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A headhunter aligned to Daggerfall.

Headhunters are an elite detachment of soldiers that undergo rigorous training. They are considered one of the most versatile regiment of soldiers, as they possess some of the best of abilities among their ilk.


Headhunters specialize in deep forest and wilderness combat, tactics and reconnaissance, as well as unconventional warfare. As such, they are regarded as an elite scouting unit, used for surveying an area ahead of a body of troops or leading the way on the front lines.

As such, headhunters gained a fierce reputation as fearsome warriors and reliable, disciplined troops. They are well-respected within the ranks of both allies and adversaries.


Because of their wide ability to use spells, stealth and open combat, headhunters became well known for their fearsome prowess. Considered as a Jack of all Trades, Headhunters are skilled in many forms of military operations.They are generally uncommon in cities; however, when an adversary became notorious, they would comb the city to actively search for the fugitive.

All headhunters are given magical training. This renders them highly resistant or outright immune to paralysis spells, poisons, and diseases. Besides the weaponry that is usual to them (their swords), headhunters are trained to use all forms of weaponry with at least some level of proficiency, even improvised weapons. Furthermore, they will use any equipment they have to tilt the battle to their favor. Scrolls for high level magic are commonly used by Headhunters as single used consumables to turn the tide of battle.

Headunters are generally smarter and more aggressive than normal soldiers. They commonly employ tactics and detection skills, as well as able to use a wide variety of weapons. In addition, Headhunters are highly agile like scouts, being able to chase adversaries across rooftops and buildings, in spite of their heavier Medium Armor.


Headhunters are difficult to deal with in combat. They are fast, able to dodge attacks with ease and cannot be directly grappled with. It is tough to counterattack them. They are also difficult to escape from and would even catch up to free-runners during a chase. They commonly use body enhancement magic to make themselves more deadly in melee combat or concealing spells to render themselves hard to spot.

Headhunters will employ teamwork strategies in battle and command nearby subordinates. While one continuously fires at their target from a distance with spells, bows or crossbows, the others will attack from close range.

Headhunters generally use spells and some form of one handed sword. They will punch and lunge with their weapons in close quarters or attack from a distance depending on the situation. They normally attempt to break through an adversary's defense with power attacks or attacking in quick succession to make countering difficult.

The well-known ways to kill headhunters were to use the environment, lethal tools or turning them into human shields. If one is skilled, disarming them and repeatedly attacking while they are vulnerable is a viable strategy. Teamwork was also a viable solution. They are also susceptible to stamina and magicka depletion if in battle for too long, as they are not as specialized for combat as a true battlemage.

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