Jina Nerevar
Jina in her Royal Armor
Race Dunmer
Gender Female
Age 45
Status Alive
Titles Princess of Morrowind, Indoril Councilwoman, Elder Council Member, Agent of Shadow, Leader of the Nightingale Trinity, Apprentice (Nelthars)
Factions House Nerevar, House Indoril, The Thieves Guild, Nightingales, Morrowind, Empire, Nelthars
Birthplace Mournhold, Morrowind
Family Nerevarine (Great-Grandfather)
Joran Nerevar (Father)
Elva Nerevar (Mother)
Vivir Nerevar (Brother - Deceased)
Deres Nerevar (Brother - Deceased)
Jivin Nerevar (Brother)
Elvir Nerevar (Brother)
Jax Redoran (Husband - Deceased)
Elva Redoran (Daughter)
Alma Redoran (Aunt)
Lexia Redoran (Cousin)
Forgive me, ser. My name is Jina Nerevar. I trust you got my father's letter? I am here to negotiate with you about the acquisition of the troops of High Rock for the Freeing of Morrowind.
— Jina introducing herself to Daric

Jina Nerevar is a Dunmer princess, Nightingale of the Thieves Guild, and an a member of the Elder Council and House Indoril. She is the daughter of King Joran of Morrowind and his heir. Like all members of House Nerevar, she is descended from the reborn Indoril Nerevar.

Early Life

Much is unknown about her early life, but it is known that she was born to Joran and Elva Nerevar. Ever since she was young she loved the deception and persuasion of politics, which is why she often volunteered to be an ambassador for her father. This love of deception eventually led her down a darker route and she crossed paths with the Thieves Guild. She joined the organization and due to her skill in the field, she caught the eye of the then Co-Guildmaster, Karliah Indoril. Karliah tutored her in the skills of a thief and groomed the girl to eventually take the open spot in the Nightingale Trinity, left open by the Dragonborn's departure, becoming the Agent of Shadow. During her mentorship, she became close friends with her.

During the Stormcrown Rebellion, her father rebelled against the King of Morrowind, House Hlaalu and the Empire. The catalyst for the rebellion of House Indoril was the death of Jina's eldest brother, Vivir, in the Imperial City. The city of Mournhold was soon besiege. Due to her age at the time, she was forced by her father to sit in the palace and wait it out while her older brother and him led the troops. After the death of her brother Deres, she and the rest of her family were sent to High Rock to serve as ambassadors to High King Daric and to keep them safe from the war in Morrowind.

The Stormcrown Rebellion

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After the Rebellion

Jina helped in the reformation of the Thieves Guild in Morrowind, helping to fund it and get it back on its feet like the guild in Skyrim. She also began to fund the Thieves guild in Cyrodiil.

She assisted Darius Septim in the formation of the Banker's Guild, and helped the war-torn provinces of Morrowind and Cyrodiil get back on their feet.

Jina had not seen any Nelthars since the Battle for the Imperial City, though she remained a part of the faction.

Jina started being courted by Jax Redoran, a general in the Morrowind Army. Though the two rarely meet because her duties as an Elder Councilwoman keep her in the Imperial City most of the time.

Events of Back to Roots

Part I

Jina Formal

Jina in her formal attire

Jina's caravan entered Riften. After three different attempts on her life, Jina had gotten permission from Empress Livia Mede-Septim to go on a tour of the countries. So far, Jina had been to Cheydinhal, Bruma, Falkreath, Whiterun, and Eastmarch. After many days of talking to Ulfric Stormcloak, she had finally left for Riften. She was very excited to see her fellow Nightingales. After that she needed to talk with Maven, and maybe also Jarl Laila Law-Giver. Jina rode into Riften, followed by her guards.Luckily for her, her three guards were from the Thieves Guild, so she wouldn't have to sneak away. When she got in, she noticed how there weren't many guards around. She figured that they were probably busy dealing with the Guild. Jina rode towards Mistwatch Keep, stopping before the gates. She stopped before the gates, and told her guards to wait outside. Jina went inside, stopping to talk to the Steward, who she had become acquainted with. She walked inside, and awaited for Jarl Laila to receive her.

Two guards escorted Jina into the Keep's main hall. Jarl Laila greeted the princess, welcome her to the city. Jina bowed. She said that it was a pleasure to be there. She told Laila of her tour of the various provinces, checking for any way the Empire can help even more. She asked about the Rift's problems. Though she already knew the Thieves Guild was a problem. The Jarl said that there wasn't anything to help with. Jina smiled slightly. She thought that she could help in getting a new Jarl that wasn't so incompetent, but she shouldn't. She told Laila to say hello to Maven for her. She was going to see her sometime in the next few days. She bowed, and left the throne room. When she came outside, she ordered one of her guards to prepare a room at the Bee and Barb, and then, with her other bodyguards looking out for Riften Guards, she descended, through the secret entrance, into the Cistern. Luckily, no guard saw.

Jina grinned as she entered the cistern, staring at all of the new Guild members that she hadn't met, and all the old ones that were her friends. Jina wandered in, slightly startled by a Breton's leap. She greeted him. He asked her if she was Jina, he had heard a lot about her. She was one of the best thieves in the guild. Jina bowed and confirmed it. Saying that she was a Princess, Councilman, and thief extraordinaire. The Breton said that she shouldn't be the one bowing. He introduced himself, Kradien Heric. He held out his hand, gesturing for a handshake. Jina took his hand, and gave him a soft handshake. She said that it felt like forever sine she had been there. Kradien nodded. He said that it was a pleasure to be working with the guild. He asked her if she needed sometime to take care of at the moment. Jina stroked her chin. Jina told him to steal something from Jarl Laila while she was sleeping, since she was so incompetent at taking care of her city. He said that it sounded like fun and that he would be back later. He approached the exit, and climbed the ladder out.

Jina sat down after he left, and then began thinking if she had any other jobs to give out. Some time later, Kradien arrived back in the cistern with a bag full of the goods. He set them in front of Jina and told her that he got all this from Laila's bedroom. Jina laughed, and began investigating the goods. She was impressed at how many things Kradien stole. She pulled out a glass dagger, then a silver spoon, and then a statue of Dibella. Jina smiled, slightly impressed. She tossed a bag of gold septims his way, which had come from her own coin purse. She teased the rookie a bit. He caught the bag, and smirked. He chuckled, and turned away. Jina stood up from her chair, and dusted herself off. She wondered how Nelthro Kanir was doing, it had been years since she had seen him. She thought about stopping by to visit him before she headed to Morrowind. Jina came out of the cistern, making sure no guards saw her. She went to her room in the Bee and Barb. She lay down in her bed, thinking about all the people she had me in her life.

The next day, she returned to the Cistern. She ran into Karliah Indoril, her thief mentor. She asked her how she'd been. Jina laughed. She greeted Karliah and said that she had been fine, then asked about her. The older Dunmer said that she was doing her best to help Brynjolf lead the Thieves Guild. They had come to the point that they previously were when Gallus was still Grandmaster, but they were not without problems. Jina laughed. She had heard that the guards had increased their effots in trying to find the guild. Karliah said that with Maven around they would never lay a hand on them, more than half of the city guard were in her pocket. In her tone of voice when she said Maven's name it was clear that she didn't like the woman. Jina approached Karliah, getting really close to her and whispered, asking how was the Sanctuary. She got Jina by the shoulder and moved her to a corner in the Cistern, away from the other Thieves Guild members. She said that this was not the place to be talking about it, but it was fine. She had repaired the damage that years of neglect had caused. Jina nodded slowly. She asked Karliah if Nocturnal was angry that Ysmir had left the Trinity. Karliah said that he offered her quite a lot to terminate his contract, she she doubted that she was upset. But personally she though he would have been a better guardian than the soul he gave her in exchange for his freedom. Jina looked up, startled. She asked her mentor to explain. Jina had never heard the full story about Ysmir's departure from the Nightingales. Karliah said that the only way to break the contract to Nocturnal was to offer another soul in one's place. She revealed that Ysmir offered her a dragon's soul. Jina's eyes widened. She was shocked to learn that a dragon's soul was guarding the Sanctuary. She had seen him ride one during the war some years past, but she didn't know he could do that. Karliah said that even in this case it was unusual, as one normally couldn't break a contract with Nocturnal. However, a dragon's soul was a precious thing. She revealed that it was not in the Sanctuary, for it was too bit for it. The soul was in Nocturnal's Realm.

Jina nodded slowly. She didn't quite understand that. She mentioned that she didn't know how long she would be in Riften, before she had to move on to other cities. She mentioned that she would like to visit Markarth, before she headed off to Morrowind. Karliah said that she didn't know how Jina did it, staying so long without robbing something. She always got a nervous itch whenever she saw something shiny that didn't belong to her. Jina laughed. She mentioned that one time she misplaced the Emperor's slippers, only to return them when he sent his guards to go searching for them. Karliah chuckled, with pride in her eyes. She heard yelling and looked around the Cistern, she saw Maven yelling at Brynjolf. As Maven walked out of the hideout Karliah approached Brynjolf. She asked him what that was about. Brynjolf said that one of the Guild members stole some things from Laila's quarters the previous night. Maven was upset because that made the Jarl pester her more. Jina frowned. She apologized, saying that it was her fault, though indirectly. She didn't know that it would spite Maven that much. Brynjolf sighed, telling her not to do it again. Karliah looked angry. She said that she didn't like Maven, she acted like the guild belonged to her. He said that she was their biggest client. Karliah emphasized the word client, saying that Maven was not their boss. Brynjolf agreed but said that they needed her. Karliah accepted that.

Kradien approached, trying to take the blame for the trouble. Though Jina told him that it was her fault for putting him up to it. Jina then turned back to Karliah and Brynjolf. She said that she was funding the Morrowind Thieves Guild for some time now and said that she could do the same for the Skyrim guild. Her family was very wealthy as monarchs of Morrowind. That upset Brynjolf, for the Morrowind guild was their competitor, as was the Cyrodiilic Thieves Guild. Jina thought that it was the right thing to do, since they were all servants of Nocturnal. Brynjolf told her to mind her tongue, as this was not the place to mention her. Karliah looked at Jina. She said that only they had contracts with Lady Luck, the other Thieves Guilds were just common criminals. They were their rivals, taking contracts from Cyrodiil and Morrowind and making it impossible for them to expand into those provinces. Jina sighed. She agreed to stop helping the Morrowind Guild, if that would put less strain on the Skyrim guild. Karliah said that it was no wonder the Morrowind Guild was doing so well, if Jina had been funding them this whole time. After Gallus' death and Mercer's betrayal to Lady Luck the luck of every thief ran out. The Morrowind and Cyrodiil guilds were completely disbanded. Especially since the Gray Fox's disappearance in the beginning of the 4th Era. Brynjolf said that they owed their survival to Maven. She was the only client that kept them going after all the others left. Karliah couldn't deny that.

He told the Dunmer that Delvin and Vex had more jobs available if she wanted to take them. Karliah said that she might do a good old fashioned bedlam job. Jina shrugged, she thought she was helping the thieves by funding the Morrowind guild, she didn't know it was causing her guild problems. She also mentioned that they could try uniting with the Morrowind guild, under Brynjolf. He grinned and said that he wished, but the other Guildmasters would never just step down from their position. Karliah chuckled, saying that was crazy talk. Brynjolf wasn't even the guildmaster of this guild, the two of them shared the position as co-Guildmasters. Brynjolf said that she was right, he was never cut out for leadership anyway. He said that it was a shame that Harold left the guild, since he had showed such promise as a leader. Jina joked, saying that she could've been made the guildmaster. Karliah said that she was too young. Jina shrugged. Karliah smiled and said that it had been great catching up with her. She told her pupil to visit more often. Brynjolf also told her to do some jobs, since just donating money to them was no fun. Jina promised to come back after she finished her tour of the Empire, then she might do a job. Brynjolf said that they would always have a job waiting for her. Karliah gave her farewells. Jina waved them goodbye and left the Cistern, joining up with her escort in the Riften graveyard.

Jina sat down in the Black-Briar Meadery, waiting for her drink. The dunmer worker handed Jina her drink. He apologized for the wait. Jina smiled and took the mead. She brushed off the apology. She laughed, and sipped the drink. She was curious about Maven so she asked the Dunmer how she was as a boss. The worker said that he shouldn't walk about her. His face showing obvious signs of fear. She tried to convince him to answer but the Dunmer wouldn't budge. Jina sighs, not getting the answers that she wanted. She threw the barkeep a silver Septim, and walks out, carrying her glass of mead with her. Jina wandered around the city, taking in the beautiful, fresh air of the Rift, and watching as a man in armor walks into the Keep District. Jina walked towards the training grounds. She made quite a spectacle, being a pretty, young Dunmer girl in a dress, standing among big, burly guards who were very sweaty. She saw a Nord training and an Imperial talking with him. She approached and greeted them and asked if she could join them. The Imperial turned around and saw the Dunmer. He asked her what she wanted. Jina asked if she could train with them. He shrugged and let her. Jina nodded her thanks. She drew her sword, her Nocturnal sword. She hacked away at the training dummy. She asked the Imperial about his name. The man introduced himself as Francois Beaufort.

Jina paused for just a second to flash him a smile. She asked him about himself, trying to get to know Laila's men. Francois said that he was a guard Lieutenant. He mentioned to the Nord that no one wanted to be a guard in Riften. Jina nodded politely. She asked him what he meant, why no one wanted to be a guard in this city. She was putting on her confused and innocent persona. She was also glad that the guards didn't question her about her identity. Francois said that the whole city was a mess, the guards were barely able to keep it from anarchy. The Nord said that without them the city would be a smoking crater. Jina shrugged, saying that she wasn't familiar with the situation in Riften. She had only just arrived from Falkreath. She asked them about the Thieves Guild, asking if they are trying to catch them. Almost absentmindedly, Jina began to twirl a piece of her red hair around her finger. The Breton said that the only mystery was how they haven't caught them yet. Everyone in the city knew they had a base somewhere in the Ratways. It made him so angry that those criminals get to use Riften as their own little playground. But it was like that all over Skyrim, Riften was must the worse in that aspect. He heard it wasn't as bad in the other provinces, but in Skyrim they acted as if they own the place. The Nord said that he suspected widespread corruption. Jina sighed, saying that she will make sure to keep an eye on her coin purse. Jina's escort arrived, her Imperial Guards. They called her Princess and told her that they should be getting back to the inn. She agreed. They surrounded Jina, and the group moved off.

Jina entered the Bee and Barb, and, after a night of drinking and dancing, where she was closely watched by her guards, she went to bed. In the Bee and Barb. Sibbi was drinking quite a lot and was starting to cause a ruckus when he began arguing with another patron. Jina awoke to the sound of arguing. She quickly put a robe over her pajamas and went downstairs to beat someone up. Jina came down stairs and yelled for them to shut it. Everyone in the inn was quiet when they heard Jina's yell. When they saw her they looked nervously at her. Sibbi told her to watch her tongue, or she might just lose it in her sleep. Jina crossed her arms and glared at Sibbi. She told him that she was a Princess and an Elder Councilwoman. One more towards her and he wouldn't live to tell about it. Sibbi laughed. He said that she didn't know where she was. He told her to look around, pointing at the other patrons. He told her to look at the fear in their eyes. There was a clear reason for that. He was Maven's grandson, nobody messed with Maven in Riften. Jina laughed, saying that not even Maven would mess with someone who was friends with the Emperor. Sibbi said that Maven didn't care. He said that if he made a move against her, she wouldn't even leave the city alive. Francois stepped in and told him to leave the Dunmer alone. Sibbi asked him what he was going to do about it, taunting him. He was still holding his bottle of mead. He took a sip and then walked over to Francois. The Imperial told him to show him some respect, as he was a guard, or else he was going to be sleeping in a cell. The inn got real quiet once again. One of the patrons muttered, asking if the guard was insane. Another said that he must have a death wish.

Jina laughed and sat down. She told Francois that she respected him for standing up to the drunk bastard, even if he was Maven's grandson. She disliked bullies and made a note to remind herself that she rather disliked the Black-Briars. Sibbi played around with the bottle in his hand. Then he hit Francois over the head with it. He told the Imperial to show him some respect, asking if he knew who he was talking to. Francois fell to one knee. He cursed and tried to get up but Sibbi kicked him. He grabbed Sibbi's foot and made the drunk fall over. Francois then got up. He told the Nord that he was coming with him. He grabbed Sibbi and picked him up, telling him that he was under arrest for assaulting a guard. As Francois chained his hands Sibbi spat in his face. He said that he would be out come sun rise and Francois would be dead. Francois ignored him and took him outside. One of the patrons said that the poor kid didn't know what he was getting into. Another said that it was his fault for being stupid. Jina realized that they were both talking about the Imperial. After watching Sibbi get arrested, Jina went back to sleep. She had her guards stationed by her room as protocol, but also made sure to sleep with her sword that night. She didn't want to risk any retaliation from Maven.

The next morning one of her guards told her what he had witnessed that night after she slept. He had been wandering the city at night when he heard shouting. He had watched the failed attempt of the guards trying to hunt the Guild in the Ratways. Jina was glad that the guards failed to capture her friends.

She walked into Mistwatch keep, where she saw Maven speaking with the Jarl. She heard Maven's plea to have Sibbi freed and interjected. She told Laila that Sibbi Black-Briar had threatened to kill her the previous night. She asked that he not be freed, at least not for now. Laila asked for evidence of her claims, because they were a pretty serious accusation. Maven gave Jina a look of disdain. Jina bowed, Maven's look unsettled her but she didn't let it show. She told Laila that she understood the seriousness of the accusation and decided to withdraw it. She understood that no one would step forward to back her claims, not with Maven's goons having such a stranglehold on the city. She flashed Maven a grin, keeping up a friendly appearance to disguise her dislike for the old hag. Maven grinned back at her. The Jarl said that with the withdraw the business was settled. Her guards would escort Sibbi back to the Black-Briar Manor in a few minutes. Maven thanked her, then left the keep. Jina walked out of the Keep, accompanied by her guards. She told them to keep their eyes pealed, as she may have just challenged Maven Black-Briar. She also told them to get their caravan ready to leave sooner than expected.

Jina sat in the Marketplace, with her two guards. She saw Sapphire come running towards her. She asked the fellow thief what she could do for her. She said that Brynjolf wanted her to tell Jina that Maven had given her a warning. She said next time she did anything like that again she would send the Dark Brotherhood after her. She asked Jina what she did. Jina laughed, prompting her guards to exchange nervous looks. She said that she simply told the truth of last night's commotion. She told Sapphire of Sibbi threatning her then acknowledged the threat from Maven.

Jina wandered around Riften, still accompanied by her guards. She watched as her caravan began to pack. She told them that they would be leaving in three days. Jina finally left the caravan's camp, after getting a complaint of a missing horse being taken in the night. She suspected that it was Maven just trying to spite her. Though she didn't go directly to confront Maven. Jina sat in the Temple of Mara, praying to the goddess about her recent feud with her husband Jax. She then saw two guards carry Francois in. He was beaten up, badly. She knew that it must have been Maven's men that did that. Jina exited the Temple. After carefully making sure that there was no one on guard, she descended into the Cistern. She greeted her friends, then noticed the strange look on Karliah's face. Karliah was upset that Jina pissed off Maven. She said that she of all people should know better. Maven was not a person to be trifled with, she was dangerous. Jina smiled mischievously. She said that if Maven tried anything she would retaliate. Brynjolf said that it was not only about her. Maven was the guild's best client they couldn't just anger her. Her mentor said that she may not like Maven, but the Nord was correct. Angering her would be stupid. She had other connections besides the Thieves Guild. The princess frowned. She said that she had other connections than the guild too. The Empire, Morriwind, the Elder Council, to name a few. Even the Nelthars, though she hadn't talked with them for a long time. Brynjolf reminded her that she was in Riften, this was Maven's city. Jina had little power here. Even the guild wouldn't be able to protect her if she angered Maven again. She was not one to give out multiple warnings. Karliah told her to simply watch her back around Maven. She didn't want to have to find someone to fill her place in the Trinity.

She told them not to worry. She would be leaving in two days. Maven will be unable to her her after she left. She was confident that if anything happened to her, her father or the Emperor would bring their full wrath onto Maven. So it was in the old hag's best interest to leave her alone. Her mentor told her to be careful. She would hate to see her pupil hurt. Brynjolf agreed. Jina smiled and turned around. As she walked away, she called over her shoulder, she asked the older Dunmer if she has ever known her to be careful. Brynjold smiled and said that Jina was really like a younger version of Karliah. The Dunmer agreed and said that the princess makes the same stupid mistakes as she did. Jina came out of the Cistern, making sure there were no guards. She told her escort that she was going to Maven's Manor.

Jina arrived at Maven's Manor. She mocked the size, saying that her home in the Imperial City was bigger. Her guards gave her a nervous smile. She knocked on the door. One of Maven's servants answered the door. They asked her what her business was there. Jina raised an eyebrow. She said that she needed to speak to Maven. The servant told her to wait. She closed the door and went inside to ask Maven if the Dunmer could come in. After a few minutes she came back to the door and told her to enter. She opened the door all the way and let Jina and her bodyguard inside. Jina and her two bodyguards, Varin and Kenvic, entered the house. The servant lead Jina and her men to Maven's study. Maven was at her desk with her bodyguard, Maven's Shadow, and Maul at her side. Maven asked her to what did she owe the pleasure of her visit. Jina crossed her arms. She said that her caravan needed its horse back. The old woman said that she didn't see how it was her problem, not even looking up at Jina. The princess' eyes narrowed. She asked the old hag what she did with it. Maven said that she didn't do anything as she wrote on some papers. Jina looked down at her. She said that the ropes holding the horse had been cut. She knew that it was one of Maven's people that cut the horse loose. Almost distractedly, Varin's hand went to the dagger at his side. No one noticed, luckily. The old Black-Briar said that her accusations were baseless. She said that if Jina didn't have anything else to talk about then she could leave. She had more important things to do than be questioned in her own home. Still she ignored Jina. Jina turned, her braid swinging as she walked away. She said that she would take the matter up with the Jarl. She left with her guards.

Jina stood before Jarl Laila. She reported her horse having been stolen. The Jarl asked her if she knew who might have done it. Jina smiled internally, but her face remained unchanged. She said that the horse belonged to her caravan and that she had no idea who had stolen it. However she didn't suspect the Thieves Guild as the theft was too obvious, they would've been more subtle. They would have made it seem as if the horse had escaped. They wouldn't have cut the ropes keeping it with the rest. She expected the Jarl's help in locating the horse, asking if she could count on her. Laila said that she could count on her guards, they would investigate the incident. Jina smiled slightly, saying that she appreciated it. Jina walked out, leaving Laila to realize that she had gone from bowing in deference and calling her by her title, buttering her up, to standing straight up and calling her by her real name when she got what she wanted. Jina knew that she had a superior rank, far above Laila, but she didn't see the need to show this. Jina was getting good at this politics game.

Jina went back into the Cistern, where she spotted Maven speaking with Karliah. She hid as Maven left another way. She walked up to Karliah and asked her what that was about. The Dunmer said that Maven wanted them to keep an eye on Thane Mjoll, to have a thief follow her every move. Jina raised an eyebrow asking if she agreed. Brynjolf said that they had no choice, he said that he went Rune to spy on her. Jina nodded slowly. She suggested that they move the guild headquarters outside of Riften, where Maven couldn't keep such a short leash on them. The Nord said that it wasn't that simple. They couldn't just pack up and leave. Where would they find someone as strong as Maven to support them in Skyrim? None of their other clients had the kind of power that she did. Jina raised her hands in mock defeat. She said that she was only trying to make a suggestion. She then asked them what would happen if Maven wasn't able to stop the guards from coming down and raiding the Cistern. The Nord said that as long as they didn't mess with Maven she would continue to keep the guards away from them. Karliah said that it was the lesser of two evils. Still it didn't fill her with confidence. She decided to go home and be bck later. She left the Cistern and went to Mercer's old house, which now belonged to her. Brynjolf said goodbye. Jina waved a goodbye to Karliah as she left. She then told him that Maven was starting to lose the Jarl's confidence. She heard guards talking about Mjoll being put above Maven in the hunt for the guild. He said that it didn't matter if Mjoll was in charge or not. She owned more than half the city guard. They follow her orders not the Jarl's or Thane Mjoll's. Jina said that after Markarth, she had a busy schedule. She would go to Mournhold, then Shornhelm and Daggerfall, and finally Sentinel before she return to the Imperial City. Brynjolf wished her luck.

Jina bowed and said that she would see him soon. She gave him a big hug and thanked him for everything. In the middle of their hug, Varin rushed towards them. He told her that they needed to leave. She asked why, releasing Brynjolf. He revealed that the guards were beginning to investigate everyone. Asking questions, searching rooms. They had to go. Jina and Varin rushed out of the Cistern, watching out for guards. They left Riften by the secret gate, meeting Kenvic and the rest of the caravan outside. They rode west. Jina got one last look at Riften, a feeling of dread resting on her heart.

Jina and her caravan had rode away from Riften, the only things left behind were some of her clothes and a letter she had written to Ulfric but forgotten to send. They had traveled very far over a short period of time, determined to get as far away from Riften as possible. They were somewhere in Falkreath Hold by now. Jina and her caravan had entered the Reach. They rode through the gates of Markarth. Varin commented on the Dwemer City. Jina nodded and rode towards the Keep. Jina stood before the Jarl. She didn't bow, but stood up straight, saying. She greeted Jarl Thongvar. She said she was here as an ambassador from the Emperor. They talked for a bit, only formalities, before Jina left. She asked Kanvic if he was from Markarth, he nodded. She asked him to tell her about the city. He told her off the Warrens, the Keep, the Mine, the Markets. Jina decided to head to the Warrens. Jina wandered into the Warrens, staring in horror at the living conditions inside. She asked if the Jarl allowed tis. Kenvic said that he didn't stop it. She got sick of Markarth quickly and told Varin to prepare the caravan for departure. Jina left Markarth with her caravan, heading to the Jerall Mountains.

Jina and her caravan rode through the Reach, moving slowly. On either side of the road were rocks. The perfect place for an ambush. As if sensing her fear, the horse she was on skittered nervously. A redguard jumped out from behind the rocks, slashing a sword at Kenvic. Varin's arrow quickly brought him down. Jina looked around, she noticed more of them. She told her two guards to leave and get help, the three of them alone couldn't defeat the ambush. The two guards looked at each other before riding off to their respective locations. Jina was brought, tied up, before the Bandit Chief. Jina spat in the Bandit Chief's face. He slapped her. He asked her for her identity so he knew how much he could ransom her for. Jina shook her head. He had already murdered the rest of her caravan for not telling him who she was, so she wasn't going to let them die in vain. The Bandit Chief sighed. He mumbled bitterly. He ordered his bandits to take her to the rack.

Jina looked up from her place on the Whip Racks. She had shed so much blood, her head was dizzy, yet she still didn't tell them who she was. She found herself thinking of her friend Nelthro as she stayed there, half unconscious. A half an hour later, a Bandit came, dragging a bound and gagged Jina. He tossed her on the ground. She looked up and thought that she spotted Nelthro standing over her. Nelthro picked her up in his arms. They walked away and when they were up a hill he asked her if she was alright. She tried to respond but was still gagged. He cut the ropes and removed the gag. He smiled as he reminded her that she promised him to be strong. Jina smiled. Jina stayed sitting, the pain from the whippings still bothered her. Two people soon approached them on the hill. One asked her if she was Jina Nerevar. Jina stood up, wincing and confirmed her identity. The man told her that they had come to rescue her, but now saw that she was already safe. She thanked them regardless. The woman pointed out that they didn't work for free. Jina raised an eyebrow, taking off her golden earrings, she asked if that would be enough. The woman took the wearing and said that they would do fine. The two nodded and left Jina with Nelthro.

Nelthro asked her what she was doing in the Reach anyway. Jina smiled playfully. She said she was doing her job. When he looked like he wanted an explanation, she elaborated. She told him that she was traveling around Tamriel, gathering information on the problems in the countries for the Emperor. She asked him if the castle that he wanted to build was finished yet. Nelthro revealed that it was completed and they were just about finished moving into it. Jina nodded. She asked him how his Clan was doing. She hadn't seen many of them for almost three years. Nelthro said that nothing has changed, they still endure as they had since the 2nd Era. She then asked about him personally. He said that he was fine. Jina nodded, walking towards Nelthro's horse. Nelthro got on and asked her if she would like his help on her task. She agreed, but said that she would like to visit his castle first. Nelthro accepted. The two headed southeast to the Jerral Mountains.

Jina stood before the castle, staring up at it. It was rather large and imposing on the mountainside. Jina entered the castle with Nelthro. She could hear an explosion and asked what it was. Nelthro explained that to vent his anger Naerion Nelthar fought creatures that the Dreadguards brought up to the castle for him. She mocked Naerion, calling him a child throwing a tantrum. Nelthro hoped that he didn't find out she called him that. Naerion was a lot angrier than he had been before his exile. He had to order the other Nelthars to refrain from pissing him off any further. Jina asked if it would be difficult to avoid him while she was staying in the castle. Nelthro mentioned that there was a side passage that they could take that would avoid Naerion's quarters. Jina agreed and they headed through there. She asked how Naritin Nelthar felt about the whole situation. Nelthro mentioned that the two brothers' relationship had only soured in the last few years. They reached the grand hall of the castle, where numerous Nelthars were currently in. Some were just passing by while others were talking about numerous topics. Jina commented on the room, saying that it was nice, then asked about Nilya Nelthar, who had shortly been her teacher when she joined the Nelthars in Morrowind. Nelthro said that he didn't know how she was doing since she had gone off to Cyrodiil a while back, since the Thieves Guild there became active once more. The Dunmer asked if she could stay in the castle and the old man said that their dormitories had enough room for her to spend some days resting, though he mentioned that she'd have to share a room with 3 other members, as the dormitories only had single rooms for the main Nelthar members. Jina accepted it, since she wouldn't have to share a room with Naerion.

Jina asked if she could get some food and Nelthro led her to the dinning hall. He mentioned that they had food imported from both Skyrim and Cyrodiil, as well as some rare meals from Morrowind or Hammerfell, so she could have her pick. Nelthro led her to a table near the kitchen. A waiter walked up to them. He asked them what they would be having. Nelthro introduced the man to Jina, he was Eldritch, one of Naritin's apprentices. He then ordered Colovian Brandy and briskets. Jina ordered the same as Nelthro. Eldritch soon returned with the drinks and the briskets. Jina smiled, and took a bite of the food. After slowly savoring the flavor, she murmured that it was pretty good. Nelthro started to eat as well. He asked her what she had been up to lately. Jina swallowed her next bite, and said that she had been attending to her duties as an Elder Councilwoman, as well as keeping up to date of the happenings in Morrowind. Morrowind and Cyrodiil kept her busy most of the time, since they were still recovering from the Stormcrown Rebellion. As they finished their meal, Nelthro mentioned that Naritin was soon going to head to the Imperial City to petition the Emperor to give the Nelthars autonomy over their territories in the Jerral Mountains, so they didn't have to pay taxes to the Counties of Bruma, Cheydinhal and the Rift Hold. They wanted to rule themselves. Jina frowned, she didn't know if Darius would agree to this. He didn't much like the Nelthars after Naerion's plot in 4E 215. The old man said that whatever the case, Naritin would try. With their own Elder Councilmember, the Nelthars had influence enough in the Imperial Court to get something from the Emperor.

She asked Nelthro why Naerion did what he did those 3 years ago. Nelthro said that the masked man was a mystery to him, though he mentioned that he commonly plotted for a while before doing something. She wondered if he really did intend to take over a Province, maybe to build his own Empire. Nelthro muttered to himself, saying that Naerion might not have given up on his dream. She asked him what dream. Nelthro said that long ago Naerion set out to be the most powerful ruler on Nirn, an Emperor. His plot in Valenwood was just hist first real attempt at it. She asked if he was still dangerous despite the exile. Nelthro said that Naerion was extremely intelligent, he'd find a way out of exile and continue with his plotting eventually. Even if it took years. Jina asked if she could do something to stop him. Nelthro shook his head, saying that when the time came he would deal with Naerion. After they finished their meal, Jina was led to the Dormitories by the Dreadguard Chaid Nelthar. Jina followed the Dreadguard into the dormitories, where she quickly got into the bed and fell asleep, after the man left.

Jina awoke, and yawned, stretching. Jina strode out of the castle, getting her own horse ready. It was a pure black stallion, which, to many, seemed strange for a young politician. But for some reason, she loved it. She noticed Nelthro approached and greeted him. He said that he would be joining her. Jina nodded, smiling internally, happy that she would spend some more time with her friend. The two set off to Morrowind, towards Mournhold. Nelthro followed Jina while enjoying the landscape. Eventually, the forested mountains of changed into the ash wastes of Morrowind. Nelthro commented on the durability and adaptability of the Dunmer people, to have been able to live in such a hostile and alien land. She thanked him for the compliment. The old man commented on how much the name of this land had changed since he was born. First it was Dwemereth, then Velothi, then Resdayn and lastly Morrowind. Jina laughed. It was true, Morrowind probably changed names the most out of all provinces. They stopped atop an hill. The shining city of the rebuilt Mournhold loomed before them. She was glad to be home, it had been a while. They began to move again, heading for the city.

Part II

Jina Thief

Jina in her Thieves Guild Armor

In Morrowind, Jina began to look for the province's Thieves Guild, feeling guilty about giving them aid when it was hurting the Skyrim guild. The two left Mournhold shortly after arriving and headed to Narsis.

Jina wandered through Narsis, having left her horse and Nelthro's at the stables. Jina and Nelthro kept walking through the crowds. She was becoming a little nervous, feeling like someone was watching them. She asked Nelthro where he thought the guild could be hiding in the city. The old man said that they could be hiding in the sewers, it was a common location for criminals to flock. Jina agreed and they went to check it out, though she disliked the place. Nelthro found a sewer grate and lifted it up, telling her to go first. She frowned and then descended. Nelthro jumped down after her. She was disgusted by the sewers. The Nelthar didn't seem to mind. They joked a bit, then he cast a spell to create some magelight for them. They then began to wander.

Jina put a handkerchief to her nose. The two joked some more until Nelhro told her to be quiet, he had heard something up ahead. He dispersed his magelight spell. She nodded. Nelthro slowly walked closer and looked behind the corner. They stumbled onto a thieves' den, not disimilar to the one in Riften. She told him to investigate. He said that he saw a guard by the entrance. Jina nodded, and crouched down. She put her Nightingale skills to use. She began to slowly glide past the two people, freezing when one of them turned to look in her direction. Luckily, they didn't see her. She had slunk back into the shadows. When the man turned back around, she kept going. Once inside the den she began to look around for any documents that she could use to give her friends in Skyirm a leg up. A female Dunmer stepped into Jina's path. She squealed slightly, and disappeared completely with her Nightingale power. The Dunmer woman looked around for the source of the squeal.

Jina soon appeared next to Nelthro, holding a bunch of papers. She found what she was looking for, the backers of this thieves guild. The old man was surprised that she managed to sneak up on him without him realizing it. She told him that he didn't know all her skills. Nelthro looks at her skeptically. She hoped she wouldn't have to explain her connection to Nocturnal. The two were done for now and decided to retreat. She held up the paper so he could examine it and said that the guild had ties with House Sadras and Dres. Nelthro felt like they were being watched. Jina nodded, beginning to walk towards the ladder to leave the sewers. Nelthro beat Jina to the ladder, but he told her to go up first. Jina came out of the sewers. She suggested they head to an inn. Jina noticed that Nelthro wasn't coming up. She wondered if the thieves got him. She descended into the sewers slowly and saw Nelthro looking around for his assailant. Nelthro seathed his sword and warned the stalker to stop what he was doing, before using his magic to kill a few rats to intimidate him. He went to climb up but stopped when he encountered Jina. He told her to hurry up. She stuttered aback and apologized, before getting back up. Nelthro followed her up and placed the sewer grate in place. He grinned and melted it in place with his magic. The two then headed to the nearest inn. Jina put her hood over her head and walked towards the inn, keeping her head low so no one would notice her. However, she kept the notes clutched to her chest as she walked. When they got to the inn, she was about to order two rooms when Nelthro told her to get one. Much to his amusement, she blushed and ordered only one room. When they got upstairs, he lay down on the floor and she took the bed, and they were both soon asleep.

Jina sat up and yawned the next day. She caught a glimpse of Nelthro leaving the room. Jina came down the stairs, sitting at the bar between Nelthro and a stranger. She gave him a sidelong glance, before turning to the barkeeper and ordering the same drink as him. Nelthro ordered some mead. Jina accepted her sujama and glanced at Nelthro. She asked if they should head to the Imperial City after sending the notes to Karliah Indoril. He said that it was her choice. Jina nodded, glancing at the stranger, before leaning forward and murmuring. She said they should go to the Imperial City and investigate the Cyrodiilic thieves' guild. Nelthro finished his bottle and was ready to go. She tossed the barkeep a few gold septims and stood up, brushing herself off. They went to the stables to get their horses. Jina put her hood up and made her way through the crowds, before they got to their horses. She began to saddle hers. Nelthro put the saddle onto the horse, and swung himself onto it. Jina pulled herself up, also, before asking if Nelthro noticed that the Imperial stranger seemed interested in their conversation. Nelthro asked if he was their assailant. She agreed, but wondered who hired him. Nelthro pointed out that they probably had many enemies due to their positions of power. Jina nodded, she had almost been assassinated a few times in the Imperial City in the past few years. She wished that she didn't have to deal with them. The old man said that enemies would always appear until the day Alduin returned and devoured the world. Jina caught the end of his smile, and rolled her eyes. She said that she rarely saw him smile like that, it made her forget that he was a demiprince. She then blushed and looked forward, determinedly. The two joked as they got their journey started.

As they rode past Cheydinhal, Nelthro brought up that Naerion Nelthar had hypnotized its count during the Stormcrown Rebellion. Jina then pointed out that the Imperial Legion killed him.

Later, they arrived at the Imperial City. As they rode through the city, Nelthro mentioned that the Nelthars had made contact with the Cyrodiilic Thieves' Guild. They were trying to infiltrate them. She asked if he knew their hideout's location. Nelthro nodded, but told her not to expose the Nelthars that infiltrated the guild. It would ruin their plans of taking it over. He also pointed out that she was well known in the Imperial capital, so she had to disguise herself. She nodded. Nelthro led Jina to outside a shady tavern. He told her that it was their headquarters according to Nilya Nelthar. She was in charge of the operation until she left. Now, The Nox was leading. Nox was a force to be reckoned with, she held the title of Siqsa, making her one of the 3 most powerful Nelthars. Just beneath the head family. Nelthro turned to the Dunmer and said that he couldn't go with her into the tavern, he couldn't interfere with another Nelthar's mission. Jina nodded, pulling her hood up over her face. She entered the tavern, confident in her abilities.

As she entered the patrons turned to look, then they went back to their business except for a select few. A black haired woman wearing a scarf over her mouth was watching from a corner, the bartender, a large bald Nord with a copstache was cleaning a glass. There was a door behind him most likely leading to the headquarters. Jina walked up to the barkeeper, keeping her head low and asked for some ale. The Bartender looked up, he said nothing and put the glass away, he filled a mug with ale and placed it at the counter. He pointed at a sign where it said the price for different beverages. Ale was apparently 6 septims. The woman in the corner kept watching before she rose and exited the tavern. Jina placed six Septims on the table. She watched as the woman exited. The bartender took the money and put it in a purse, he opened the door slightly and threw the coin purse in. Just inside the door a large room could be seen and on the other side of the room it was a steel door. Jina raised an eyebrow at the sight. She then told the barkeep that she was looking for work, slipping in an unrefined Dunmeri accent to hide her identity. The bartender looked up and examined her. He asked her to fetch something for him. Some of the patrons looked over with a grin and hushed voices were heard. Jina glanced up and asked what she needed to fetch. Her accent was perfect. It seemed as if she had lived in the Morrowind slums for years. The barkeep mentioned a staff he wanted. He handed over a note. It revealed that the staff was in Kalsheeg, the Nelthar castle. Closer inspection of the man revealed the bottom of the Nelthar mark tattooed on his arm, the top hidden by the sleeves on his shirt. The patrons hid their grins and went back to their drinks.

Jina came out of the Tavern, and showed Nelthro the note. She asked him if he knew the staff. Nelthro nodded, it was a legendary staff. He could get it for her. He used his powers to summon it from Kalsheeg and the staff appeared in his hand. It was golden with silver stripes going around it and a large diamond at the top. He handed it to her and told her to keep it for a few days before giving it to the barkeep in order to earn his trust. Jina smiled and took the staff. She suggested they head to her house in the city. Nelthro followed her.

Jina led him to Talos Plaza, where she stopped in front of a large house. She pulled out a key and opened the door, called out to her servants. A small dog came running and licked her hand, before growling at Nelthro. She smiled and told Nelthro to make himself at home. Nelthro tried to pet her dog, but it bit his hand. Jina grabbed him off the old man and apologized. She had her servants take him away for now so he didn't bother her guest. She had them make a stew for her and Nelthro while she asked him why the barkeep would want that staff. Nelthro sat down and said that it was probably just a really difficult task to test her, though he probably didn't believe the Dunmer could pull it off. He mentioned that it was the staff of the first Nelthar, Ultima II, his descendant from the 2nd Era. She asked about him. Nelthro mentioned that he was a powerful mage, able to manipulate time. Nobody knew how, but some suspected the staff was the key to his magic. He founded the Nelthar Organization and named it after Nelthro, under my alias, Ultima Nelthar. Nelthro said that Ultima II was probably the second most powerful Nelthar after himself. She asked why he would trust her to just give it over to the thieves. He said that he could get it back anytime he wanted. Her servants soon brought out the food. Still, she didn't feel comfortable giving those thieves a staff that might be able to manipulate time. Nelthro said that it was a dangerous power, though Ultima II never misused it or else he would've caused a Dragon-Break. After dinner they parted ways. Jina watched him leave while acting strangely, before shrugging. She'd gotten used to his strange behavior over the past three years that she had known him. She walked up to her room, which was decorated in such a way that she seemed to be in a Redoran-Shell house.

A few days later, Jina awoke, her heart pounding after her nightmares. She slid out of the bed, pausing to stare at herself in the mirror for a moment, before going downstairs for some breakfast. She was a little confused as to why her handmaid wasn't here, but she decided she could do stuff without her. Jina looked up as Nelthro came downstairs. She was sitting at the table, picking through some documents. She looked back at the paper she was holding and greeted him. Nelthro sat down and asked her if she was ready to return to the tavern with the staff. She nodded, standing up and retrieving her cloak to use as a disguise.

Nelthro led her to the shady tavern and gave her the staff that he had been keeping safe for the past few days. Jina pulled her hood over her head, her face unable to be seen through the shadows. She took the staff and entered the tavern, going straight up to the barkeep. She laid the staff on the counter. The bartender picked up the staff, doubting that it was real. An old man walked over asking to see it, the barkeep handed it over. The old man confirmed its authenticity. The barkeep looked back at Jina and gave her a 100 gold septims, likely cheating her for the price but Jina wasn't too interested in gold. He told her that she'd fit in nicely with them. The old man took the staff and walked through the door behind the barkeeper. Jina said that she was willing to join them. Another man walked up behind her, pleased with her choice. He lead Jina into the door behind the Barkeeper.

The room was large and over at a desk was the ledger, Nox was sleeping on the desk, it seems she fell asleep from trying to read a lot of documents. which she has her head on. Jina wondered how she was going to get the ledger. The man showed her around their sanctuary. He told her that Nox was their acting Guildmaster. He poked the sleeping leader. She drew a katana and pointed it at him, telling him not to bother her. Jina introduced herself as Vira to them. The man told her to get jobs from the barkeep or Nox. The Dunmer thanked him. She began to explore the sanctuary, carefully watching for a time when Nox would move, leaving the ledger behind. She couldn't find an opportunity and decided to leave for now to not be suspicious. She exited the tavern and called for Nelthro. She didn't find him so she decided to wait by the tavern until he returned. A woman soon passed by her, her appearance was familiar but she couldn't quite place it. Nelthro soon walked out of a nearby alley and called Jina over. He informed her that that woman was Nilya, her master in the Nelthars. Jina was surprised, she had never met her before only heard of her from Nelthro, Naerion and Naritin Nelthar. The old man asked if she got the ledger. She said that Nox had it with her, it wasn't possible to steal it. Nelthro said that Nilya would probably have it from now on. She assumed that her Nelthar master wouldn't just give her the ledger. Nelthro shook his head. She said that she'd steal it that night. For a moment she even thought about sending the Imperial Guards to raid the tavern, but she doubted that they would find it and even if they did she'd need to steal it from them later. Nelthro warned her of Nilya's skills. Jina was a bit worried this might cause Nilya to kick her out of the Nelthars. The old man doubted it would come to that.

That night Jina returned to the thief sanctuary and awaited for her opportunity to strike. The ledger was unguarded at the guildmaster's desk. Most were either sleeping or occupied with something else. Jina waited until she was unnoticed before using the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal, sneaking up, and snatching the ledger. No one seemed to notice her yet. She covered the ledger in the folds of her cloak, thus rendering it invisible then began to sneak to the exit. Jina made it outside and regroup with Nelthro. He told her to go ahead, he wanted to take care of something. Jina nodded, running back to her house.

When Nelthro returned to her manor she told him that she had narrowed down the Imperial thieves' guild's benefactors to the Nelthars, herself and some strange man in Anvil. Nelthro asked if they were going after him. Jina nodded, she wanted to go look for him to cripple the Imperial guild.

On the day she was going to leave for Anvil she found Nelthro with a raven and asked where he was going to send it. He stated that he had just received it with news that Naritin was coming to the Imperial City. She asked what for. Nelthro revealed that he was making a plea to the Emperor to grant the Nelthars rule of their territory in the Jerral Mountains, which was currently split between County Bruma and Falkreath Hold. Jina asked if he thought Darius would accept something like that. The old man said that the Emperor owed them for their help in taking Hammerfell during the war. They argued a bit before Jina sighed and shook her head. She went outside and began to pack her horse's saddlebags, preparing for her trip to Anvil.

The two traveled together to the costal city, making small talk along the way.

Back to Roots

She spends some time Nelthro Kanir, trying to bring down the rival Thieves' Guilds. However, when she come sup with many false leads, she returns to Riften.

There, she takes part in escaping during the Raid on the Guild, and flees to the Nightingale Sanctuary. Then, she goes on a heist with Karliah, Kradien, J'Zarr, and Eyjene.

She helps them steal the Cowl of the Gray Fox from Nocturnal, before leaving to go back to her business, after reforming the Trinity with J'zarr and Kradien, with her as the head.

Post-Back to Roots

Jina spent much of her time gallivanting around Cyrodiil, confident in herself and her powers. She continued to work closely with Emperor Darius, though they never began a relationship... much to Jina's disappointment. Eventually, her father grew tired with the way she went from one relationship to the next, making and breaking many political deals. Finally, he decided she would have to shape up or stop being an Elder Councilor. She was bringing some shame upon his family.

Jina didn't really know anyone that she wanted to marry... Besides Emperor Darius, but he was out of reach. Eventually, she turned to Jax Redoran, her trusted friend, bodyguard, and advisor. Within two years, they tied the knot, and become one of the Imperial City's most dominant political couples. Sarid had influence among the Legion, while Jina herself was very well-known, and had the Emperor's ear.

Eventually, Jina became pregnant. Within nine months, she gave birth to Elva Nerevar the Second, named after her maternal grandmother. Thanks to the influence of Nocturnal and Azura, the baby had two different colored eyes: one purple, one green. This strange phenomenon brought confusion to many people in the City, but Jina did her best to keep it under wraps.

She formed her own guild, eventually, dedicated to helping the poor. She called it the Hands of Mara, though its members called it the 'Guild of the Star.' It was dedicated to helping poor people find jobs and build up their life, and her influence grew because of that.

Many people are amazed at all she has accomplished at such a young age...


Character Form

  • Class: Nightblade
  • Skills: Master Speech, Expert Sneak/Illusion, Adept Destruction/Lockpicking/Archery
  • Spells: Pacify, Invisibility, Frostbite, Muffle, Flame Cloak, Fireball, Fire Rune, Firebolt.
  • Powers: Nerevar's Help, Ancestor's Wrath
  • Equipment: Jina's Dress, Jina's Jewelry, Grey Thieves Armor, Jina's Royal Armor, Nightingale Armor, Nightingale Blade, Nightingale Bow.


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