Helvir Wolfbane born Agriir Cederius and later named Helvir Wanderer is a mighty crusader and informally a member of the Silver Hand, formerly a member of the Vigilants of Stendarr, he hates Werewolves above all else, he is even known as the vengeful hunter among his peers.


Helvir wears a full set of steel plate armour and masks his face, his eyes are Orange and has black hair, despite his name he is actually an Imperial although, he stands 177 cm, slightly taller than most other Imperials although slightly shorter than Nords.

Powers and Abilities

Helvir was among the strongest Vigilants as he alone was able to fight through the attackers at the Hall of the Vigilants, he alone managed to escape them.


Prior to his defeat at Dustman's cairn, Helvir wore a full set of Steel Plate armour under Novice Robes of Destruction and a Novice Hood, he also carried a Dwarven Mace, named Harmony from his days as a Vigilant.

Following his defeat, he has upgraded his armour and weapons. He now wears a full set of Nordic carved armour yet still sporting his old robes over his armour. He now wields a skyforge steel sword enchanted with fire damage, the sword he named Requiem.


Helvir was born in Falkreath to Rolav and Sentina Cederius, his parents were poor and did not wish to see their son grow up in poverty. Hence, they put him up for adoption; Viggon Wanderer adopted him, a Merchant who travelled Skyrim selling his wares, Helvir grew up in his care and was taught some skill with the blade and the mace.

However, a moonlit night, his father's carriage came under attack by a feral werewolf. Viggon lost his life trying to protect his son and gave Helvir the time to run., the werewolf, however, caught up to him but not before several Vigilants came to his rescue, they had been hunting the beast for a while.

In the ensuing battle, the werewolf was eventually killed with Helvir dealing the killing blow. After seeing to Viggons burial in Falkreath, he was taken to the hall of the Vigilants.

He trained with the Vigilants until he was able to use magic and gained substantial strength with any one-handed weapon and became a fully-fledged member of their order. He took any opportunity to hunt werewolves, and it earned him the name "Wolfbane".

During the attack on the Hall of the Vigilants, Helvir fought through the Vampire onslaught eventually managing to escape; he headed east into the mountains and was never heard of again.

He emerged once again at Dustman's cairn to Thrungvor Snow-Strider and Malik Sahan, leading a band of Silver Hand. He managed to mortally wound the large Nord but was eventually defeated by Malik, he escaped the Cairn and headed north towards Driftshade refuge.


Helvir is outgoing and vengeful he has a particular hatred against lycanthropes but he doesn't shy away from murdering vampires and other daedric abominations. However, he has made killing therianthropes, his only ambition, leading a crusade against them.



  • Attributes: Strength and Willpower
  • Major Skills: Master One-Handed, Master Restoration, Expert Destruction, Expert Heavy Armour, Adept Athletics
  • Spells: Guardian Circle, Bane of the Undead, Grand Healing, Stendarr's Aura, Heal Other, Greater Ward, Close Wounds. Incinerate, Flame Cloak, Fireball.
  • Powers: Tough(Racial), Inner Fire, Circle of Protection
  • Equipment: Steel Plate Armour(-helmet), Novice Robes of Destruction, Novice Hood. Dwarven Mace(Harmony)


  • Helvir was intended to be a Nord, but the image fitted an Imperial better
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