Hsaaftal is a new City-State added in with The Elder Scrolls V: Legendary Civilization, it can be found north of Fort Hroldan, in the Pale region; specifically near the entrance from Whiterun to said region.



Hsaaftal, along with Windhelm, and some other areas, is among one of Skyrim's oldest cities, having an ancient Atmoran design with it.

Merethic Era

When it was built is unknown, but it is known that the CIty-State was built by several Atmorans who discovered the area. It is known that the City-State was one of the strongholds used by Atmorans when they were about to attack the nearby Snow Elf locations, after the destruction of Saarthal.

During this time, the first Thane of Hsaaftal was Klulsgirr Iceheart; the first known clan member of the Iceheart Family, he is believed to had founded the Hsaaftal Warriors Hall, using the remains of a forgotten Atmoran ship that had gone offshore, until it landed near what is now known as modern-day Dawnstar. The remains of the people inside were also later on among the first remains in the Falkreath Graveyard.

After Klulsgirr's death; his brother Hromir Iceheart is believed to had taken the seat of Thanehood, he is believed to had attempted a conquering of Skyrim; his 30-year ruling had brought much blood, destruction, and much more. Until his eventual assassination,

In a number of months after his death, his personal court mage; Synoth, had taken Thanehood, and attempted to restore order in his 113 years of ruling. Towards the end of his life, he had brought things relatively together; until the Thrassian Plague had impacted Tamriel, and devastated the city of Hsaaftal, which had killed Synoth, along with around 74 percent of the population.

Second Era

It is known that the City had a high number of Breton, Argonian, and Dunmer refugees, it is unknown when this occured, but it is known this had eventually died down, and it had returned to a predominantly Nord population.

Third Era

During the Imperial Simulacrum; an accomplished thief named Manadyn Devoth is known to had stolen several items from the House of Clan Iceheart.

Hsaaftal, during the Oblivion Crisis, had a major attack by the Daedra, near the Weynon Stones, an Oblivion Gate had opened, and Daedric Forces had broken through the City. Its said that the city suffered major damage, but the people inside had mostly defeated the Daedric forces.

Fourth Era

During 4E, 84, Hsaaftal had been attacked by a Bandit Clan; though its unknown how far the damage had been done, its known that Savary Iceheart; a famous figure within Hsaaftal, was killed, which had caused tragedy

By the time of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the City-State is known to be the main source of wealth, and taxes, for Dawnstar. It is also one of the main Strongholds, and defenses for said Hold.


Hsaaftal shares a heavy cultural influence with Atmora's prior to its end, the guilds of Hsaaftal also feature an Atmoran influence, as the Hsaaftal College of the Whisper doubles as a religious order for Jhunal, and the Hsaaftal Warrior Hall's exterior is technically the remains of an ancient shipwreck.


The Government of Hsaaftal notably has 2 Court Mages, Stewards, and Housecarls, along with this, the Hsaaftal Warriors Hall serves as the Thane's Bodyguards, along with serving as to protect the people of Hsaaftal.

Points of interest




Thane's residence

Broloskr's Respite


  • Hsaaftal Jail - Jail.
  • Hsaaftal Stables - Stable near Hsaaftal's Entrance. Since all the horses have been sold to soldiers for the Civil War, the people inside serve now as merchants.
  • Hsaaftal Warriors Hall - Government-funded warriors hall for Hsaaftal; consisting of strong warriors who serve primarily has the Thane's bodyguards, while also serving as a main source of protection for the City along with Guards.



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