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House Redoran's banner.

House Redoran is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind, controlling a number of seats on the Grand Council.

House Redoran is the most powerful Great House in Morrowind. In addition to their own House retainers, they control Morrowind's standing army. To wage war against House Redoran is to wage war against Morrowind itself, they as intertwined with the republic's systems as House Indoril is with the temple.

Since 4E 40 it has been governed by Servo Venim.

Redoran has dual patron saints in Saint Nerevar the Captain and in Saint Ulain the Redeemer.


  1. Retainer
  2. Oathman
  3. Lawman
  4. Kinsman
  5. House Cousin
  6. House Sibling
  7. House Guardian
  8. Councilor
  9. Archmaster