Jihaat Maaszi
Leader Slagar
Locations Greymoor City
Headquarters Fort Greymoor
Key Members Slagar, Qa'do
Alignment Greymoor
Enemies Unknown
Founder Slagar
Founding 4E226

The Jihaat Maaszi is an organization that does various tasks for a price. The members are bounty hunters, caravaners, mercenaries, etc. The organization is led by Slagar, who also founded it.


In 4E226, Slagar was leading a small group of caravans, much in the way that Ri'saad was seen doing in 4E201 and 202. His caravan was attacked by a group of bandits. Although some survived the slaughter, most died in the raid. Slagar decided that he needed to institute and organization that would be able to wipe out the threat of these bandits. Slagar knew some guerilla rebel forces down in Elsweyr, and brought them to Skyrim. They formed the Jihatt Maaszi because they felt that they were a necessary group that was needed in Skyrim. They began taking bounty hunting jobs from various contractors, and began working like an organized guild.


Greymoor City is the base of the Maaszi. When they first arrived, Greymoor was wrecked and in ruins. It was overrun with bandits. The Jihaat Maaszi took over and repaired the fort.

Major Members


Main article: Slagar. Leader of the Jihaat Maaszi.


Jhevana is a female khajiit trader and merchant that works in the Jihaat Maaszi. She is often seen as a wise person, always able to give away good, inspiring words. In a sense, she is a second in command to Slagar.


Qa'do was a major member of the Jihaat Maaszi for a long time, until he disappeared.


  • The name 'Jihaat Maaszi' is in the khajiit language, meaning 'mercenary necessity', or 'necessary mercenaries'.
  • The members of Jihaat Maaszi have all learned special tunes that Slagar plays on his flute. Certain tunes mean certain orders, while some tunes are not orders at all.
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