs. Next they headed up and around the walkway to the small brass bridge and placed the cube in a second control switch to raise the bridge. They then walked up the stairs and head left at the intersection to reach a brass gate. After opening the gate and taking the control cube that was found behind it the water level began to rise. Dwarven spiders appeared nearby, the group quickly defeated them then made their way to the top of the room to pick up the cube they left on a pedestal. The water level then rose much higher than it was originally.

They headed through the door on the southern side of the room that led to a winding hallway. With the high water level they were able to swim across to another area and continued through the ruin. They defeated the Dwemer automatons in the area. At the end of the hall the fourth cube was found on a pedestal. They took the cube, making the water level rise yet again, and a Dwarven centurion awakened from its gantry. Once it had been dealt with, they walked up the small staircase near the Centurion and activated the control switch, lowering a bridge which led back towards the Great Chamber. Upon arrival in the Great Chamber, Neloth walked over to the large flooded section and explained that the last cube was through the northern door, however the water must be completely drained in order to proceed. Harold placed two cubes on the pedestals on the upper area to drain the water, and followed Neloth down the set of stairs. Two Dwarven ballista were guarding the northern door, once they were dealt with the Harold activated the control switch nearby to open the large brass seal and the trio headed into the Nchardak Aqueduct. They followed Neloth until he spoted several raised bridges and remarked that they needed to get them down in order to get the pumps working. As they walked deeper into the chamber, Neloth added that the last cube was there somewhere. Neloth showed his disgust with swimming around in "filth" to wich Frea relied to let the youngsters deal with it. Eventually, Neloth spoted a small alcove on the upper floor and guessed that the pump activation must be up there, but to get there they would need to get all three of the bridges down in order to reach the controls.

They turned around and walked up the ramp to an upper platform with three control switches overlooking the aqueduct. Once the correct combination was entered all three bridges lowered, then the group went across. They crossed the bridges and defeated the Dwarven automatons that appeared there. Once they reached the control pedestal, Harold activated it with a cube to drain the water, allowing access to the last chamber. Neloth decided to stay by the control panel while Frea and Harold went after the last cube. Harold headed down to the lower level and placed the cube in the control pedestal to open the brass seal. Then he and Frea walked through the tunnels to reach a small room lined with traps. They passed through avoiding the traps and made it to the gate that held the final cube. They took the last cube and the water level rose, so they swam back to where Neloth was waiting for them. Once he sees the final cube has been obtained, the wizard greeted them and removed the control cube from the pump activator. The water level began to rise fast and so they swam back to the Nchardak Great Chamber. Before they left Harold had taken the Kagrumez resonance gem located in the northeast chamber of the Aqueduct. They headed up the ramp to the main control pedestals. They placed the remaining four cubes in the boiler pedestals to start the boiler. As the boilers were activated a Dwarven centurion awakened from its station at the far side of the great chamber bridge. Once it has been dealt with they headed back to the Reading Room.

Upon reaching the reading room, they pressed a button on the pedestal which caused four beams of light to shined up from the floor and focused on a large crystal above. The room rumbled and the Black Book rose up from the floor. Harold grabbed the book and was transported to Apocrypha. Hermaeus Mora appeared, floating above a platform as a tentacled eyeball. He spoke to Harold of Apocrypha's seductive wealth of knowledge. Chapter I of that part of the realm opened on a small platform. He traversed the chapter's confusing halls, making it to the last part. He read the book on the pedestal there and accessed Chapter II. In chapter II he battled a lurker and a couple of seekers and later found the book to Chapter III through a gate. Harold traversed chapter III killing lurkers and seekers as he did. He activated the scrye to open them again and continued on, avoiding the tentacles that reach out at him from the water. He eliminated the seekers as he walked down the path to Chapter IV. In chapter IV a large capsule containing the Black Book Epistolary Acumen opened. Harold walked up to the book and read it, which summoned Hermaeus Mora. Hermaeus and Harold talked and Hermaeus decided to help Harold defeat his former servant, Miraak, but said his price was some secret knowledge that the Skaal have kept from Hermaeus. Harold reluctantly agreed and Hermaeus taught Harold the second word to the Bend Will shout, HAH which means Mind. Harold also got a power from traversing the whole Black Book, Dragonborn Force. Harold read the Black Book and returned to Nirn. He told Neloth and Frea what had happened and then departed for Skaal village with Frea.

When they exited the ruin a dragon attacked them, after he was defeated instead of Harold absorbing its soul it was absorbed by Miraak. After the ordeal Harold and Frea left for her village. When they arrived at the village Harold went to talk to Storn and told him what Hermaeus had told him, that he wanted the Skaal's knowledge. Storn agreed to give Hermaeus the knowledge to help Harold defeat Miraak, so Harold handed him the Black Book. Frea tried to stop her father but he told her that he needed to do it. Storn opened the book and Hermaeus appeared and stabbed Storn with one of his tentacles, which drained the knowledge from the Skaal. The process ended up killing Storn, but Hermaeus kept his word and taught Harold the final word to the Bend Will shout, DOV which meant Dragonkind. Hermaeus then disappeared and the book close itself. Storn fell to the ground dead, Frea ran up to him and held his body. The other Skaal approached their former shaman and paid their respects. Harold left Skaal Village to go confront Miraak. Harold read the Black Book Waking Dreams, where he first encountered Miraak. He was transported to Apocrypha. He appeared in the large area like last time but Miraak was not there. He walked down a path and up the staircase, where he accessed Chapter II from a pedestal. He traversed the chapter, defeating the enemies along the way, and grabbed the book Boneless Limbs and then went up the newly accessible staircase to reach Chapter III.

The next chapter was a bit trickier to navigate, due to its maze-like structure. In a room he got the book Delving Pincers. He killed the seekers and traverse the narrow walkways and then picked up the book Prying Orbs. With the book in his possession, the gate opened, and he continued onward to Chapter IV. In the chapter he picked up the book Gnashing Blades. This opened a second path to the right, directly across from where he entered. He continued through the chapter and found Chapter V through a gate opened by a scrye. A hallway led Harold to a large open room with a pillar in the middle emitting a green light, after defeating a seeker he examined the room. Surrounding the central pillar were four pedestals with inscriptions. He placed the four books that were collected in the previous Chapters on the appropriate pedestals. Boneless Limbs was placed on the 'tentacle' symbol. Delving Pincers was placed on the 'pincer' symbol. Prying Orbs was placed on the 'eye' symbol. Gnashing Blades was placed on the 'fangs' symbol. Once all four books were placed correctly, the book located in front of the central pillar began to glow. The book took Harold to Chapter VI.

He appeared on a path that took him to a large open area surrounded by water. Harold killed the two seekers in the area and approach the word wall, which contained the word QAH, which meant Armor. Sahrotaar, a serpentine dragon, then attacked him. Harold used the full Bend Will shout on Sahrotaar and instantly tamed him. The dragon landed and offered to take him to Miraak. He got on Sahrotaar and was flown to the large tower circled by dragons, but before were forced to fight enemies on another platform. After they killed the two Seekers and the Lurker, Sahrotaar flew towards Miraak's tower. As they reached the top, Miraak chided Sahrotaar for being so easily swayed by Harold's thu'um. Once they landed Harold approach Miraak, who explained that his time in Apocrypha was done, and that although Harold was powerful, he was still subject to Miraak's power. Miraak then concluded that the final key for his escape was Harold's soul, and with it he would be strong enough to return to Solstheim. Miraak then attacked Harold and the battle of the two Dragonborns stated. Miraak used other dragons to aid him in battle. As Miraak was weakened, he entered an invulnerable state and returned to full health. Each time he regenerated, he sacrificed a dragon: first Kruziikrel, then Relonikiv. The third regeneration led to Sahrotaar's demise, as Miraak absorbed his soul, too. With all three dragons eliminated, Harold was able to deal the final blows to Miraak. When his health was low enough, he moved to the center of the area in an attempt to escape. At that point, Hermaeus Mora intervened, he claimed that Miraak can hide nothing from him in his realm. The Daedric Prince then impaled Miraak with a tentacle, and explained to Miraak that his death was insignificant, as he had found a new Dragonborn to 'serve' him. As Miraak died, he wished upon Harold the same fate he was about to suffer, and then disintegrated into nothing but bones as his soul departed from his body and was absorbed by Harold.

Hermaeus Mora then tried to make Harold his new replacement champion, which he declined, as he had since abandoned the role as champions of the Daedric Princes. Harold left Apocypha and went to tell the Skaal, namely Frea, that he had defeated Miraak. He also paid his respects to Storn. Harold helped the Skaal with many things, like finding their blacksmith who had been captured by the Thalmor and dealing with the elves, which let him learn how to make Stalhrim equipment. He gave wisdom to an eager young Skaal and convinced him to remain in the village. He found the missing brother of Wulf who had been turned into a werebear and put him out of his misery. He brought a Skaal's necklace to friend of hers in Skyrim. Harold also helped an old scholar explore the tomb of a Vahlok the Jailor and learned the full Battle Fury shout.

Harold also helped the people of Raven Rock. He helped Glover, Delvin's brother, get his ancient Nordic pickaxe. He cleared the Tribunal Temple's ancestor tombs of Ash Spawn. He obtained netch jelly for the alchemist. He helped a homeless miner regain entry into the Retching Netch. He helped the wife of the Second Councilor find a lost folio. Harold also helped an old miner discover the secret behind his great-grandfather's death, which caused him to uncover a Nordic tomb belonging to the dragon priest Zahkriisos, and learning the final word to the Dragon Aspect shout, DIIV which means Wyrm, and also obtained a unique Greatsword named Bloodskal. He helped the dunmer innkeeper distribute his Sujamma to the citizens of Raven Rock to attract more patrons to his inn. Harold discovered why the Ash Spawn were attacking Raven Rock and stopped them at their source, an Imperial fort, and killed the resurrected Imperial General that commanded them, taking his Warhammer. He aided Glover in another task, recovering his improved bonemold formula from a thief. After aiding Glover he gained entrance to his house and found out that Glover was Sapphire's father, which prompted him to go to Skyrim and tell her the truth. Harold also helped a Eastern Empire Company employee by finding EEC pendants from him. He also helped the Captain of the Redoran Guard by finding a hidden stash of wine for him, which come of his guards were using to drink during their job. Harold also helped stop a plot to assassinate the First Councilor of Raven Rock, gaining the Morag Tong as enemies in the process and obtaining a house in the settlement as well. With all the help Raven Rock got back on its feet and started to grow thanks to the reopening of their ebony mine.

With the help of Neloth Harold was able to find all the Black Books on Solstheim. The power he obtained from the books greatly increased his own abilities, bringing the legend of Ysmir to life. He also aided Neloth on many tasks, like retrieving a staff made by Azra Nightwielder. He also helped Neloth in his numerous experiments, brought him a copy of Wind and Sand and even brought him a briar heart and a heart stone to help him further his research into the Heart Stones. He also helped Neloth's apprentice, by getting rid of an ash guardian whom he had summoned improperly. He helped the alchemist of Tel Mithryn repair Neloth's tower, and also collected rare ingredients for her. Harold also solved the mystery of the Ash Spawn attacks on Tel Mithryn, the source was Neloth's former apprentice that wanted revenge on her master. After Neloth's steward was killed Harold helped him find a new one in Raven Rock. He also aided the new steward with his debt to an orc in Raven Rock. For all his aiding of Neloth and the citizens of Tel Mithryn Harold was made a member of House Telvanni by Master Neloth, who is a respected member of the dunmer House.

During his travels in Solstheim Harold came across a bunch of Nords that had been kicked out of their Mead Hall by a tribe of Rieklings. Harold aided them in reclaiming the Hall. Afterwards he helped the Nords in tasks. He retrieve some juniper berries for Elmus, and also a bottle of Ashfire Mead. He found some crafting materials for Halbarn Iron-Fur. He gathered fifty Riekling spears for Hilund. He helped their leader as her second in a ritual to see if she was worthy of remaining their leader but it turned out she was not. When they returned to the Hall Harold told the leader's husband the truth and she was exiled from the Hall, till she reclaimed her honor. When he learned of the hidden treasure of Haknir Death-Brand Harold started to search for it, finding the pirate's tomb and claiming his treasure after defeating his ghost and that of his crew. In Skyrim Harold was approached by a Redguard knight who wanted to fight a worthy opponent to the death and go to Sovngarde. Harold dueling the Redguard and won, killing him at Last Vigil, sadly for the Redguard he would never be able to see Sovngarde since that is the afterlife of Nords and Atmorans. On the island Harold found a mysterious burned house and came across some Reavers in the basement. He killed the Reavers and learned the secret of the house and its last owner. He also found the Dwemer ruin of Kagrumez and used the four Resonance Gems that he found all over Solstheim to partake in the ruin's trials, passing them and claiming the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate. In the north of the island he found a skull in the Glacial Cave and brought it to Castle Karstaag, where he placed it on its body and fought the ghost of the Frost Giant that it belonged to. Near Raven Rock he met a dunmer named Ralis Sedarys who was heading an expedition in Kolbjorn Barrow. He helped the dunmer by funding the expedition and by clearing out the ruin multiple times as more and more Draugrs were found inside. The barrow was the tomb of the dragon priest Ahzidal and he was awakened after it was excavated, the priest controlled Ralis to have the dunmer free him. Harold killed the priest and spared the dunmer, then claimed Ahzidal's relics. He also found a word wall in the barrow which contained the word VEN, which meant Wind.

Other Accomplishments

Daedric Princes

A drawing of Harold Burned-Mane

During his adventures in Skyrim Harold came across the statue of Azura, southwest of Winterhold. He approached it and talked to the priest, Aranea Ienith, who claimed that his arrival was expected, as Azura herself foresaw it and transferred the knowledge to the priest. The prediction involved a "fortress endangered by water, yet untouched by it" and finding an "elven mage able to turn the brightest star as black as night". Aranea directed him to the snowy town of Winterhold for clues. In Winterhold, Harold asked the locals and they pointed to a mage named Nelacar. After convincing Nelacar that he was sent by an agent of Azura the Altmer told Harold the story of Malyn Varen, a former teacher at the College, who examined the Daedric artifact Azura's Star along with a few colleagues and students and was using the Star to save himself from death. But by trying to make himself immortal, he lost his sanity in the process, and was banished from the College. He, along with a few loyal disciples, moved to the secluded depths of Ilinalta's Deep. Nelacar plead that Harold didn't return the Star to Azura. Harold then travelled to the fort and fought against Malyn's disciples, finding he star with the mage's skeleton. Harold brought the artifact to Azura's priest and then talked to Azura, who told him that Malyn's soul was inside the star. Azura sent Harold's soul into the star, where he killed Malyn. Azura then made Harold her champion and gave him Azura's Star.

When he was wandering Skyrim Harold was randomly attacked by a group of cultists. It turned out that they were Boethiah's cultists. He read a book that they had in their possession and discovered the location of the Prince's shrine. He made his way to the Sacellum of Boethiah, which was located southeast of Windhelm hidden in the mountains. When he arrived at the Sacellum he saw two cultists fighting in a small arena. There are some more cultists and a Priestess of Boethiah watching them. He walked up and spoke to the priestess. The priestess told him that he needed to gain someone's trust and then sacrifice them before Boethiah. She gave him the Blade of Sacrifice to use for the deed. Harold led a mercenary whom he had met during his travels to the shrine, he told the mercenary to touch the pillar on the shrine. When he did so he became stuck to the pillar and Harold killed him. Boethiah used the mercenary's body as a conduit to tell him and all of the cultists that she had a task for whomever was left standing after a battle to the death. All the cultists attacked one another, and Harold. In the end only he remained. Boethiah again used a body as a conduit and told him she needed a new champion. To become her new champion Harold had to kill the old champion and his bandits at Knifepoint Ridge, northwest of Falkreath. Harold travelled there are took care of the bandits he encountered, eventually finding he champion. Once he defeated Boethiah's Champion, he took his Ebony Mail. Boethiah then spoke to Harold one last time, telling him that he was her new champion and gave him the old champion's Ebony Mail as his reward.

On a trip to Falkreath Harold encountered a guard asking if he had seen a stray dog running around outside town. He pointed him to local blacksmith, Lod. Lod showed interest in a specific dog that had been wandering near town, he said that he would like for Harold to catch for him. He accepted and Lod gave him some fresh meat for bait. He traveled along the road a short distance southwest of town. A dog approached and spoke to him. He introduced himself as Barbas and asked for his help. Barbas said that he had a falling-out with his master, and said he needed help to settle the disagreement. Harold agreed to help and Barbas led him to a cave called Haemar's Shame. They traversed the cave, killing the hostile vampires that inhabited it. In Haemar's Shame they reached the Shrine of Clavicus Vile, guarded by more vampires. After killing the vampires Barbas sat in front of the statue. Harold walked up to the statue and Clavicus spoke to him. He asked Clavicus about Barbas rejoining him, but the Prince initially denied the request, but then equivocated. Clavicus said that if Harold brought him the Ruefull Axe then he would think about reuniting with Barbas. Harold and Barbas then set off for Rimerock Burrow, where axe was located. Inside they encountered a hostile atronach and Sebastian Lort, the owner of the axe. After the battle Harold claimed the Rueful Axe from the table nearby. They then returned to Haemar's Shame. Clavicus had one final prank to play and gave Harold a choice: keep the Rueful Axe if he used it to kill Barbas. Harold refused and handed the axe to Clavicus, he Prince begrudgingly accepted Harold choice and reunited with Barbas. He then gave Harold his Daedric artifact, the Masque of Clavicus Vile, and made him his champion.

After getting the Elder Scroll from the Tower of Mzark and returning to Septimus Harold had given him the Runed Lexicon. Septimus read the Lexicon and told him he had searched for it with the help of the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, as he wanted to open the Dwemer Lockbox that was said to contain the heart of a god. The old scholar told him to harvest the blood of the races of mer in order to mix then and trick the Lockbox, as it required the blood of the Dwemer to open. When he was heading outside of the cave he saw a Wretched Abyss that spoke to him. Harold learned that the voice coming from the abyss was that of Hermaeus. He claimed that Septimus was a good follower, but after he discovered how to unlock the Dwemer Lockbox he had outlived his usefulness. He then told Harold that he should take Septimus's place. Hermaeus Mora told Harold to speak with him again after he had completed Septimus' task. Harold went to harvest blood with the Essence Extractor. The five races whose blood he needed to harvest were Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Falmer, and Orsimer. After acquiring the different blood samples he returned to the Outpost. Harold gave the blood samples to Septimus and waited for him to open the lockbox. He then followed him inside and found out, much to the surprise of the Septimus, that it was not the "Heart of a God" that was stored inside the box, but rather a book. His surprise was cut short as his usefulness to Hermaeus had been outlived and he was promptly disposed of in a flash of light by the Prince. The book on a pedestal was actually the Oghma Infinium, Hermaeus's artifact. Hermaeus made Harold his champion, then told him the book was sealed there so no more of its dangerous knowledge could be shared with the world of mortals, something Hermaeus wished undone. Harold then claimed the book.

In the Falkreath graveyard outside of the Hall of the Dead Harold encountered the grieving parents of a recently slain child being consoled by Runil. The father of the child told Harold that a laborer working for him on Corpselight Farm named Sinding was the murderer and was currently locked up in Falkreath Jail. Harold then went to the jail and found Sinding's cell. He approached the bars and spoke with him, which revealed that he was a werewolf. He explained that he stole the Ring of Hircine in an attempt to control his transformations, but that Hircine cursed the ring, which now causes the wearer to lose control of their transformations. Sinding asked Harold to help him by killing a White Stag in order to regain Hircine's favor and remove the curse from the ring. He agreed to help him and was given the Cursed Ring of Hircine, which automatically equipped itself to Harold's finger. Sinding then transformed into a werewolf and escaped through the top of his cell. Harold worried that the ring would turn him but luckily he didn't turn inside Falkreath. He found the White Stag south of Pinewatch in a clearing. He killed the stag and a ghostly Aspect of Hircine to appeared. Hircine told him to hunt down Sinding in Bloated Man's Grotto and tear the skin from his body. He also told him that he was not the only hunter vying for his favor. Upon entering Bloated Man's Grotto Harold will saw a small camp containing the bodies of several hunters. He spoke to a mortally wounded hunter who told him that his group was killed fighting Sinding. He went further into the cave and found Sinding, who asked for Harold's assistance in fighting off the remaining hunters. Harold decided to assist Sinding, a new group of hunters then attacked them. Once all of the hunters were dead, Harold talked to Sinding, who thanked him for his help. When Harold exited the cave the Aspect of Hircine spoke to him, he removed the curse from the ring and allow him to keep it as a reward for winning the hunt ad becoming Hircine's champion.

Harold had heard rumors about an Orc Stronghold, Largashbur, and decided to go there. The Orc camp was located in The Rift southwest of Riften. As he approached it he saw that a giant was attacking the Orcs at the gate. Harold hurried and helped the Orcs. After defeating the giant two Orcs began bickering. Atub, a sorceress, apologized to Harold and explained that their tribe and leader had been cursed. She had a ritual that may be able to remove it, but needs a bowl of troll fat and a daedra heart to perform it. She'll asked him to retrieve them. After Harold gathered the ingredients he brought them to Atub. She entered the Longhouse and spoke with Chief Yamarz about performing the ritual. The Chief wasn't thrilled about the ritual, but agreed to follow her out to the altar. Atub successfully reached Malacath, whose disembodied voice berated Yamarz for his weakness, abhorring Yamarz for being so weak that even giants openly attack his stronghold. Malacath demanded that he kill the giant's leader and return with his club as an offering. Yamarz was irked and demanded Harold assistance in his task, promising lots of gold for helping him. They travelled to Fallowstone Cave where the Giants were located. The cave was remarkably spacious, but very straight forward. Bears and trolls inhabited the cave and posed some threat, but the giants the major threat. After traversing the cave they exited to the Giant's Grove. Once in the grove, Yamarz will offer to pay Harold even more gold if he killed the giant and let Yamarz take credit. Harold managed to persuade Yamarz to perform his duty, however the chief was killed almost immediately by the giant and Harold had to kill the giant. Malacath spoke and derided the fallen weakling Chief and told Harold to go back to Largashbur with the giant's hammer. Harold left the grove through the cave and then headed back to the stronghold. Once he returned, he spoke with Atub and told her of Yamarz's fate. Malacath spoke once more and named Gularzob the new chief. He then commanded Harold to place Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine, where it was transformed into the fearsome Volendrung, the Hammer of Might. Harold then took it from the shrine as he was proclaimed Malacath's champion.

Harold received a pamphlet about a museum in Dawnstar, so he went there to check it out. He went to the museum, which was Silus Vesuius' house. There he heard Silus and Dawnstar's court wizard, Madena, arguing. Harold asked Madena about the history od Silus' family as that was what the argument was about. He learned that Silus is the descendant of Mythic Dawn cultists. He then went to speak to Silus, who warmly welcomed him and offer him a tour of the museum. After the tour he asked Harold to retrieve the three pieces of Mehrunes' Razor, the only artifact of the Mythic Dawn which he hadn't obtained yet. Harold accepted and was given The Keepers of the Razor book which contained Silus' notes about the Razor, including information on the locations of the pieces. The pommel of Mehrunes' Razor is at Dead Crone Rock, southwest of Markarth. Harold had to fight his way through the Forsworn inhabiting the location and defeat the Hagraven who had the pommel, near the Hagraven he found a word wall which contained the word FAAS, which meant Fear. The Razor's blade shards were held in the basement vault of Cracked Tusk Keep, a fort occupied by bandits. Harold travelled to the fort and fought the bandits, then took the shards from the Orc bandit chief. To get the hilt Harold travelled to Morthal, where he searched for Jorgen. Harold found the mill owner and asked him about the hilt, he claimed not to have it. Harold pressured him and he admitted that he did, but he refused to give it to Harold. Harold then bribed Jorgen and he gave him the key to the chest where the hilt was located. After retrieving the three pieces he returned to Silus, who paid him for the work and then ask Harold to meet him at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Upon arrival, Silus contacted Mehrunes and asked him to repair the Razor, who didn't respond. So Silus asked Harold to speak to the Prince. When he did the daedric prince manifested and demanded that he kill Silus. Silus asked Harold to spare him in return for 500 gold, saying that he would place the pieces of the Razor in a display case in his house. Harold couldn't decide, but Silus got nervous and attacked Harold. After Silus was dead Dagon fixed the Razor for Harold. Dagon then summoned two Dremora to try to kill Harold as "one final test". After he killed the Dremora Mehrunes made Harold his champion.

After hearing rumors about one of the Jarl's children acting strange from the publican at The Bannered Mare, Harold asked Balgruuf the Greater about it. He expressed concerns that his youngest son, Nelkir, had begun to act exceptionally brooding. When Harold talked to Nelkir, he was forthcoming about numerous family secrets, stating that his father hated the Thalmor, worshiped Talos, and that Nelkir himself had a different mother than his siblings. He also mentioned that a door in the basement of the castle was whispering to him and helping him learn how to sneak around the castle. He suggested that the door might talk to Harold too. The door was well hidden in plain sight off under the kitchen, in the closet of the small servant's room. The locked door seems to be covered in blood. When Harold tried to open the door the disembodied voice of the Whispering Lady began to talk to him. She revealed herself to be the Daedric Prince Mephala, and told him that some of her power was locked behind the door and that she needed him to release it. She had been corrupting Nelkir, but found limits to what she could accomplish with a child. She told Harold to ask Nelkir how he could go about getting the key to the door. Nelkir told him that only the Jarl and the court mage, Farengar Secret-Fire, possessed a key to the Whispering Door, and suggested that Farengar would not be missed should he disappear. Harold pickpocketed the key off Farengar. He then headed down to the basement and opened the door, which revealed a small room with a sword and a book resting on a table. The book, Admonition Against Ebony, warned him against taking the sword lying next to it. He ignored the warning and picked up the sword. Mephala then spoke and told him that it was the Ebony Blade, but that its power had been locked away for too long. She said it could gain extra power by staining it with the blood of treachery. After the blade regained its full power Mephala made Harold her new champion.

In a dungeon Harold found a mysterious stone. When he picked it up Meridia's voice told him that the stone was her beacon and to take it to her shrine. When he arrived at the shrine with the beacon in hand, the otherworldly voice od Meridia echoed through the woods once again, telling him about the state of her temple. He placed the beacon in the gem pedestal as instructed and a giant ray of light shot towards the sky and transported him high above Skyrim. Meridia then showed herself as blinding ball of light and spoke to him. After telling him about the necromancer that inhabited her temple and asked him to kill him and his undead minion she sent him back down to Skyrim and opened the door to her temple with a beam of light that came from her beacon. Once inside the Kilkreath Temple, the profane darkness was palpable everywhere as a thick, black fog oozed through the corridors and a burned desecrated corpses welcomed him. He proceed through the first corridor and eventually made it to the first huge chamber. Meridia's ray of light shined down through the ceiling onto a pedestal. He activated the pedestal and the beam of light was led onto a device placed above the eastern tunnel. When he followed the light enemies started to emerge. Dark shadows called corrupted shades attacked in hordes, trying to prevent him from bringing light to the temple. He disposed of them as he traversed the temple and activated the pedestals to lead Meridia's light further. After a while he eventually made it outside the temple. Once outside, he noticed his efforts had made three pillars light up, but there was still work to do. He located the door leading to the second part of Kilkreath Ruins. He continued through the ruined temple, killing shades and activating the pedestals. Harold eventually made it to the Kilkreath Catacombs. In the catacombs he made his way to the last pedestal and activated it. This turned on the final beam of light, which open the nearby door, and awakened Malkoran. He was protected by six corrupted shades and was a strong opponent who used frost spells from a distance, so Harold used the columns to his advantage. When Malkoran was dead he was transformed into a shade. When Harold defeated the shade Meridia spoke and told him to take Dawnbreaker, her artifact. When he retrieved the powerful sword, everything turned into light and he found himself high above Skyrim once again, facing Meridia. She congratulated him and made his her champion.

In Markarth, Harold found Vigilant Tyranus wandering around outside an abandoned house, at times he was bothering the townsfolk with questions. When he saw Harold he asked if he knew anything about the house. He introduced himself, obviously hoping for a helping hand, and proceed to explain that he believed the house was home to Daedric activities. Harold agreed to help him and he invited him to come along for the investigation and unlocked the door. Upon entering the house, everything appeared normal, and a puzzled Tyranus commented that it shows no sign of old age as there was fresh food on the table and no wood-rot on the furniture. Immediately after he stoped talking, a loud noise came from downstairs. Tyranus then took off running towards the noise, only to be stopped by a locked door. He then asked Harold to open it. When Harold tried to pick it a voice spoke to him. At the same time, the furniture in the house started floating in mid-air, causing Tyranus to panic and run upstairs. However, to Tyranus' dismay, the front door was locked tight. The voice spoke again and Tyranus started to panic and forgot his righteousness. He shouted to the unknown entity inside their minds. When he realized that there was only one way out, he drew his mace and proceed to attack Harold, succumbing to the orders of the mysterious Daedra in the hopes of preserving his own life. Harold defended himself and had to kill the vigilant. The voice called Harold downstairs. The previously locked door was now open, and led further into the cave hidden under the house, there was an altar where his reward, which was promised by the voice, awaited. When he tried to grab the reward, a set of spikes shoot up from the floor and trap him in place. The voice from the altar spoke to him, it belonged to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, whose main ambition and desire was to harvest the souls of mortals and bring them to his own Plane of Oblivion. Molag ordered Harold to go "rescue" a priest of Boethiah and bring him to the altar. So Harold departed for a Forsworn hideout where the priest was being held. He defeated the Forsworn and freed the priest. Harold convinced the priest to return to Markath and brought him to Molag's shrine. When the priest made it to the shrine he was trapped by Molag. The Prince then ordered Harold to use the rusty mace to hit the priest into submission. After a while the priest gave into the pain and pledged his soul to the Prince of Domination. Molag then ordered Harold to kill the priest, which he did. For serving him Molag made Harold his champion and turned the rusty mace into the Mace of Molag Bal.

In Markarth Harold heard a rumor about problems with the local Hall of the Dead, which had been closed for unknown reasons. Harold went to the Hall to speak with Brother Verulus. Inside Understone Keep he witnessed a heated argument between Verulus and Thongvor Silver-Blood about the Hall. After the argument Harold spoke with the priest and asked him if he about the Hall. It seemed that the bodies had been eaten and Verulus doesn't know by what. Harold was then tasked to investigate the Hall at night when the deed has been happening. Moments after entering the Hall at night, a female voice echoed through it. After the speech, Eola ran up to him and continue trying to seduce him with suggestions and accusations of cannibalism. Harold started to remember the incident in his childhood. Eola mentioned the Lady of Decay, Namira, and a so-called safe haven for cannibals. She marked Reachcliff Cave on his map and revealed the truth about the desecration of the hall. Recently, the cave had seen the dead rise from their graves, forcing Eola to flee and live in the hall and feast on its more passive inhabitants. She tasked him with clearing the cave, and asked him to meet her at the cave entrance. She assured him that the hall would see no further disturbances, and then left. Harold went to talk to Brother Verulus and told him the good news. He was quite happy, hand him his Amulet of Arkay as a reward and returned to his duties inside the hall. Reachcliff Cave was located east and slightly south of Markarth. Harold met with Eola there and together they went into the cave to deal with the draugr that had risen. Once they cleared the cave they entered a large chamber with a dinning table and the altar of Namira. Eola thanked him for helping her to reclaim the Shrine, and asked him to bring in a fresh kill for his initiation into the coven, Brother Verulus. Harold returned to Markarth and there he was able to convince Verulus to follow him back to Reachcliff Cave. When they entered the dining hall Harold found several well-known Markarth citizens seated at the large table, all hungry and ready for the evening feast. A confused Brother Verulus approached the table. Eola went over to him and used her seductive charms to make him forget where he was and feel incredibly tired. She then proceed to invite him to take a rest on the altar in front of the Shrine of Namira. Harold headed to the altar where Eola invited him to start carving the sleeping priest. Harold was confused and conflicted of this whole situation. He remembered that as a child he had eaten a person in the woods, and that memory was all he could think about. He slew the sleeping priest in cold blood, which excited Eola. She invited him to have the very first bite. Harold took a bite of the body and immediately he was repulsed as he remembered what happened after he ate the man in his chieldhood. He almost threw up but held it in. Namira then speak to him from her realm. She made him her champion and gave him her ring, the Ring of Namira.

During his travels in the Reach Harold met a sick man who was afflicted with the plague, but had survived thanks to Peryite, a Daedric Prince. The man told Harold the location of the Prince's shrine and Harold went there to investigate. At the shrine Harold met a worshipper of Peryite, Kesh the Clean, a Khajiit. Harold asked the Khajiit about the Prince and he told Harold about him and the supplies he would need to summon the Prince at his shrine. Harold then left to gathered the ingredients. Once he collected one of each item, he returned to Kesh at the shrine. Kesh took the ingredients and headed to the cauldron and prepared a mixture yielding fumes. He then asked Harold to inhale deeply to summon Peryite. As soon as he inhaled the fumes, a quick flash gave way to a surreal experience, as the world around him was painted in misty deeply-saturated colors, and a few ghostly skeevers appeared. Peryite then spoke to him and asked Harold to head to a nearby Dwemer ruin and kill one of his former priests for betraying him. He then disappeared and Harold's vision returned to normal. The ruin was called Bthardamz and it was inhabited by Orchendor's, Peryite's former priests, plagued Breton followers, the Afflicted. Harold fought his way through the ruin as he encountered the afflicted, who had a nasty ranged poison vomit attack. Eventually, deeper in the ruin, Harold encountered Dwemer automatons and had to deal with them as well as the plagued Bretons. Harold encountered Orchendor in deep in the ruin, where they fought. The bosmer was a powerful wizard but he was no match for the Dragonborn, and in the end he was defeated. Harold then returned to the shrine. Back at the shrine Harold took another deep breath of the fumes and spoke with Peryite. The Prince congratulated Harold on completing his given task and rewarded him by giving him Spellbreaker, and naming him his champion.

In a tavern, during his travels, Harold met Sam Guevenne. He challenged Harold to a drinking contest, offering to award him with a staff if he won. Sam reached his limit after his second drink. Harold took a third drink, after which a drunken Sam declared him the winner. However, before awarding the staff, Sam wanted to take his new drinking buddy to "a place where the wine flows like water". Harold then started to feel woozy and passed out. Harold woke up with a robed woman yelling at him. He looked around and saw that he was in a temple, and that it was pretty trashed. The priest said that Harold came in here drunk and trashed the place. He apologized and said that he couldn't remember anything that had happened last night. The priest accepted his apology and told him that he kept mentioning Rorikstead. So Harold left the temple of Dibella in Markarth and headed to the town in Whiterun. When he made it to the farming town one of the farmers went up to him, and he looked angry. He said that Harold stole his prized goat Gleda and sold it to a giant. Harold paid the man for his troubles and asked him for help in retracing his steps. The farmer pointed Harold to Ysolda in Whiterun. When they made it to Whiterun he found Ysolda in the Market, where she told him that he owed her for a wedding ring. She said that since the wedding wasn't going to happen then she wanted the ring back. Harold paid her for the ring and asked where the supposed wedding was supposed to take place. Ysolda said that it was to happen in Morvunskar, and so Harold left for the Fort. Harold encountered plenty of hostile mages there and had to fight his way through them. He eventually reached a room in which a ball of blue light appeared atop some steps. He entered it and was transported to a grove. He followed the path and found a bunch of people sitting around a table, including Sam. Sam revealed that he was actually Sanguine, a Daedric Prince. He told him that he was introducing some merriment and subversion into the world and was motivating Harold to "have fun". He rewarded his efforts to track him down with the Sanguine Rose and teleported him back to the pub where they met after making him his champion.

While in Solitude Harold encountered a mad beggar roaming the streets and ranting. Harold spoke to him and he complained that his master was neglecting his duties and that chaos would ensue. He said that his master was in the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace having tea with an old friend. He told him that he would need "the hip bone" to enter, and give him Pelagius' Hip Bone. He entered the Blue Palace and talked to the castle steward to let him in since he had helped him before. With a key to the Pelagius Wing. The wing was in a state of disrepair. After traveling through the wing for some time he was suddenly transported into a strange realm. Harold saw that he was wearing fine clothes and saw a scene which appeared to be an extravagant dinner set in the middle of a misty wood and surrounded by stone archways. Two people were sitting at the table, one wearing a distinctive outfit and sitting on a throne, and the other a depressed man. The latter was Emperor Pelagius III who was complaining of various woes, although he sounded strangely sane, which delighted the man across from him. Pelagius left after a short conversation during which the other man tried to cheer him up. The other man was actually Sheogorath himself, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Harold told him that he had a message for him and that he needed to come back from vacation. Sheogorath said he would leave if Harold could make his way out of Pelagius' mind, which would require him to cure the Emperor of his madness. He gave him the Wabbajack to help. There were three arches which led to three separate trials, all of which needed to be completed. To the southeast was the Arch of Confidence, to the northeast was the Arch of Night Terrors and to the northwest was the Arch of Paranoia. Through the Arch of Confidence Harold saw Pelagius' Anger beating up Pelagius' Confidence. Confidence doesn't look like he was doing too well, since he was tiny and Anger was huge. Sheogorath wanted him to tip the scales. Harold used the Wabbajack on Anger until he was tiny, and then on Confidence until he was as big as Anger was. Once this was happened the trail was completed and Harold moved to the next one. In the Arch of Night Terrors he saw a bed in the middle of the forest with Pelagius sleeping. Sheogorath told him that Pelagius had been suffering from night terrors since he was a child, and Harold's trial was to get rid of them. He used the Wabbajack on Pelagius, which caused one of the terrors to appear. Harold then used the staff on the terror to transform it into something else, ending it. He did that consecutively until all the night terrors were defeated. After that he moved onto the next arch. Through the Arch of Paranoia to the northwest was a small fort-like structure with steps leading up to the edge. In the middle of this structure was an arena occupied by two fighting Storm Atronachs. There was an opponent sitting opposite to Harold with two other men. Sheogorath told him to defeat his enemy with the Wabbajack. Harold tried using it on the atronachs but it didn't work, so he used it one of his opponent's bodyguards. Both of the men will turn into wolves and attack his opponent, killing him. The Prince then instructed Harold to return to the table. Harold told him that he fixed Pelagius' mind. Sheogorath then summoned Dervenin and returned to the Shivering Isles, telling Harold to keep Wabbajack and that he was now his champion. He prepared to depart. Harold was then transported back to the Pelagius Wing.

In Dawnstar Harold heard talk of the inhabitants suffering from terrible nightmares and lack of sleep. He made his way to the Windpeak Inn, where he found Erandur, a priest of Mara. He warned that the inhabitants of Dawnstar were in terrible danger, as the nightmares were a symptom of having their memories stolen by the Daedric Prince Vaermina. He explained that the nightmares were being caused by an event that happened in Nightcaller Temple, a ruin located on the clifftop overlooking Dawnstar. Erandur prompt Harold to follow him to Nightcaller Temple to put an end to the nightmares. Erandur explained why the nightmares were occurring. A group of Orcs attacked the temple, which had been a shrine to Mara before being overrun with Vaermina's priests. To defend themselves, the priests released a gas called "The Miasma", which the priests used to elongate their lives. The concentration of Miasma sent both the Orc invaders and the priests into a sleep that lasted for years. They then entered the temple. In one of the rooms Erandur unlocked the carving on a wall with a spell, after which the wall turned purple and reveal a doorway. They made their way through the opening to the balcony overlooking the tower's inner sanctum. The inner sanctum contains the Skull of Corruption, one of Vaermina's artifacts. Erandur explained that the Skull had gained the ability to reach out to people without being wielded, and was stealing memories. So the Skull must be destroyed in order for the nightmares to stop. They made their way down and encountered two orcs, who they had to fight. Their way ahead was blocked by a force field. Erandur said that there may be a way of opening it, but he would have to search for the answer in an alchemy book located in the locked Library upstairs. Luckily, he had a key leftover from when he was himself a Priest of Vaermina. When the Orcs attacked, he had fled, leaving his companions to die, and in his shame over this, he turned to following Mara. They entered the library and had to fight off orcs and priests alike. Harold helped Erandur find the book, The Dreamstride. They used the information from it to breach the inner sanctum, as Erandur deciphered it and found out that they needed a special potion called "Vaermina's Torpor", which allowed the taker to use dreams to travel across distances in the real world. They went to the laboratory adjoined to the library and took it, then Harold drank it as only the unaffiliated or the followers of Vaermina could use it. Upon taking the potion, he was transported to the inner sanctum in the tower, which he experienced in a blurry psychedelic vision. Harold had travelled back in time through someone's dream to when the orcs first invaded. He saw as a priest went to release the Miasma, then he woke up at the other side of the barrier. Harold deactivated the force field and then talked to Erandur and the two of them then headed to the inner sanctum. He followed Erandur towards the Skull, taking care of several Orcs and Vaermina Devotees they encountered along the way. At the shrine two Vaermina Devotees, Veren Duleri and Thorek argued with Erandur. They then attacked and Harold helped the priest defeat them. Erandur then began to take down the barrier protecting the Skull. But as he did so Vaermina spoke to Harold, she told him that Erandur just wanted the skull for himself, and so Harold attacked him. After killing Erandur Harold claimed the skull and Vaermina made him her champion.

Hero of the People

Harold Burned-Mane in his 40s

To atone for what he did while working to get the Daedric Artifacts, while in the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild Harold decided to help the people of Skyrim in any way he could. Even in the most menial of tasks.

In Markarth he investigated a murder that had happened in the market in the entrance to the city. During the investigation he discovered that the Forsworn were involved in some kind of plot. However all the poking around caught the attention of the wrong people and Harold was imprisoned in Cidhna Mine. There he met a bunch of Forsworn, including their King, Madanach. The King in Rags wanted to make a deal with Harold but he refused and killed him, along with the other Forsworn. He then used a secret tunnel from the Mine to return to the city, where Thonar Silver-Blood met him and congratulated him on dealing with Madanach. Thonar waived Harold's sentence and gave him a ring as a token for his help, as the Forsworn had killed his wife recently. Harold also helped the Temple of Dibella find the new Sybil, which is said to be a prophet of sorts to the cult of Dibella. Harold rescued the new Sybil from the Forsworn and brought her safely to Markarth, after which he earned the blessing of Dibella.

In Morthal he aided the Jarl by investigating a tragic house fire, and discovered that a coven of vampires were plotting against the town. Harold then defeated the vampires and saved Morthal.

In Riften he helped the Temple of Mara spread the cause of love throughout Skyrim, gaining the blessing of Mara in the process. He also help Louis Letrush and stole Frost from Sibbi Black-Briar, however he kept the horse instead of giving it to Louis.

In Solitude he helped out a suspicious Argonian by turning off the city's lighthouse but ended up regretting it when the Argonian and his men killed the crew of the ship that had crashed because of it. He then killed the Argonian and his men and reclaimed the ship's cargo. Harold aided the steward of Solitude by investigating reports of strange happenings in Wolfskull Cave. There he discovered that a band of necromancers were trying to reawaken Potema, the Wolf Queen. Harold defeated them and stopped the ritual before it was completed, at least that is what he thought. Potema's spirit had escaped and Harold had to go to the Solitude Catacombs to end her for good, saving Solitude. Harold joined the Bards College and aided them in bringing back the burning of King Olaf festival by unveiling the truth about a deceitful King.

In Whiterun Harold helped the priestess of Kynareth restore the Gildergreen. He took a sapling from the Eldergleam and planted it to replace the dying Gildergreen. Harold helped Amren get his family sword back and helped Ysolda get her caravaneer job started. He was brought into the trouble between the Alik'r and Saadia and initially he was on her side, as she tricked him by seducing him, but when he went to kill Kematu he learned the truth and Harold helped the Alik'r mercenaries capture the Redguard traitor, who's real name was Iman Suda, and bring her to justice. Harold rescued Thorald Gray-Mane from Thalmor captivity, as he was suspected of being a Stormcloak supporter. He solved the mystery of his kidnapping and put a stop to the Thalmor at their base of Northwatch Keep.

In Windhelm he solved the case of the shadowy killer that plagued the city, killing him before he could take his last victim. He retrieved the legendary artifact, know as the White Phial, to fulfill an old alchemist's wish. He found it in the tomb where the altmer said it would be but it was cracked. However he acquired the materials, on the list given to him by the alchemist's apprentice, necessary to repair the White Phial. The alchemist died happy knowing that his life's work was complete. Harold aided the East Empire Company, as their ships had constantly been attacked by pirates. Harold helped them track the Blood Horker pirates' base and then went with them to make sure they never bothered the company again by killing their leader and destroying their base.


Jarl Harold siting on his throne in his Keep, in Winstad

Harold became famous after defeating Alduin, though many people didn't know his real name. He became know commonly as Ysmir, the Dragon of the North. Even songs were made to commemorate his accomplishments. Due to this some people started to flock to Windstad Manor, his residence in Hjaalmarch, and started to move around his house. Harold saw the potential in this and helped them build a town around his manor, the town of Windstad. It was very similar to Helgen as it was a fort-town, and because of this protection many people moved to the town. Before long it was more populated than Morthal. When Skald the Elder passed away his title as Jarl of the Pale was given to Jarl Sorli the Builder. The Jarldom of Hjaalmarch was then given to Harold and the capital of the hold was moved to Windstad. Jarl Harold pardoned the Ravencrone family and granted them the Thanedom of Morthal, their former home.

Harold and Serana's relationship eventually grew to the point that a romance started between the two. She had felt an attraction to him before but her being a vampire had stopped them from becoming romantically involved. But after she cured herself she became comfortable enough that she let Harold court her. Near the end of 4E 203 Harold married Serana in the Temple of Mara in Riften. They lived mostly in Windstad Manor. Serana eventually got pregnant and gave birth to Rigmor in 4E 204. When Harold left to fight in the 2nd Great War he stopped by Castle Volkihar to ask Valerica to go to Windstad to stay with Serana and Rigmor. Valerica was reluctant since she didn't approve of Serana's decision to cure herself but decided to help her daughter raise her son. After spending time with her daughter and her grandson Valerica started to forget about her search for power and when Liesl, Serana and Harold's second child, was born she decided to cure herself as well so she could live in Windstad with her family. She opened an Alchemy shop in the city and grew a garden there just like the one she had in Castle Volkihar, Serana and Liesl helped her tend it.


During his travels throughout Skyrim Harold encountered many orphans. As he knew firsthand what an orphan when through he took everyone he could find under his wing and became their guardian. They are known in conjunction as the Dovahoth, the Dragon Orphans. He gave them a home and provided for them. He asked each one of them what they wanted to do when they grew up, what their dream was. When they gave him their answer he started to train them, mentor them, so they would have the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill that dream.

  • Alesan: Became a sailor, and much later, a ship captain of the newly rebuilt Brinehammer, which Harold had rebuilt from its wreck.
  • Blaise: Joined the College of Winterhold, where he later became a Master Conjuration Teacher and later the Arch-Mage.
  • Lucia: Took over Pelagia Farm after it was bought out by Harold. Helped the Bankers Guild set up in Whiterun and bought back her farm in Cyrodiil from her aunt and uncle.
  • Sofie: Joined the Stormcloaks and climbed through the ranks. Before she died she held the rank of Stormblade, a General.
  • Runa Fair-Shield: Travelled Skyrim on adventures, but after seeing the vampire threat firsthand joined the Dawnguard.
  • Hroar: Joined the Companions and became a member of the Circle rather quickly. He eventually became the Harbinger after Vilkas.
  • Samuel: Joined the Blades, and stayed with the Dragonguard in Skyrim. Later became the Grandmaster of the order.
  • Francois Beaufort: Left to search for his parents in High Rock. After 6 years returned to Riften and became a guard, later becoming the captain.
  • Aventus Arentino: Joined the Dark Brotherhood and became one of their best assassins. Killed Jarl Laila Law-Giver and became one of the Speakers of the new Black Hand.


Harold stayed as Harbinger for a few years but when he became the Jarl of Hjaalmarch he had no choice but to resign from the position, as he didn't have time to lead the Companions anymore. He chose Aela as his successor and with him gone a spot opened up in the Circle. Njada joined in his place, she became a werewolf. Aela didn't wield Wuuthrad but she wielded the Shield of Ysgramor, the Battleaxe was kept in Jorrvaskr for safety.

Harold didn't stay long as the College's Arch-Mage since the job required him to remain at the College to oversee it, and he constantly went travelling on adventures. He resigned from the post and made Tolfdir the new Arch-Mage, who made Faralda the new Master Wizard as she was the most qualified for the job. Tolfdir was able to get Nelacar to rejoin the College as the new Destruction teacher to replace Faralda.

Harold also didn't stay long as the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. A little after he became the guildmaster he got the sense that what he was doing was wrong, and so he stopped stealing. The only thing that kept him in the Thieves Guild was his pact with Nocturnal, but he soon found a way to break it. He offered the Daedric Prince a dragon's soul in exchange for the termination of his pact, she agreed. Since he was no longer a Nightingale Harold quit the guild and stopped helping them. Karliah and Brynjolf became co-guildmasters for the time being, Brynjolf was more of an administrator while Karliah was more of a hands-on leader. Karliah soon found a replacement to add to the Trinity, a dunmer girl that Karliah had taken under her wing.

About the same time he quit the Thieves Guild Harold also quit the Dark Brotherhood. He didn't want to be a part of a guild of murderers anymore. This angered the Night Mother. She chose a new Listerner, a new Dunmer assassin that wielded two Daedric daggers that had joined the Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood tried many times to kill Harold, since he did break one of the 5 tenets. However, Harold killed every assassin that was sent after him. After a while they stopped trying to kill him. The Dunmer Listener reinstated the Black Hand and started the Dark Brotherhood expansion.

Other Factions

Harold funded the Blades and they soon had remodeled Sky Haven Temple into a proper base, which let the faction truly expand. Harold also inducted all his housecarls into the Blades to receive training from Delphine. He and the Blades continued to take care of the dragon threat. To aid the Blades on their hunt for the dragons he gave them Dragonbane. The Blades hunted down the dragons, as Paarthurnax and Harold did. The dragons only had three choices, join Paarthurnax and study the Way of the Voice, serve under Harold or die. Many dragons chose to fight for their lives, some even managed to escape off Tamriel where the Blades couldn't follow them. Others joined Paarthurnax or Harold, though these were the minority. When the Blades split into two factions in 4E 213, the Dragonguard and the Blades, the Dragonguard remained loyal to Harold while the Blades moved to High Rock to serve Daric Lariat.

Harold continued to help the Dawnguard the best he could. He even built a small outpost for the Dawnguard in Windstad so they could better patrol all of Skyrim for vampires. The outpost helped Hjaalmarch a lot since it was the hold in Skyrim that had the most vampire activity. The Dawnguard was still busy as the vampire threat never truly ended, other clans appeared and the Dawnguard even began taking out vampires in the other provinces, expanding their faction of hunters over most of Tamriel.

The Cult of Ysmir resurfaced in Skyrim, they worshiped Harold as a reincarnation to their god. Harold ignored them, and refused to let them make a temple dedicated to him in Windstad. However as the years went by and Harold got stronger, his legends grew and with it the Cult. They build a temple near Windstad, in the mountain east of the city. The Cult even gifted him with an Amulet of Ysmir. The priests of Ysmir only called him Ysmir, or Dragon of the North, they refused to call him by his real name.


Character Form

  • Class: Dragonborn
  • Skills: Master of all Skills
  • Spells: All Spells (From the game)
  • Powers: Thu'um Mastery, Battle Cry and others.
  • Equipment: Full Dragonbone Armor, Dragonbone Shield and Dragonbone Waraxe (All enchanted), Amulet of Talos.

Return of the Septim Dynasty Part V

Ysmir riding Odahviing into battle

When the Breton Army left to invade Cyrodiil they left High Rock pretty defenseless, and Augustus Mede took advantage of that. He ordered the Orc Army to invade the Breton province and began to sack it. One city after another, none of the guards that were left behind were able to stop them. When they were on their way to Shornhelm, High Rock's capital and where the refugees from the other cities had gone, they began to hear loud roars in the distance. They saw a figure in the eastern sky, which appeared to be a bird. However when it got closer and the roars got louder they figured out that it was a dragon. The red dragon swooped down and began burning the Orc army alive, but after the initial show of seeing the dragon the Orcs began to fight back and fired arrows at the dragon. When the dragon flew down, close to the Orcs, they saw that a man was riding on its back. The man on the dragon's back cast spells, like ice spikes, at the army bellow. With the dragon keeping the Orcs occupied they didn't notice the small army approaching rapidly from the east. The man eventually dismounted to fight the Orcs on land, turning himself into a spectral ghost and then jumping off the dragon's back. The man, wearing what looked like an armor made of dragon bones, charged at the Orcs, cutting them down one after another, while the dragon continued to shout at them from above. The number of Orcs were overwhelming, even for the dragonplated warrior. The red dragon hovered and aided the warrior against the Orcs while the small army approached. However the Orcs shot a Ballistae round at the dragon, hitting his wing and making him crash land. The warrior fought his way to where the dragon crashed. When he reached it he turned back to the Orcs and shouted them away with Unrelenting Force. When the Orcs near him got ready to attack they heard a horn, the small army had reached the battlefield. The army used Akaviri style armor and weapons, and were led by a middle aged Breton woman. While the Orcs fought the Akaviri style army the warrior began to heal the red dragon, Odahviing. The small army yelled their battle cries: "For the Dragonguard!". Odahviing protected the warrior, the Dragonborn, as he healed him keeping the Orcs at bay. After he finished the Dragonborn rejoined the battle, he gave the Orcs a chance to surrender but since they outnumbered him they refused. The Dragonguard were winning the fight, as Odahviing and the Dragonborn had taken out many Orcs. The Dragonborn and Odahviing finished off the Orcs they were fighting so they could aid the Dragonguard, and their Grandmaster, Delphine. The Dragon, the Dragonborn and the Dragonguard managed to defeat the Orc army. As the Orcs ran to the hills the citizens and the refugees of Shornhelm praised and cheered for their saviors. The Dragonguard approached the city, where they were welcomed with open arms. They stayed there to rest and resupply before heading back to Skyrim. The Dragonborn, Harold, left with Odahviing early.

During the battle for the Imperial City, when Daric was fighting with the Emperor at the Elven Garden, roars could be heard in the distance. Galmar knew all too well what that meant. When it seemed like Augustus had won and his army of undead were going to kill Daric a red dragon swooped into the city and breathed fire down on the undead. Ysmir and Odahviing had come to aid the Stormcrown Alliance in their final battle. The dragon devastated a good portion of the undead foes with his fire after a few swoops over the Elven Gardens. Augustus saw that his army was suffering heavy losses thanks to the dragon and the new moral boost that Daric's men had gotten. He reluctantly ordered his undead army to retreat to the Market District to regroup. After the undead started to retreat the red dragon landed in the Elven Gardens and the Dovahkiin jumped off his back, he headed towards Daric. He talked with the Breton king and then handed him a gift, the dragonsteel sword Tazaarfeyn, which means Tyrant's Bane. After learning that the Emperor was ready for his last stand at Green Emperor Way Ysmir mounted Odahviing and assured Daric that the dragon would not harm friendlies, as that had worried the Breton. However because of the skirmish-like style of the final battle Odahviing was unable to get a clear shot of the enemy. Ysmir then dismounted to join the battle on foot. When the red dragon landed atop the Imperial City walls he accidentally knocked over a dunmer girl's horse. He apologized to her and after introducing each other she asked if he had seen her father, to which Ysmir said that he hadn't. As the girl ran off to find her father Ysmir joined the battle against the undead forces. Ysmir spotted a Sload and they had a magic duel, but it was cut short by an Unrelenting Force shout. Ulfric Stormcloak greeted Ysmir and together they finished the Sload off. After the battle finished and the war was over Ysmir remained in the Imperial City, as it had been a long time since he had been here. He walked through the cemetery to the section of it which had the Red Ring Memorial. It was a memorial for all the soldiers that had given their lives in the battle to retake the capital from the Dominion during the 1st Great War. He passed his hand through the list of names until coming up to his parents' names. He put a few flowers next to the memorial and then left the cemetery. Ysmir stayed for Daric's coronation and left after it when he said goodbye to the new Emperor.


  • Since Harold spent about 16 years in Cyrodiil he lost his heavy Nordic accent. He now sounds more like an Imperial but kept the mannerisms typical of Nords, like for example saying things like: "Shor's Bones" and "Ysmir's Beard".
  • Because Harold became popularly known as Ysmir he started using a twist on the popular Nord saying: "Ysmir's Beard!". He started to say: "By my beard!".
  • Harold shared similarities with Kodlak, they were both mercenaries in other provinces (Harold in Cyrodiil and Kodlak in Hammerfell) and returned to Skyrim where they joined the Companions. This is likely why Kodlak chose Harold as his successor, he felt Harold was like a younger version of himself.
  • Like Tiber Septim, the previous Dragonborn, Harold has a red dragon subordinate. Harold has Odahviing and Tiber had Nahfahlaar, also known as Nafaalilargus.
  • Harold has only partaken in cannibalism twice, after which he renewed his vow of never doing it again. Despite this he has consumed human flesh while in werewolf form, but in that state he loses control and blood-rage takes over.
  • Harold has gone through many phases, in which his personality seems to change. This is most likely due to the dragon souls he constantly absorbed, which corrupted his own soul with the hunger for power and other things. However he eventually got over these effects and returned to his normal self. The things he did while under the effects were the reason why he helped the people of Skyrim with every little thing possible, to atone for his former sins.