The Interdimensional Rift, or simply called The Rift, is an realm where other realms can be accessed through this mysterious location that exists "both inside and outside of time and space."


According to a journal written by Ciel Highwind, The Rift's form is shown from being the emptiness of space and the Cosmos to a bizarre mishmash of many dimensions and alternate realities.

Many dimensions can be accessed through The Rift provided that the traveler has the knowledge to summon a gate that leads to the Rift itself.

It is also stated that prolonged stay within the Rift is dangerous, as some who traveled within it for too long never returned to any or even their own original universes.

During the events of The Order, Terra used a gateway to the Rift to take the heroes to his homeworld of Spira, where they recieve a power-boost by using the Heavens Tower.


  • The reference of the Rift being the 'emptiness of space' may allude to Cicero's quote of Sithis being the 'coldness of space'.
  • Many gateways to many dimensions can be seen while one travels within The Rift.
  • If a person falls into the emptiness of the Rift, they will fall endlessly from the same place over and over until they manage to land to whence they came.
  • The Rift is sometimes considered the gateway to multiverses.
  • The Rift may have been possibly but indirectly mentioned by Paarthurnax during the events of the Ancient Legends canon.
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