Jo'Khar in 4E 223
Race Khajiit, Vampire
Gender Male
Age 63 (Chronologically)
22 (Biologically)
Status Deceased
Titles Master of Enchanting, Army Enchanter (Formerly), Court Wizard (Formerly)
Factions The Stormcrown Alliance (Formerly), College of Winterhold, Ap'Kolthis Clan
Birthplace Corinth, Elsweyr
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
Khajiit got lied to by many people back in his day. One time a thief took this one's purse. Jo'Khar took his eyes. A fair exchange, no?
— Jo'Khar explaining why he doesn't trust people.

Jo'Khar was a Khajiit enchanter, and a vampire. He was initially the Army Enchanter and later Court Wizard for Daric Lariat during his rebellion. Sometime after that he returned to the College of Winterhold and started teaching Enchanting there. He was the last living member of the Ap'Kolthis Clan.

Early Life

Jo'Khar joined the College of Winterhold sometime after the 1st Great War as a student, wanting to escape from the troubles of Elsweyr. For he was a part of the Ap'Kolthis Clan of Corith, a wealthy family that opposed the Thalmor taking control of the province. Both his parents also moved to Skyrim with the remainder of their fortune. By the time the Skyrim Civil War started he had already finished his studies and left the College. Sometime during his studies he traveled to Blackreach, exploring the Tower of Mzark. During his time at the College he met Elvali Ramarys and befriended her. He started a family in Skyrim and lived with them for quite sometime, but one day they were attacked by a vampire and everyone was killed, except Jo'Khar who lived. He lost his parents, his wife and the last of his Clan's fortune. During the attack he contracted Vampirism, losing also his mortality. Jo'Khar has been hunting the vampire that killed his family but he decided to leave Skyrim and eventually made his way to High Rock, trying to find leads on the vampire whom he discovered was the leader of a smuggling ring. There he decided to put his enchanting skill to use and joined up with Daric Lariat's army as their enchanter.


Character Form

  • Class: Mage, Enchanter
  • Skills: Master Enchanting, Expert Alteration/Illusion, Adept Sneak/Conjuration/Destruction
  • Spells: Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Ice Spike, Mayhem, Paralyze, Healing, Ash Shell
  • Powers: Night Eye, Vampire's Seduction, Embrace of Shadows.
  • Equipment: Master Robes, College Boots, Mage Circlet, Arcane Ring, Steel Dagger.

Return of the Septim Dynasty I

Jo'Khar mostly stayed in the army's camp and only acted as their enchanter for most of Daric's war in High Rock. It wasn't until their arrived in Evermore that he even met Daric face-to-face. The king had come to his tent so he could refill the enchantment on his sword. He did as Daric asked and refilled the enchantment with a filled grand soul gem. Daric told the khajiit that he had been watching him and noticed that he had great magical talent, a talent he thought was wasted on being an enchanter. Daric asked Jo'Khar to join him in battle as his Court Wizard. He agreed and an hour later when the army marched on Evermore he followed Daric. When the battle started Jo'Khar stayed close to Daric and cast spells at the enemy troops. When a platoon of Orcs arrived to aid in defending Evermore Jo'Khar turned his attention to them. Daric asked him if he knew any useful spells to use against the enemy. He then cast dual Chain Lightning and managed to stagger a group of Legionnaires, the spell drained a good portion of his magicka. After the king and his horsemen took down the staggered Legionnaires he went to see if the khajiit was okay. When the khajiit replied that he was Daric ordered him to go take out the catapults and to meet up with general Roderic. Jo'Khar entered the city through the main gate, which had been opened by Roderic and his group of Blades, and found the general fighting near them. He told the Breton about the king's orders and Roderic told him to follow as they headed to the artillery. They were able to get pretty close to the catapults without being noticed as the men manning them were too occupied with the battle. The enemy general spotted them though, and ordered a group to intercept them. Leading that group was a powerful pyromancer. Roderic told Jo'Khar to continue after the catapult while he stayed back to keep the enemy busy. He ran to the catapults as fast as he could and then destroyed them with a Chain Lightning spell. After that he returned to aid Roderic against the pyromancer and his subordinates. He cast Chain Lighting on them, while Roderic cast a fireball, which took care of most of the subordinates. Daric and a group of horsemen galloped into the city through the main gate. The pyromancer cast a wall of flames at them. Jo'Khar was too late to stop the spell but he cast a Lightning Bolt at the pyromancer. The enemy mage was able to block the spell with a ward, but since he cast it too late it left him staggered. He cast an Ice Spike and then cast Steadfast Ward with his other hand. The pyromancer cast a firebolt at the khajiit's spell, causing an explosion. Jo'Khar ran towards the pyromancer and cast Ice Spike at one of his hands before he could cast a ward. The spells pierced the enemy mage's hand and making them useless. The pyromancer screamed in agony and shot a fireball at the khajiit. He then cast another Ice Spike at the pyromancer, who avoided the spell. But Jo'Khar ran up to him and ended his life by biting his neck with much force.

Jo'Khar felt his hunger declining after feeding off the imperial pyromancer. A Blade, Caesar Autrus, came up to the khajiit and told him that Roderic had taken Daric back to camp so he could get healed. Jo'Khar decided to head back as well to see if the king was okay. He entered the medical tent and asked Daric what his orders were. Daric ordered Roderic and Jo'Khar to capture the castle, bring the king of Evermore to him and end the battle. Caesar burst into the healer's tent and told them that the Legion was retreating but had started to set the city on fire. Daric ordered them to save Evermore before it was burned to the ground. Jo'Khar followed Caesar to the city and used ice spells to put out the fires. The Blades and the other soldiers were also trying to put the fires out. Caesar ran up to Jo'Khar, he said that he found the king. The Blade explained that he was boing escorted out of the city by the Legion. Jo'Khar acknowledged the news and followed Caesar to go after the king. Caesar led the khajiit to where he last saw the king and his escort, then found tracks showing where they went. The two of them spotted the group, a unit of elite legionnaires led by the general himself were taking the fat king out of Evermore. Caesar said that there were too many to fight head on, he suggested a stealthier approach. Jo'Khar mentioned that he knew a Master Illusion spell that he could use on the legionnaires if they were more clumped together, to maximize its effectiveness. Caesar agreed with that and thought of a plan to get them to close ranks around the king, faking an ambush. He told the khajiit that they needed to attack the group from the roofs but remain hidden so they wouldn't know how many attackers there were. They both agreed on the plan and climbed up to the roofs to get into position. When Caesar began to fire arrows at the legionnaires Jo'Khar cast lightning bolts at them. The Legionnaires huddled in a defensive position, trying to see where they attackers were. They raised their shields and wards in the hopes of defending from the attackers. Jo'Khar awaited for Caesar to give the signal to cast the Mayhem spell. Soon afterwards he spotted an arrow that had been fired straight in the air, he knew that must be the signal. He cast the Mayhem spell on the soldiers, causing them to start fighting each other. He noticed the Blade had gotten out of hiding and was heading to the group. Jo'Khar was confused about what Caesar was doing but he chose to provide cover and cast Paralyze on any soldiers that tried to attack the Blade. He noticed that Caesar was heading towards the King, who was trapped in the skirmish between the mayhem effected soldiers. He provided cover for the king as well as Caesar. After Caesar was able to capture the King and was bringing him out of the mayhem induced skirmish the general kicked them down. Jo'Khar cast paralyze on the king to make sure that he didn't try to escape. The fighting had subsided and only 3 legionnaires remained, all free from the spell's effect. They stood by their general, ready to strike at Jo'Khar and the Blade. The khajiit cast paralyze on the general, the three soldiers charged at Caesar. The Blade was having a hard time dealing with the soldiers and so Jo'Khar cast Chain Lightning, however the spell ended up bouncing to Caesar and sent him flying back a few feet. The general's paralysis ran out and he charged at the Khajiit. Jo'Khar jumped on the Imperial general and wraps his hands around his neck. The general managed to stab him twice while the Khajiit was holding on to him but Jo'Khar quickly finished him off by breaking his neck.

Caesar had gotten up and was capturing the king, who was struggling. Jo'Khar aided him and bound king Barnand's hands with rope. Once Barnand found out they were taking him to Daric he tried to bribe them, but they didn't listen. Tired of the fat king's pit ramblings Caesar knocked him out and then Jo'Khar helped take him to Daric back at the camp. The enemy soldiers had all either been captured, killed or escaped. The battle was over, and the city was saved from burning down. The khajiit curiously asked Caesar what he thought awaited High Rock, Evermore and them now that the battle was over. They talked while they made their way to Daric's tent. When they arrived at the tent Jo'Khar waited silently while Daric judged Barnand and sentenced him to the dungeons for this crimes against Evermore. Jo'Khar decided to pledge his allegiance to King Daric and help him in his war against the Empire. He, as Court Wizard to Daric, went with him back to Shornhelm and attended his coronation as High King of High Rock.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

Jo'Khar had remained by Daric's side ever since, acting as his Court Wizard. The king told him that they needed to send help to their Redguard allies. He said that since he had to remain in High Rock to maintain order and rule the province he wanted Roderic Acques and the Khajiit to lead in his stead. The king told them that he was sending a force to Taneth, where King Bodean would be expecting them. The wizard left Shornhelm to meet with General Roderic and the rest of the army. He told the Breton that Daric had sent him to help in Hammerfell's Civil War. Roderic acknowledged the order and welcomed the Khajiit. The Breton Army left High Rock by ship and travelled to the city of Taneth, arriving there after two weeks. King Bodean welcomed them to Hammerfell, Jo'Khar let Roderic handle most of the talking. Bodean led them into his palace and to the war room. The Redguard showed them a map of the province and caught them up on how the Civil War was going. The king said that the Forebears had been planning to take back Rihad but now that the Bretons joined them they would be able to assault Stros M'Kai. He told them that the Crowns use the island as a naval base, but the most of the navy that was there was now garrisoned in Rihad. It was the perfect opportunity to strike. King Bodean had readied the forces at his disposal. They boarded their ships and set sail for the island city-state. The Forebears and the Bretons set sail for Stros M'Kai. A few days later they could see the island in the distance. Bodean got the monocular and looked at the city. He told them he saw 5 ships stationed there. He told Roderic to take 5 ships and attack them head on, he was going to take 3 and flank them when the time was right. The Crown Navy saw the incoming Breton Ships. The Admiral ordered his ships into loose formation and they went to meet their enemies. The Crown Navy fired on the incoming Breton ships. The Admiral looked to the south where a strange fog had formed, created by Bodean's mages. Roderic ordered the formation to split. The ships turned sideways and the fired on the enemy navy. Jo'Khar was aboard Roderic's ship. He cast Lightning Bolts and other spells at the enemy vessels. The two navies were evenly matched when it came to numbers. Bodean's ships got out of the fog and appeared right behind the Crown Ships, they fired on them. The Forebear ships fired on the enemy's masts, without masts the Crown ships became stranded in between their enemies. Many of the Crown crewmen abandoned their ships. Instead of destroying the ships Bodean decided to board them. They captured the Crowns' soldiers. Having defeated the garrisoning navy of Stros M'Kai the forebears now controlled the island.

Jo'Khar recommend that they get ready for a possible counter-attack by the Nelthars. He thought they'd most likely try to reclaim Stros M'Kai aggressively, as they used to import items from the island before the Forebears took it over. Bodean told him not to worry, as even though the capture of Stros M'Kai was a major blow to their operations. He had already contacted the Nelthars for a negotiation after he conquered the island. Jo'Khar nodded and hoped for the best. He told Roderic that he would follow whatever he decided when Bodean told them they could return to the mainland. The general decided to stay in Stros M'Kai for now. They didn't have to wait long for the Nelthars to arrive on the island, a few days after it was captured a large Nelthar vessel approached. Jo'Khar was stunned at the size of the ship. He hadn't seen anything like it since his expedition to the Tower of Mzark, as the vessel was clearly of Dwemer design. Roderic told the soldiers to stay on guard, they still didn't know if the Nelthars had come for the negotiation or to attack. Roderic headed to the Docks, Jo'Khar was beside him. He was a little nervous. He never saw a ship that size. He thought if that thing carried more firepower than he thought, they'd better watch out. Roderic tried to calm Jo'Khar, the noticed that he looked nervous. He told the khajiit they had it all under control. The Nelthar ship slows down and arrives at the port. The Admiral walked off and up to king Bodean. He introduced the Lady Visus Nelthar, who had come to negotiate with the Redguard. She met with the King. As Jo'Khar was followed the group that was heading into the city a soldier approached Roderic and told him something, Roderic replied and then the soldier headed over to the Khajiit. He said that the general has asked him to lead the Khajiit to where three soldiers, that had been trying to capture a Sload that had been helping the Crowns, were last spotted. Jo'Khar asked where the creature was. The soldier replied that the Sload was on the northern coast of the island and then he, Jo'Khar and three other soldiers headed there.

When they arrived on the coast they could see a downed airship and the Sload seemly trying to repair it. Achel, one of the soldiers, pointed him out to the others. Jo'Khar was surprised about the size of the Sload. He asked whether they had to capture or kill the creature. The Sload managed to get his airship working again and he started to slowly ascend. Lieutenant Achel ordered them to shot the ship down but to leave the Sload alive, king Bodean didn't want it dead. The Sload laughed as he flew up, he waved farewell at the soldiers. Achel ordered them to fire arrows at the airship's balloon. Jo'Khar charged an Ice Spike instead and told Achel that he would fire the spell on his signal. Achel ordered the Khajiit and the soldiers to fire on the airship. Jo'Khar and the soldiers fired arrows and ice spikes at the balloon. A few shots later, the balloon suffered a lot of holes. The Sload's airship started to fall, and the Sload yelled "No" as it crashed at the same place it had previously landed. Jo'Khar and the troops proceeded to the crash site to arrest the Sload. He told the creature to halt and told it they had no intention of harming him if he cooperated. The Sload was unconscious on the wreck of his airship. It was then that an Argonian approached the Khajiit. Jo'Khar warned the Argonian that he was interfering with official business and told him to stay back, as the soldiers drew their swords. The Argonian told them to relax, and asked if there was something he could do to help. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian to tell him about the Argonian maid and the lusty baron, attempting to make fun of the Argonian. He was ignored by him and Achel then told the Argonian to help them check the wreck of the airship for the Sload. The Argonian introduced himself as Tanan. Jo'Khar didn't trust him to he told Tanan that he was going to keep an eye on him. Achel asked Tanan to help him move a large rock. Tanan asked some questions and Achel answered them, they were mostly about the situation surrounding the crash. They lifted the rock and spotted the Sload under it. The three other soldiers dragged the Sload from under the rock, and then Achel and Tanan put it down. Jo'Khar just stood there watching the Argonian, making sure he didn't try anything. Achel ordered his soldiers to take the Sload to the dungeon, as the King wanted to have a word with him after he spoke with the Nelthar ambassador.

Achel and his men managed to put the Sload into a large cell. He then asked that someone notify Bodean, while the rest remain behind to guard the Sload. Jo'Khar left to inform the king of the news. Jo'Khar encountered Bodean and Roderic in a corridor, the king asked about the Sload. Jo'Khar told him that they managed to capture it and it was in the dungeon. The three of them then made their way to the cell. The Sload asked how long they think they can keep him locked up. Bodean introduced himself to the Sload and asked what he was helping the Crowns with. The Sload introduced himself as a diplomat and complained about his airship. Bodean asked what he would do if he was set free. The Sload said he would return to Thras and never bother the Forebears. Jo'Khar told them to wait, and said that he heard stories of the Sloads spreading something known as the 'Thrassian Plague'. He said that maybe they could use this information to blackmail the enemy into surrendering key territories. He mentioned that not even the Nelthars could possibly ignore such a deadly disease. But Bodean ignored the Khajiit, as he disagreed. Bodean decided it was too much of a hassle to keep the Sload locked up and had Achel release him. The Sload exited the cell and asked Bodean if any of his men knew how to fix airships. Bodean answered coldly that none of them did, as the Forebears didn't have any airships on their fleet. The creature questioned how he would fix his ship then, Bodean told him he could buy supplies in the market then the King left the dungeon. Jo'Khar left with him and went to find someway to quench his thirst for blood. Later, Jo'Khar went to meet with King Bodean, he asked what they were going to do with the Sload. Bodean said that he didn't trust the Sload, or believe his story about just being a diplomat. The Redguard thought there must have been something the Sload was helping the Crowns with in Stros M'Kai. He then told the Khajiit that he was heading back to Taneth, as he had been away too long. He told Jo'Khar that General Roderic would be left in charge in his stead, and also asked that the mage look into the Sload's alibi. Jo'Khar nodded and left to find the general. The Khajiit was still in the dark about the Sload's intentions. He had heard of the Thrassian Plague that affected Tamriel in the First Era and thought that maybe the Sload could be persuaded to aid against the Empire or the Nelthars, and if not then to at least give up some information.

Jo'Khar met up with Achel and Tanan and was carefully watching the Argonian. He would not hesitate to break his legs if he tried to escape. Roderic explained to Jo'Khar that they were escorting the Argonian so he could fix the Sload's airship, and that they brought a few soldiers to make sure Tanan didn't try anything. Tanan slowly walked towards the Khajiit and asked why he didn't trust people. Jo'Khar brushed him off, saying he had experience with thieves, and said it was nothing personal against the Argonian. Tanan told him not to be so quick to judge. He said they needed to head to Falkreath, Skyrim. Roderic pointed out that would be a long journey, but Tanan said they could travel by daylight and make camp at night. Roderic suggested that it would be easier to send a messenger to bring his friend to Stros M'Kai. Achel mentioned they'd need to take a ship to Solitude and walk from there. Tanan was starting to convince Roderic, but Jo'Khar had a bad feeling about the Argonian. Achel reminded them that they had a Civil War to deal with, a trip to Falkreath would be too much of a distraction. While the group was talking about the subject the Argonian disappeared. Roderic noticed that Tanan was gone. Achel shamefully stated that he stole all the money. Jo'Khar told them that he could still smell the Argonian. The general ordered them to follow and catch him. Jo'Khar was angry at the Argonian, he cursed him as he ran towards the direction of the cave the trail lead to. He carefully analyzed the trail with his eyes and nose. Achel went with the Khajiit, already with his weapon drawn.

Jo'Khar and the group caught up with the Argonian near the Sload's crashed ship. The Sload was fighting the Argonian. The Khajiit yelled at Tanan and fired Ice Spikes at his direction. Tanan shot the Sload with an arrow, making him shout from the pain. Now angered the Sload summoned two Dremora Lords. The Argonian ran, barely dodging the Ice Spikes. An arrow flew in the Khajiit's direction, he tried to block it with his hands but failed and was shot. He grunted from the pain, then pulled the arrow out and healed himself, before pursuing the Argonian. Tanan ran towards a river in the distance. Roderic said that he doesn't mind the water and continued to chase after the thief. Jo'Khar cast a Lightning Bolt at the water, making the Argonian stop running towards it. The Sload pinned him down with Ice Spikes so to stop him from running. Tanan fired arrow after arrow at his pursuers. The Argonian tried to disappear but he was pinned so he stood and gave up. Jo'Khar cast Ash Shell on Tanan, so as to stop him from escaping. However Tanan had faked giving up and struggled, managing to free himself from the Ash Shell. Jo'Khar then ordered the soldiers to get him, they managed to tackle him. The Sload asked the Argonian to give him the gold he had stolen, but when the soldiers tackled him and he gave up again the Sload got angry at them. The Sload approached the Argonian and demanded the gold, Tanan played dumb and avoided answering. Tanan tried to slime his way out of the ordeal, reminding the Sload that he wasn't the one that shot down his airship, he only helped lift a rock. It seemed to work, the Sload was confused. Jo'Khar grabbed his dagger and put it up against the Argonian's throat. He was sick of the Argonian's lies, he asked Tanan what his last words were. Tanan requested that he move the dagger, and claimed that he never lied. He said there was a man that could fix the airship, in Falkreath. Jo'Khar asked why he should trust the Argonian. Tanan said it was in his nature, but he asked to be taken to Falkreath so they could confirm his story. Jo'Khar still wasn't convinced, and asked how he knew the Argonian would keep his word. The Argonian replied saying the Khajiit was smart enough to tell truth from lie. Jo'Khar gave him a cold stare, but agreed to take him there. However he reminded the Argonian that if he tried anything Roderic would kill him. The Sload then added that he would likely eat him. Jo'Khar released the Argonian.

A band of Crown soldiers, likely left over from the battle on the island, attacked the group. Tanan had turned invisible, but he said he wasn't escaping, and started to fire on the soldiers. The Forebear soldiers fought against them and with the help of the Khajiit, the Breton general and the Argonian they were able to defeat them easily. Jo'Khar told Tanan to show himself. The Argonian appeared with a smile on his face and then fired on the Khajiit and made a break for it. Jo'Khar used Embrace of Shadows to disappear and appeared in front of the Argonian. The Khajiit tried to break his leg but Tanan dodged the attack. He then gave up again, saying no one could take a joke nowadays. Jo'Khar told him that next time he tries to joke he would have his head mounted on a wall, then he escorted Tanan back to the group. The Argonian told the Mage that he respected him, and asked if he had need of a mercenary like him. Jo'Khar confessed that there was something, but that they shouldn't talk about it near the others. Tanan nodded and continued to follow Jo'Khar back to the others. By the look on his face it was clear the Khajiit had something bothering him, that wasn't about the war. Tanan tried to ask what the thing he needed a mercenary for was. The Khajiit told him to keep it between them, as he didn't know if Roderic would approve. The Argonian agreed and they met up with the group. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian if he had ever lost someone close to him and felt powerless to help them. Tanan replied that he had a brother, but asked why the Khajiit asked. Jo'Khar told him that he lost his entire family a few years back, and that he wanted revenge. But he didn't think Roderic would approve of the his revenge quest. Jo'Khar then noticed that Roderic was looking at him, and so he stopped talking. Roderic told him to focus on the war, like the Khajiit thought he would, but said he was sorry for the loss of his family. Jo'Khar nodded slightly to keep anyone from noticing him and Tanan, he was trying to slip away from the group. However Roderic wasn't so easily ditched. He told Jo'Khar that he looked like someone that was broken, which was true but till now he had been good at hiding it. The Breton said that he knew revenge was important to him, but the war was more important, Jo'Khar nodded and pretended to be convinced by the general. Tanan said that he would still help the Khajiit with his revenge, but Jo'Khar told him to be quiet till then.

Roderic, Jo'Khar and the others that were in Stros M'Kai left for Hegathe when they were called there by Bodean's cousin, Cluson. Bodean, who had returned to Taneth, was captured when the city was taken by the Crowns. With the Redguard king in enemy hands his cousin, the King of Hegathe, had taken charge of the Forebears. He was planning on taking Taneth back and freeing his cousin. The Nelthars were also in Hegathe, after having agreed to aid the Stormcrown Alliance in their war. In the city Cluson, his generals and the Nelthars planned their siege of Taneth. While in Hegathe the mage saw an opportunity to slip away and asked Tanan what he thought was a good way to do so. Tanan turned himself invisible and so did Jo'Khar, they then slipped away without anyone noticing. Jo'Khar noted that because Roderic would disapprove it was likely that he wouldn't be able to return as if nothing ever happened. And he also noted that the general might try to chase them. Tanan told him not to worry, as he might have escaped had the Khajiit not been there to stop him. Jo'Khar agreed, and said that all they needed now was a lead. The mage suggested Solitude as the man he was looking for may usually travel by boat. The two of them were able to get a boat in a village to the north to take them to Skyrim. Jo'Khar thought about the Vampire that killed his family. It was rumored he's a smuggler for the Empire and a friend of the Crowns. About what he expected from an Imperial thief. But getting to him isn't going to be easy.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

Jo'Khar and Tanan ran out of Hegathe a few days back, while King Cluson and his army were still in the city. They ran for what felt like hours until the mage asked the Argonian how long it had been since they ran. The Argonian said it must have been forever since Hegathe was far behind them. The two continued walking and came upon a village. There they found a ship willing to take them to Solitude. Tanan didn't want to pay their fare but Jo'Khar convinced him to, saying he owed him for all the trouble he caused in Stros M'Kai. After a long journey Jo'Khar and Tanan finally arrived at Solitude. They head for the city's inn. The Khajiit told the innkeeper he needed two rooms. He handed 40 septims to the Nord. The innkeeper handed two keys to Jo'Khar and told him the rooms were upstairs and they could keep it for two days. He said that if the Khajiit needed anything, to just let him know. The mage approached the Argonian and told him he was going to take a small break. He told him that they would meet up later. He handed Tanan the key to his room and then went to get some rest in his own room. After a short rest, Jo'Khar searched around Solitude for some sign of the vampire that killed his family. He searched nearly the whole city and thought it unbelievable how he found nothing so far. He decided to return to the inn to meet up with Tanan, no doubt the Argonian was up by then. When he returned to the inn, he found that the Argonian's room was empty. He grew angry when he realized that the bastard had ditched him and ran away. Furious, he decided to head to the city's temple to clear his mind. He was alone in the Temple of the Divines. He wondered how Roderic Acques and Daric were doing. He hoped they weren't focused on finding him, he had no intention of going back, not before he had his vengeance. As he knelled there in front of the altars, he didn't even suspect that he was being watched.

After he offered respect to the Divines, Jo'Khar decides to leave the temple. Three assassins come out from the shadows and try to attack him. Since he didn't want to cause a mess in the temple, the Khajiit decided to fight with his claws. He was having a hard time trying to subdue the assassins because of them constantly maneuvers, they were fast. Faster than he expected. He decided to put his back on the wall for an idea. One of the men charge at him, but was subdued and his head was forced into the wall several times, killing him. The second assassin tried to lunge at Jo'Khar, but ended up dead after getting choke slammed. The last assassin tried to use his crossbow, but the Khajiit quickly grabbed a dagger from one of the dead assassins and threw it at the assassin. The man was hit in the throat and died after a few seconds. He realized that they must have found him, the people that work for his family's killer. He knew he had to be careful now. He then left the temple and went back to the inn. He then noticed he was wounded in his shoulder. He suffered a cut. He covered it with his left hand as he walked back to the inn. With his presence discovered in Solitude, Jo'Khar thought it best to leave the city. He headed to Morthal, the town southeast of there, via a carriage. His wounds were bandaged and he hid his face with a hood. He thought it best to try and find a less populated place, for Morgan, the killer, had eyes almost everywhere. He knew that Riften was a place he would need to avoid unless he had a death wish. He didn't stay long in Morthal, for he found nothing there. However, he did buy a hood with a cowl large enough to cover his face, to better hide his identity from Morgan's men. He then headed towards Whiterun in the hopes of finding something there, maybe a clue to Morgan's location.

He finally arrived at Whiterun while remaining incognito. The Khajiit entered The Bannered Mare and took a seat at the bar. He called the barkeeper over and asked her if she heard anything about rumors lately. The woman said that she couldn't talk about that, for it was a new unwritten rule. Jo'Khar handed her some septims to loosen her lips. She accepted the bribe and told him that if she was caught talking about this she was a dead woman. She whispered to him, telling the Khajiit that some men whom looked suspicious had been gathering somewhere outside of Whiterun, in a place called Smuggler's Den. She told him to get out before she was caught discussing the topic, clearly scared of something. The Khajiit thanked her for the mead after he drank a bottle before leaving. The innkeeper asked if he wanted his change but the mage was already walking out of the inn and so he ignored her. Jo'Khar eventually made it outside the Smuggler's Den. There were people hauling large crates of weapons and armor, probably to be smuggled towards the Empire. He tried to sneak in carefully, but a loud sounds from a war horn alerts the entire band of assassins. Someone seemed to have alerted them of his presence, he was unsure if it was the innkeeper or someone that heard them talking. The assassins proceed to cover the caravans of smuggled equipment and snatch all important documents in the main tent. The mage tried to devise a plan to stop the caravan, he needed to get those letters to at least Ulfric Stormcloak. The caravan began to move slowly while guarded by assassins. They were small in numbers, but seemed highly trained.

Fortunately for Jo'Khar, a small tribe of Rieklings were led by their chief towards Smuggler's Den. As soon as they arrived, they began to chant and yell loudly, drawing the attention of the assassins. The assassins began to attack the Rieklings with their crossbows. Some used their blades. Some casted spells. Jo'Khar praised the moons for his luck. He attacked the assassins now that they were distracted. The Rieklings fought back with their spears. Their chief shouted that they would loot the cave after the assassins died. From the middle of the tribe's army, three Rieklings mounted in Bristlebacks charged at the assassins with all of their strength. They shouted in their language as they charged headlong into battle. Even in short numbers, the assassins proved to be formidable, and the two groups are tied. The mage began to assist the Rieklings by fighting the assassins fiercely. The chief shouted and jumped on his Bristleback, charging at an assassin and piercing his spear on his neck. The remaining assassins are killed by Jo'Khar. He snatched the letters from the dead bodies. He thanked the Rieklings, unsure if they understood him. He told them to relax when they seemed not to lay down their weapons after the assassins were defeated. He introduced himself and said he was a friend. He also asked the chief for his name. The chief told him his name was Uldk and said his tribe was searching for adventure. Jo'Khar said for them to make their own adventure. He asked a favor of them, to take all the loot from the caravan somewhere safe. Preferably to the north. He said he would send a letter to a friend then return to them for more adventure. Uldk nodded and turned to his tribe. He told them to loot and the Rieklings started to loot everything in the caravan, even the armor from the dead assassins. They walked north, looking for someone safe. Before Uldk left, he smiled at Jo'Khar. He called the Khajiit strong and called them friends. The mage thanked them and then proceeded to head towards Windhelm with the letters. As he departed he heard the Rieklings shouting at him.

After travelling for a couple days, Jo'Khar arrived in Windhelm. A guard on the Windhelm bridge saw the Khajiit approaching and told him to halt, asking what his business inside Windhelm was. The mage said that he had important information to be delivered to High King Ulfric to help against the Empire, he then told the guard that he was a soldier of Daric Lariat. The guard examined the khajiit. He told him to go ahead, but that they were watching him. He moved out of the way to let Jo'Khar pass. The Khajiit walked through the city and entered the Palace of the Kings. He approached the steward, Jorleif. He told him that he had important information stolen from the Empire and requested an audience with Ulfric, accidentally calling him Jarl Ulfric. Ulfric was entering the throne room when he heard what the Khajiit said and corrected him, saying he was the High King, not a Jarl. He was using his usual clothes and wearing the Jagged Crown. He sat down on his stone throne and asked the mage what the information he had was. He apologized and handed the Nord King the sealed letter. There had been more than one of them on the assassins so Jo'Khar decided to keep one sealed and read another. The letter detailed many valuable information. Secret trade routes, location of hidden stashes, and certain contacts allied with the Empire that allowed Morgan's assassins to smuggle anything they wanted without any interference. Ulfric asked the Khajiit if he knew anything about this smuggler that had been helping the Imperials. Jo'Khar told the High King how Morgan had killed his family many years ago, how it was to steal their small fortune. Or so he assumed, he didn't know the true intent of the vampire smuggler. He also told Ulfric that he joined Daric in order to help himself in tracking down the smuggler and seeing justice exacted. The High King said that Jo'Khar would have the support of his soldiers to take down Morgan's smuggling operations, for they were helping the Empire. He told the Khajiit to take down his operation. Jo'Khar nodded and said he would do everything in his power to accomplish the task. He then took his leave from the Palace.

He headed straight out of Windhelm and when he reached the bridge outside he spotted Uldk, the Riekling Chief. He greeted the little fellow and asked how hiding the loot went. Uldk tried to tell him something, about an important message. The Khajiit asked what it was about. The Riekling chief told him that they hid the loot and then pointed to his tribe and told him they found some strange paper with the loot. He handed the piece of paper to Jo'Khar. He said they thought it was important. Jo'Khar opened the letter and began to read its contents. He saw that there was mention of Helgen in there. Uldk nodded and jumped in agreement. The Khajiit told the Riekling to follow him to Helgen, so they could catch Morgan's smugglers by surprise. However, Jo'Khar thought it a little odd that they'd be in Helgen, since the town was a Stormcloak headquarters. All the Rieklings approached the mage, Uldk told the Khajiit that they would follow him. Jo'Khar nodded and said for them to head there now. They started heading towards Helgen while avoiding the main roads for obvious safety reasons, as Morgan's assassins tended to watch the main roads for unfortunate caravans to pillage and steal from. Uldk looked down at Bilgemuck, his mount. He looked extremely hungry. He looked up at the Khajiit and extended his hand asking for meat. Jo'Khar handed some horker meat he had for rations. He told the Rieklings that they would need to hunt for more food. They still had two more days before the smugglers left Helgen. He told them that there was plenty of deer nearby so they would surely have luck in the woods. All of the Rieklings approved of the plan to go hunting. Uldk gave Bilgemuck the meat and commented on the fact that his mount loved horker meat. The chief then grabbed his spear, ready to go hunting. Jo'Khar proceeded to hunt for deer to be eaten later on. He let the Rieklings take point, for he didn't want to set trees on fire with magic nor freeze them. Uldk and his scouts went into the wilderness to search for deer. After hunting more than enough deer to feed the entire group, the Khajiit decided to make a camp for the day and cooked his own food.

One of the Rieklings walked towards Jo'Khar and asked for a deer skull. Jo'Khar handed a cleaned deer skull to the little creature. The Riekling jumped happily and placed the deer skull on his head. Even though the deer skull was too big, he was happy with it. Uldk shouted and raised a piece of Venison in front of the Rieklings. He told them to eat, for they were strong. He then pointed to the mage and said that he was strong too, then told them to eat again. Uldk gave the Rieklings piece of Venisons enough to make their bellies full. After spending a night in a camp, Jo'Khar and his group packed up and started waking towards Helgen again. Uldk walked beside him with his tribe behind them. He looked at the Khajiit and asked his name. Jo'Khar introduced himself officially to the Riekling chief, whom then did the same. The vampire mage said that it was nice to meet the little creature. They headed south of Helgen and noticed that an empty carriage was outside the entrance of a small cave. Uldk walked towards his tribesmen. He ordered the more experience warriors to follow him to the empty carriage. Jo'Khar told them to forget about the carriage and get inside, so they can see what was inside the cave. The Riekling said that since he was strong, they would follow him. Uldk looked at his warriors and told them to guard the cave. The warriors stood next to the cave, guarding it. The chief followed the Khajiit. The mage told the creatures to stick close to him, for they can never know if the smugglers set up traps to keep people out. As they headed in, he noticed that someone just dug there recently and told the Rieklings to tread lightly. Uldk ordered to the Rieklings to look around for any loot of evidence. The Khajiit heard something that sounded like people and told the creatures to wait. Uldk seemed to try to hear. He asked if they were bad people, assassins. The Khajiit told them that he had an idea and to stick close to him, following silently. The people might lead them to the main den. The creatures did as he asked and followed closely. Jo'Khar also told them to stay low. They didn't want the assassins to figure out that they were stalking them. Uldk nodded. He called his tribesmen silently and they started to follow Uldk, while Uldk followed the mage. After 20 minutes of shadowing the two assassins, they end up in a large underground society of assassins packing loot on many carriages. The Khajiit knew they hit the jackpot. He told the Chief to get his tribe on the rocks overlooking the place and to start the attack when he gave the signal.

Uldk nodded. He told his tribesmen to climb the rocks of the overlook. He made a gesture that resemble an eagle hunting a squirrel, which Jo'Khar assumed meant signal. The Rieklings nodded, splitting themselves and climbing the rocks overlooking the place. Uldk was in the tallest and largest rock. Jo'Khar was just waiting for the right moment to order the Rieklings to ambush the assassins' caravan. When that moment came he yelled for them to attack. Uldk made the gesture of an eagle hunting a squirrel. He shouted and charged at the assassins, along with his tribesmen. The assassins became quickly alerted. Many began to fight back aggressively, while the few quickly try to get the carriages out of the chaos. Before Jo'Khar could go after the caravan, a hooded woman nearly slashed his throat open. He recognized her smell, and asked the woman who she was. The woman didn't give an answer. She just started attacking the Khajiit instead. The two crossed blades. Three Rieklings jumped at the woman's neck, pushing her down and punching her in the face while she was laid down there. They were kicking her chin and jumping on her like she was a trampoline. The woman quickly kicked the Rieklings out of her way while seeming to try to hide her face. She then started running quickly. Jo'Khar didn't know what was going on but ordered the Riekling Chief to stop the caravans while he personally went after the woman. The woman was a very fast free-runner. He had trouble catching up. He asked her whom she was, telling her that if she stopped running they could talk. The woman just kept on running like she was long-winded. The Khajiit told her that she was trying his patience. He panted as he tried to catch his breath. The woman then finally stopped and tried to catch her breath as well. He stopped next to her and asked if she was ready to talk now. 14 minutes later, after crossing blades, the woman was finally exhausted and fell to her knees. The Khajiit asked her whom she was again. The woman then took off her hood. Jo'Khar recognized her as Elvali. He then sheathed his dagger and carried Elvali with his right shoulder. She asked him why he was carrying her and asked if he was still a puppet to politics. He told her that he was acting of his own accord, they made their way back to Uldk.

When they approached, the little chief asked whom the woman was. The mage told him she was an old friend and that she just mistook them for bad people. Elvali was just silent, she seemed a little shocked at the tribe of Rieklings following the Khajiit. Jo'Khar asked Uldk why he didn't make their new home in the cave they just cleared out. He said he would take the woman somewhere safe. Uldk nodded. The Rieklings seemed to agree on making the cave their new home after they lost their former home in Solstheim. The Khajiit told them he would make sure to return as soon as possible. He then left with Elvali and decided to use one of the assassin's horse to get to Solitude quicker. On the road to Solitude the elf asked Jo'Khar why he spared her. He asked her if she sought out death that much. She said that she didn't, but was expecting the Khajiit to kill her since she worked for Morgan, the man who killed the Khajiit's family and took his clan's fortune. Jo'Khar asked if she really thought that he made it that far if he had fallen into despair. He said that if he was consumed by his hatred he would probably have become a highwayman. Elvali said that she still didn't understood him. The mage ominously said that she would soon enough, then told her that she shouldn't move or she would exhaust herself. Elvali went silent and rested on the horse. The two continued to head towards Solitude. In truth Jo'Khar was both shocked and angry that his old friend Elvali was working for Morgan, but he figured that he could use her to get to the man. He thought about what to do to her when she was no longer useful to him and his quest. They arrived in Solitude and he carried her to the Temple of the Divines for healing. He told her to wait there while he tried to find someone to heal her. He found a Khajiit priest that was praying at the Altar of Julianos. When he spotted Jo'Khar he walked towards him. The priest asked him if he was seeking guidance. The mage told him that he wasn't, he was looking for some help for his friend. He pointed at Elvali. He told the priest that she was injured and exhausted, pointing out that she needed a healer. The priest offered his help as he was a priest of the Divines. He walked towards Elvali and brought her to a nearby bed for healing. He started to pray as he healed her. By the time he was done with his prayer he finished healing her. Jo'Khar just watched as Elvali got healed. He thought about himself and how he didn't really care for politics, he had only joined Daric in order to get enough power to enact revenge against Morgan. But he decides to serve nonetheless, no matter who his enemies were. Elvali thanked the Khajiit priest and tried to stand up. The mage told her that she shouldn't walk right now. Elvali asked if he was going to stab her with a poisoned dagger when she was not looking. Jo'Khar remained silent. He hoped that the priest wasn't gonna ask about what was going on between the two of them.

The priest said that it was his pleasure and his duty as a priest of the Divines. He asked the two of them if they could do a favor for him. They asked what it was. He told them that some days ago a hooded man came into the temple and said that he was looking for a cure to his disease. The priest told the man to sleep a little so he would heal the next day, for he was in no condition to heal him. The hooded man came into his room at night and stole his Stalhrim battleaxe, Icestone. The man had ran towards Volskygge, a nearby ruin. He asked them to retrieve it for him. He said he would reward them. Jo'Khar accepted the job. The woman told him that he wasn't going alone, and said that she was coming with him. The mage nodded and told the priest that they would be returning as soon as possible. The two then left for Volskygge with the horse they came to Solitude with. Before they left, the priest told them that he and the reward would be waiting at the temple. They arrived at Volskygge. Elvali muttered something to herself and fell back. Jo'Khar was ahead of her and called to the elf, asking her if she was coming or not. Elvali seemed to snap out of it and told him to wait up as she caught up to him. They entered the ruins. Inside they were met with two Nords wearing Ice Armor walked towards the Khajiit and Elvali. They told the two to begone, for they were trespassing in the domain of Iniiz, the self proclaimed master of Ice. One of the Nords told them to turn back or they would have to them do so. Jo'Khar charged Lightning on his hands and told them he would see about that. Elvali drew her Daedric Dagger and waited for the Nords to try to hit her. The Nords grabbed their Stalhrim Warhammers and charged at the Khajiit. Both of them seemed to avoid attacking Elvali because of their fear for her. The mage avoided the attacks and shot the spells at them, then clawed them with his own claws. She just watched him fight them. The Nords didn't dodge. They were too slow with their warhammers and armor on they were slow at movement. As result, they were easily defeated. The elf told Jo'Khar that his skills were impressive. He told her that a mage was only as good as the spells he knows. He then drank the blood of one of the Nords to quench his hunger that was starting to become too much to bare. After filling himself, he said for them to move. The two then proceeded deeper into the ruins while avoiding traps and Draugrs.

After a long walk into the depths of Volskygge, at the main chamber there was some kind of wall with something written in the dragon tongue in it. Voices echoed through the corridors and walls of the chamber while a sarcophagus was under the wall with some kind of pale elf was in front of it, waiting for someone to approach. When he saw the two of them approaching he told them to come closer as he laughed. He sounded mad and he looked like an Altmer, but very much paler. Elvali asked if the Altmer was the master of ice guy, for he looked insane. Jo'Khar told her that he thought so, then revealed himself to the crazy elf. He told the Altmer that he had not come to cause trouble, he came to retrieve something. The Altmer grabbed Icestone from a nearby table and asked if that was what they were looking for, then said that he was going to throw it away anyway. He threw the stalhrim weapon in the pedestal above the sarcophagus. The crazy elf laughed maniacally. The sarcophagus opened and an undead Lich came out of it, grabbing Icestone, using them to attack the elf with telekinesis. The Altmer was killed by the battlaxe. The Lich spoke something in a language that neither Elvali nor Jo'Khar understood, then attacked them. They guessed that the Lich was Iniiz, the so called master of ice. The Khajiit entered his battle stance. Elvali wasn't happy that they'd been to fight an undead lich. Nevertheless, she drew her dagger. Iniiz casted Frost Cloak in himself and swung at the woman. Jo'Khar moved back, avoiding the Frost Cloak. The female elf just kept on dodging the Lich's attacks. She expressed her enthusiasm of seeing a real lich, for there were so few of them. She attacked Iniiz with her dagger. The Khajiit said that he was going for the kill and decided to shoot Chain Lightning at the master of ice. Elvali told him to watch it, for she had to jump out of the way to avoid the spell. Iniiz was staggered and seemed to take a lot of damage. He shouted something that Jo'Khar didn't understand. The elf seemed not to understand it either. The mage shot Lightning Bolts at the lich. Elvali casted Bound Bow and tried to land a bullseye on the Lich's head. Iniiz was already at his last amount of health. He was very weak, though his magicka seemed to still be full. He said some unrecognizable last words and then shot an Icy Spear at the elf, but missed.

Elvali grabbed Icestone from the Lich's corpse. Jo'Khar and her started to head back to Solitude with the battleaxe. When they made it to the city they headed straight to the temple. The Khajiit priest saw them approaching him inside the temple and asked them if they retrieved his battleaxe. The elf nodded and then handed him Icestone. He grabbed the axe and looked at it. He seemed very emotional about getting back his weapon and told it he missed it. He turned to the two and thanked them, having them a pouch of gold. Jo'Khar took the pouch and thanked him. The two decided to head to the Winking Skeever for a drink.

Hunt for Vengeance

Part I

At the Winking Skeever, Jo'Khar was sitting across from Elvali Ramarys. A former college classmate of his and now a servant of the man that killed his family. They have been travelling together since he captured her in one of her organization's smuggling hideouts in Skyrim. He had refrained from killing her despite the rage and confusion he felt the first time he saw her there in that hideout. The only reason for that was because he thought that she could lead him to her master. They had dinner at the inn using the money that the Khajiit priest gave to them as a reward for retrieving his battleaxe, to pay for it. Elvali asked him what was troubling him. Jo'Khar decided that it was time to confront his former classmate. He asked her if she knew where he was, referring to Morgan. She must have understood him as she replied, saying that he moved around a lot, not even she knew where he was. He asked her if she could at least help him find Morgan. She said that it would be difficult, but yes. There were some in the smuggler organization that knew where he was, and she could find them for the Khajiit. The Khajiit didn't completely trust her because she worked for that vampire, but she was the only lead he had. He said that tomorrow they would leave to search for them, and asked where they would start. She said that her organization had contacts in Riften.

After they finished their meal, Jo'Khar gave her the key to the room he had rented for Tanan. Elvali retired to the room given to her. The Khajiit was not tired, so he took a walk around Solitude. Near the well in the marketplace of the city, he ran into the Khajiit priest. The priest was still in his robes but was now carrying his battleaxe on his back. He noticed Jo'Khar and greeted him. The mage returned the greeting. The priest asked him if he was having trouble sleeping. Jo'Khar confirmed this and said it was the reason he came for a walk. The priest leaned by the well and remembered that he had never told the Khajiit his name, so he officially introduced himself as J'Dhannar. Jo'Khar had also failed to introduce himself so he corrected his mistake, the vampiric mage introduced himself. With introductions out of the way, J'Dhannar asked him why he couldn't sleep.

Jo'Khar said he couldn't sleep because he couldn't stop thinking about how close he was to getting at the man that murdered his family. He told J'Dhannar what Morgan did and revealed that Elvali could lead him to Morgan because she worked for him. The priest said it was a noble mission, vengeance for loved ones. He said that he had once embarked on a similar journey, but J'Dhannar had companions with him. he remarked that the mage seemed to be going alone. Jo'Khar said that he left all his friends, for they are busy fighting in the war. He had to leave them because he was so close. Jo'Khar had found out that Morgan's smuggling ring was operating in Skyrim, so he left Hammerfell to go there. He couldn't let the bastard get away, or else he might not find him again for quite a few years. J'Dhannar reached for Icestone, his battleaxe, which made Jo'Khar jump back. However, the priest had not drawn the weapon to attack his fellow Khajiit. Instead he merely showed it to him. He said that it used to belong to a Skaal whom he traveled with for many years. They went on many adventures together. He was killed and the Khajiit took up his battleaxe to avenge him. He was able to kill the people responsible for his friend's death and now he kept the weapon to remember his friend. J'Dhannar said that he would help Jo'Khar in your mission, saying that fellow Khajiit should stick together in a cold land such as Skyrim. Jo'Khar nodded, he accepted the priest's offer. He reached out his hand and the priest shook it.

The following day Jo'Khar told Elvali about J'Dhannar and how he joined up with them. She didn't seem happy about it, but didn't complain. The three of them left Solitude to Riften and traveled for a few days across Skyrim. They journey was uneventful. Though during that time Jo'Khar exchanged stories of adventure with J'Dhannar. He told the priest about his days at the College of Winterhold while J'Dhannar told him of his adventures with his Skaal friend. J'Dhannar pointed out that Jo'Khar remembered his college fondly after the Khajiit were done swapping tales. He supposed so. It had been some time since he recalled his time as a student at the College, being classmates with Elvali, learning under Master Savos and Master Tolfdir. They were some of the best times in his life, but soon after he finished his education as a mage his family was murdered by Morgan. They arrived in Riften a few days after leaving Solitude and left their horses at the stables. When they had passed near Whiterun, Jo'Khar thought about heading south to check on the Riekling tribe he had befriended but decided against it.

Once they entered the city, Jo'Khar asked the elf where the contact was. She said it would be best if she met him alone. He would be anxious if he saw more people, especially non-smugglers. Jo'Khar scowled. He didn't trust Elvali enough to leave her alone for too long, but if she was telling the truth then he had to. He accepted it and said that he and the priest would head to the inn. He asked she was going. She said she would be heading to the Ratways. Her contact worked for the Thieves Guild that called the place home. He told her not to take too long or he would go after her. Elvali scowled and said she wouldn't run away. She was not that kind of person. He retorted, saying she was the kind of person that worked for murderous vampires smugglers. The elf grunted and went off.

Part II

The two Khajiit watched as Elvali Ramarys left to meet with her contact. J'Dhannar pointed out that Jo'Khar put too much trust in her. The mage said that he only trusted her as far as his claws could reach her. He turned around and faced the Market District of the city. He beckoned the priest to come with him to the inn. Jo'Khar expected to get more looks from people as they walked through Riften but they were pretty much ignored. He figured that it must not be strange to see Khajiit walking around in Riften. If it was any other city in Skyrim the people would not take their eyes off them. Though when they got too close to a citizen they would look at their hands, expecting them to be trying to get into their pockets. He guess that the stereotype was prevalent there in the city of thieves. The two entered the Bee and Barb. While Jo'Khar went to the counter to get three rooms for their party, J'Dhannar sat at a table and ordered them both a drink.

Jo'Khar walked over to the table. He told J'Dhannar that he rented three rooms for them. There was an Argonian with J'Dhannar. The mage recognized Tanan and immediately tried to grab him with his claws, but Tanan was able to slip away from the table. The priest asked him what was the matter. Tanan ran out of the Bee and Barb. Jo'Khar said to go after him. The two Khajiit ran out of the inn and followed the Argonian through the Market District of the city, finally catching up to him in an alley after chasing him for quite a while. Tanan greeted the mage and said that it had been a long time. Jo'Khar told him that flattery would do him no good. He was angry that Tanan had left him in Solitude alone after he went through all the trouble to escape Hammerfell with him. The conman said that he appreciated that, but he had business he needed to get back to. Jo'Khar said that he owed him. He was going to help him find Morgan whether he wanted to or not. Tanan said that he would have to pass. The Khajiit said that it wasn't a request. The Argonian said that he didn't take orders from the mage. J'Dhannar drew his Battleaxe. He told Tanan to listen to Jo'Khar. The Argonian pointed out that this was kidnapping.

Jo'Khar said that this was just the Argonian having to pay off his debt. Elvali asked what was going on, joining the three of them in the alley. The vampire told her that he ran into an old friend, whom gladly agreed to help them take down Morgan. She pointed out that he didn't look so willing. Jo'Khar dismissed her claim. Saying that Tanan only needed time. He then told the Argonian that he was a part of the group now, whether he liked it or not. Tanan sighed and followed. Elvali told them what she learned from her contact. She asked the Khajiit if he was planning on heading there. The mage said that even if Morgan was not there, it was our best lead. With all four of them, they should be able to take them. J'Dhannar nodded with confidence, saying that Jo'Khar would have his battleaxe by his side. The Khajiit and his party left Riften and headed south to the ruined fort. The Khajiit kept a close eye on Tanan, so he didn't try to escape.

Elvali pointed to a ruined fort and said that it was Darklight Tower. Jo'Khar warned to keep their eyes opened. They wouldn't want the Nightblades to get the drop on them. He readied his spells. Elvali drew her dagger while the other Khajiit gripped his battleaxe. Tanan took out his bow and loaded an arrow. The group approached the tower, trying to mask their presence. Jo'Khar had them all sneak in. The inside of the tower looked decrepit, abandoned. The Khajiit wondered if Elvali had betrayed him, then he noticed something a spot on the ground that was not covered in dust. The Dunmer whispered to Jo'Khar that it was there they stashed their supplies. She figured that a caravan must already have come by and gotten them. Upstairs they heard footsteps. J'Dhannar pointed out that they weren't alone. The mage nodded and stood up. He assumed that they also knew they were there. So there was no point is sneaking. He told the others to get ready for the fight, they were going all the way to the top of the tower.

As he said that, a Nightblade lunged out of the shadows and attacked the group. The Nightblade lunged directly at Jo'Khar. He would have landed at hit if it had not been for J'Dhannar who saw him coming and hacked at him with Icestone. The priest pulled his battleaxe from the dead Nightblade's corpse. He pointed out that the enemy indeed knew that they were there. The group started up the tower, on their guard now that the Blackhearts were attacking them. They had to fight their way through numerous Nightblades as they climbed the stairs. They just kept coming out of the shadows and attacking them. Jo'Khar had noticed that they even attacked Elvali, which began to put his mind at ease. He began to wonder if she was actually on his side as she claimed. It had been the first time since he had captured her near Helgen that he began thinking of her as an actual ally. Tanan was trying his best to stay out of the fights. He just stayed back and shot at the enemies with his Orcish bow.

Eventually the group made it to the last floor of the tower. They had to fight through numerous Nightblades and were a tad exhausted. J'Dhannar had received been stabbed in his left arm and was having trouble holding Iceblade. The Argonian was pretty unscathed as he had let the others take the blunt of the attacks for him. Jo'Khar thought about replenishing his strength by drinking some blood before they continued into the final room, but decided against it. He hadn't told the priest about his condition and he feared how he'd react. Out of the whole group J'Dhannar was the one he most trusted. So when he opened the door he was already pretty spent from the previous encounters. The room at the very top of the tower was large and circular. There were a few crates with the smuggler's supplies stacked nearby and a table with a map of northern Tamriel and a stack of papers. At the table were three individuals. All of them wearing the same leather armor as Elvali. One of them, a Nord, looked up from the map. His voice was harsh and aggressive, he said that finally the Khajiit showed his face. Like that of someone with the urge to kill.

Jo'Khar asked who the Nord was, as obviously none of them were Morgan. He still remembered that bastard's face from when he killed his family and infected him with vampirism. The Nord asked if he was expecting someone else, then answered his own question. He said that the Khajiit had been hunting his boss for years now, but only recently got very aggressive. They weren't expecting that. Really caused their organization quite a problem. He looked over at Elvali and muttered that the rumors were true. She had betrayed Morgan. The Dunmer confirmed this. She said that she would help Jo'Khar get justice for his family, she owed him that much. The Nord laughed. He said that he would bring Morgan her head and take over as his second-in-command. In seconds he transformed into his Vampire Lord Form. J'Dhannar prayed to the gods when he realized that he was a vampire. The man said that he was much more and turned into a cloud of bats. He appeared behind the Argonian, whom had backed away without Jo'Khar realizing, grabbing him. Tanan demanded that he let go. J'Dhannar tried to swing at the vampire but he was too far away and too late. The man dug his teeth into the Argonian's neck, cutting through the scales with ease. Tanan began choking on his own blood and died agonizingly in a matter of seconds. His body went limp in the vampire's grasp.

Part III

Jo'Khar muttered Tanan's name, feeling a little guilty at having dragged the Argonian along and causing his death. J'Dhannar yelled with rage and charged at the vampire lord. He swung his battleaxe at him feverously. While he had only known the Argonian for a couple hours he was still upset at having watching him be killed by a vampire. With little effort, the vampire flew back to avoid the attack. He looked over at his two subordinates. He told them to step in, he was merely toying with the mortals. The other two men that had been at the table drew their weapons and charged at the group. The Khajiiti priest was engaged by one of them while the other went after Jo'Khar. Elvali Ramarys was left without an opponent, until the Vampire Lord flew and her and tried to slash her with his claws. She blocked the attack with her dagger and swung at the vampire. He stabbed at the Dunmer with his claws. Elvali jumped back to avoid the hit. The two exchanged blows.

J'Dhannar and Jo'Khar were both having trouble fighting their respective opponents. Jo'Khar wasn't too good at close range combat, as he was a mage, but he slashed at his enemy with his claws. J'Dhannar swung his mighty axe, but his opponent was fast and managed to avoid most of his hits, only receiving superficial wounds. He cursed the vampires, they were tougher than any of Morgan's men that he had faced before. He managed to land a blow on the smuggler's face, giving him several cuts. The Vampire Lord stabbed her with his claws in her leg. He was going to attack Elvali again, but stopped midway. He looked back, at the door to the chamber. Aloud he said that they had company. He told his men to retreat for now. The vampire disappeared in a swarm of bats, the two smugglers broke off from their fight and retreated through a window, jumping out and disappearing in the mountainside.

Seconds after the vampire and his men were gone, the door was busted open. Through it stepped a squad of Dawnguard members led by a young woman. The Dawnguard saw the dead Argonian on the ground and the three standing in the middle of the room. One of the Dawnguard asked if they were the three suspected of being vampires. The young woman shook her head. She said that with all the bodies they encountered on the way up, she said they were enemies of the vampires. Besides, the reports said that the three were human males. Those two were Khajiit, and the third was an elf. She looked at Jo'Khar, which made the Khajiit nervous. He asked her what he could do for them. He tried not to sound nervous. Running into the Dawnguard was the last thing he wanted to happen, for he was indeed a vampire. The woman charged a spell and cast it. One of the men asked her if she saw anything. She nodded and pointed her war axe at the mage. She revealed that Jo'Khar was a vampire. She had cast Detect Dead.

J'Dhannar retorted, saying it was preposterous. Jo'Khar was no vampire. The Dawnguard didn't wait for a reply from Jo'Khar. They each got into their battle stance and begun surrounding Jo'Khar slowly. But they awaited for the woman's orders before striking. Jo'Khar counted, there were 7 Dawnguard, and 3 of them. Those were not good odds and who knew what J'Dhannar would do now that he knew his secret. No, Jo'Khar couldn't die now. He had to get back at Morgan. That son of a bitch would get what was coming to him. Despite wanting to live, Jo'Khar knew that a fight would likely only result in his death. The Dawnguard were vampire hunters, and good ones at that. So he threw up his hands, which nearly made the hunters attack him. The woman was the one that called them off. She asked him what he was doing.

J'Dhannar said to end this madness. He insisted that there was no way that Jo'Khar was a vampire and told Jo'Khar to confirm this. The mage merely shook his head. He told his friend that they were correct, he was a vampire. The look on the priest's face was that of pure shock. He moved back, tightly gripping Icestone. Jo'Khar was saddened by J'Dhannar's reaction to learning his secret, but pushed that aside for now. He turned to the woman and told her that he surrendered. The woman lifted an eyebrow. She said that it that was a first. She had never seen a vampire surrender before. They all chose to fight to the death. He said that he wasn't like most vampires. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw that it was Elvali's. She asked him what he was doing, they would kill him. He looked back at her. He told her that he had a plan and for her not to worry. He was not planning to die before Morgan did. He the turned back to the Dawnguard, saying that he wouldn't resist. The woman agreed and told the hunters to restrain him. One of the Dawnguard asked why not simply kill him right now. The woman sheathed her crossbow. She said that the Khajiit was very interesting and she was sure that Isran would want to speak with him before he was put to the sword. Maybe he had something interesting to say.

The Dawnguard moved closer to Jo'Khar and cautiously bound him. The Khajiit didn't resist, as he said, but they were still distrustful of the vampire. The woman looked over at the vampire's two companions. She asked them if they would be a problem. J'Dhannar didn't respond. Elvali, however, did. She said that they wouldn't try to stop them. The leader of the unit appreciated it and motioned for them to move. The squad of Dawnguard escorted Jo'Khar out of Darklight Tower. Outside they had their horses tied up. Jo'Khar rode with one of the hunters, with two riding next to him with their weapons drawn in case he tried to escape. Jo'Khar didn't try to escape as he was taken to Fort Dawnguard. When he set eyes on the huge fort he was a little surprised at its size. He had never seen such a large fort in the middle of nowhere before. The Dawnguard brought him into the building and forced him to his knees in the large circular chamber in which the light shined from above. The sunlight burned him and he grunted from the pain. Other Dawnguard members gathered around to see who the woman and her squad had brought to their fort.

A Redguard with a gray beard and a few wrinkles walked up to them. He asked the woman, Runa, why she brought a vampire with them, not sounding too pleased. Runa said that Jo'Khar had surrendered and that he was fighting alongside two others against the vampires they were hunting, and their thralls. They found the corpses as they made their way up Darklight Tower. She thought Isran, the Redguard, might want to talk to the vampire before they killed him. Isran looked from Runa to the Khajiit. He said that she was right, he was interested. He asked the Khajiit why he was fighting against others of his kind, if it was a feud between clans. Jo'Khar shook his head. He told them that he was not from any vampire clan. He was after their leader, but he was not there. He told the Dawnguard that he had been hunting him for years. Isran asked who was the leader of the three vampires that they were hunting. Because they were not from any clan that they had encountered before. The Khajiit told them that his name was Morgan and that he was the leader of a large smuggling organization. Some of them were vampires, some were not. Morgan was one, as were those three at the tower. Isran asked him why he was after Morgan and his organization. The Khajiit frowned, angry. He told them that Morgan killed his family and turned him inot a vampire.

Isran stroked his gray beard. He said that Anger was a good motivator. He turned to Runa and said that the Khajiit would be a good ally against this Morgan and his clan. He told her to see what else he knew, the details of this organization's operations. Runa nodded and motioned for Jo'Khar to follow her. He was relieved that they didn't intend to kill him, at least not for now. But that had been his plan, why he had surrendered to the Dawnguard. Morgan's organization was bigger fish than him, which made the Khajiit useful if he could lead the Dawnguard to them. That had been his train of thought back at the Darklight Tower. Runa led him to some run down quarters. She told him he'd stay there until they moved out to fight this Morgan and his clan. Jo'Khar nodded, thanking her. The room was a dump but it was better than being killed. His problem now was having to lead the Dawnguard to Morgan, as he had no idea where they were hold up. If only Elvali would spill their secrets. Jo'Khar kne that she was lying when she claimed to know nothing. He'd have to deal with that tomorrow, as Elvali and J'Dhannar remained behind at Darklight Tower. She most likely ran away by now. Finding her would be difficult as well. He once again pushed the thought aside and went to sleep sometime after Runa left the room.

Part IV

Some commotion happened in Fort Dawnguard and Jo'Khar was awakened from his sleep. He opened the door of his room and peaked out to see what had happened. One of the nearby hunters was going to reply but then the Khajiit sensed a similar smell. He looked around before being pulled into his room. Inside he came face to face with Elvali Ramarys. She quietly shushed him and told him that she was going to get him out of there. He began to talk but she interrupted him. She told him to be quiet and follow her. She informed him that J'Dhannar was distracting the Dawnguard outside. She let go of the Khajiit. The elf then crouched down and motioned for him to follow her outside. Jo'Khar stood there, not going.

She urged him not to delay. The vampire still didn't budge. She got up and poked him in the chest. She said that she came all this way to help him and he doesn't cooperate. She asked what was his problem. Jo'Khar was going to try to explain to her the situation when they heard footsteps outside. Elvali lunged at the Khajiit and covered his mouth. She shushed him. They could hear a little bit of the conversation happening outside. An elderly man asked if it was the same Khajiit from back in the tower. A woman confirmed this. Jo'Khar knew that it was Runa Fair-Shield talking with Isran. Runa said that she suspected that it was meant to be a rescue of sorts. Elvali drew her dagger as the footsteps got closer. The door to Jo'Khar's room opened and the woman and an old Redguard were standing in the doorway. Elvali tried to attack, but Jo'Khar grabbed her.

Jo'Khar told her to stand down. They needn't fight them. He had made a deal with the Dawnguard. She asked about the deal, confused. The old Redguard confirmed this. He said that the Khajiit won't be killed as long as he helped the Dawnguard track down those other 3 vampires and kill them. He assured them that he knew where they were. Elvali looked over at the Khajiit. Elvali said that he did know. The vampires were not far. Isran was pleased. He told Runa that she would be assigned a unit to go with the Khajiit and the Dunmer to deal with the vampires the next day. He then told Elvali to leave. Jo'Khar would stay with them but she and the priest would need to stay outside the fort. He didn't want them running around inside freely at night. The vampiric mage told her to leave and do as they said. Tomorrow they would leave to hunt down Morgan's minions. The Dunmer nodded. She said that her and J'Dhannar would be camping outside. She left the fort and headed outside.

The next morning, Jo'Khar accompanied Runa and her squad of Dawnguard to Elvali's little camp outside the fort. Runa said that Jo'Khar mentioned that Elvali would be the one to guide them to the vampires. She nodded and revealed that they were held up in Autumnwatch Tower, in the mountains in the western part of the Rift. Runa placed a hand on her hip, telling everyone to move out as they were burning daylight. Elvali agreed. She stood up and grabbed her things. The priest did the same. The group left the valley and headed west, towards the tower.

They arrived sometime later. Runa was leading the operation so she ordered everyone to get ready. She drew her axe and took out her shield. The others grabbed their weapons, while Jo'Khar readied his spells. Elvali said to expect traps inside. The vampires would be expecting them. Autumnwatch Tower was in fact, a pair of towers. The southern one being the smallest of the two. A decade ago the place had been the lair of a dragon, but he had long since been killed. The group had followed the dirt road all the way to the front of the southern tower. A Dawnguard member asked Runa if they were going to be splitting up to search both towers simultaneously. She said that they would stick together, so they could act cautiously because of the uncertainties in this attack. Jo'Khar agreed. As they walked up to the tower entrance, Elvali muttered that the vampires had spotted them.

Part V

From atop the northern tower, Blackheart archers lined up and aimed at the group. Runa Fair-Shield swore and ordered everyone to get inside now. The Dawnguard broke down the door to the southern tower and everyone headed inside. However they were not safe. Jo'Khar could hear footsteps coming down the stairs of the tower. He warned the others. Runa told them to prepare for battle. Two vampires came down the stairs to attack the group.

J'Dhannar charged ahead and swung his battleaxe at the first one. The vampire tried to block it, but the Khajiit's attack was too strong. She was cut across her chest and fell to the ground. Two Dawnguard fired on the second vampire, one being able to land a shot on his abdomen. Runa charged at the wounded vampire and bashed him with her shield, then hacked at his head with her axe, managing to break open his skull. With both vampires dead, she ordered the group up the stairs.

As they were going up they going up the stairs they encountered another vampire, Jo'Khar acted quickly and shot an Ice Spike at the vampire, impaling him. J'Dhannar then landed a blow above his waist. They were working rather well. They reached the top of the stairs, a vampire lunged at them as soon as they entered the room. It knocked the priest down. Elvali Ramarys stabbed the vampire in the neck with her dagger before he could bite the Khajiit. Jo'Khar offered his friend a hand and helped him up. Runa and the other Dawnguard engaged three other Blackheart vampires in the room. One of the vampires landed a hit on the Dawnguard and killed him, with the other casting Vampiric Drain on another hunter, so the third could finish him off.

Runa told the last two Dawnguard with her to stay strong. She charged at the vampire casting the spell and was able to break it with a bash. The vampire, however, stumbled back on his feet and dodged her follow up attack. A second vampire came at her, but luckily Elvali parried his blow before it could hit the Nord's back. Runa thanked her. Elvali nodded. She and Runa went up against one of the last two vampires while the two Khajiit and two Dawnguard took down the other. Jo'Khar cast Paralyze on the vampire while it tried to attack one of the hunters, with the fiend stuck in place the hunter hit him with his warhammer, knocking the vampire to the ground. The other Dawnguard member finished the undead off with a bolt to the chest. With the threat momentarily defeated, they regrouped to catch their breaths.

Elvali pointed out that Fenrig wasn't going to let up. More enemies would be there any minute. Runa said that they just needed to take him out first. He was atop the northern tower so the plan was clear, fight their way over to him and slay him. Jo'Khar said that it was easier said than done. After a short rest, the group exited to the southern tower roof, it was connected through a path to the entrance of the northern tower. However, a collection of bats flew in front of them. When they were all gathered the bats transformed into a man, one of Fenrig's two lieutenants. He said that they would go no further. Behind him four Blackheart vampires crossed the path to reach the roof. J'Dhannar pointed out that they needed to get past the vampire first. He gripped his Battleaxe in anticipation and said that he would lead the charge, since he was the strongest of the group. Runa ordered her two subordinates to spread out and equip their crossbows and for Jo'Khar to stick to support using his spells. She, Elvali and J'Dhannar would take them head on. The group carried out her orders, preparing for their confrontation with the vampire. When the four vampires reached the roof, they all attacked.

The Dawnguard fired their bolts, though only one managed to hit their intended target. A vampire was shot in the leg, but that didn't stop him. Though Jo'Khar cast a Lightning Bolt, hitting the injured vampire and staggering him. J'Dhannar charged ahead, with Runa and Elvali at his side. He swung his mighty Battleaxe at the head vampire, who dodged the blow and followed up with one of his own. Runa blocked the blow, saving the priest. Elvali engaged one of the four vampires. She countered the vampire's move, then went in with a strike of her own. Her dagger dug into the vampire, right under his left shoulder. Jo'Khar shot an Ice Spike at the first injured vampire, before he could recover from his stagger, and pierced his chest. The vampire went down. The Dawnguard Hunters reloaded their crossbows. The vampire Lord turned into mist and moved away from J'Dhannar and Runa. However the two followed it, not wanting to give it any breathing room. She said to the Khajiit that it would need to return to its mortal form eventually and to keep pressure on him. The priest nodded. When the vampire Lord returned to its human form, the Khajiit swung its Battleaxe at it. The vampire barely managed to dodge it. Elvali pulled out her dagger from the vampire's flesh. The fiend fell to one knee, injured, and she finished it off by cutting its throat. The Lord used vampiric grip to grab J'Dhannar's battleaxe and stop it before it was able to hit him. However, Runa came in from the flank and swung her axe, managing to catch the vampire just above his waist. The Lord's spell on the priest's weapon broke and he swung down, digging into the vampire lord's shoulder. The lord fell down to his knees. Jo'Khar shot a Lightning Bolt at one of the two remaining vampires, Elvali then subsequently rushed the staggered vampire and stabbed him in the chest, tacking him down onto the ground. The Dawnguard hunters shot down the last vampire, one bolt hitting his lower torso and the other managing to hit the vampire in the neck. With the final opponent down, the group took a breather. Elvali looked up at the roof of the Northern Tower, where Fenrig was still looking down on them.

She said that he wanted them to go up. She could see it in his smug face. One of Dawnguard hunters suggested they go up there and kick his ass. Runa reminded him to have caution. They still needed to get up the tower in order to reach the vampire. Jo'Khar shook his head. He suspected that they wouldn't try to stop them from going up. Fenrig wanted to fight them himself. J'Dhannar nodded, he wanted to give him that fight, he was ready. Runa ordered everyone to cross the bridge and not keep their enemy waiting. The group headed across the bridge connecting the two towers and entered the northern tower. Surprisingly they didn't encounter resistance inside. Runa told them to keep their guard up. They headed up the stairs and eventually up to the roof, where they came face-to-face with Fenrig, the other vampire Lord and over half a dozen other vampires. Jo'Khar muttered, saying tehy found their enemy. J'Dhanner pointed out that they were waiting for us there, clearly polling their strength in order to try to overpower them. Runa said that it didn't matter, it was their duty to take them down.

Fenrig said those were touching words, but utterly meaningless. They would all die here. He gestured with both his hands for his subordinates to charge. The 9 vampires all came at the group. The two Dawnguard fired their crossbows, both hit their mark. One bolt hit a vampire on the leg, while the other hit the lord in his shoulder. Though the lord seemed to shrug the hit and went in to slash at Runa with his sword. The huntress raised her shield almost a second too late, which caused her to stumble back and nearly lose her footing. J'Dhannar charged ahead and swung at two vampires, hit managed to him one and caused him to fall to his knees, but the other jumped back and dodged in time. Jo'Khar sent two Ice Spikes at an enemy, piercing his torso twice and downing the first of the vampires. Elvali was about to attack one the vampires, when he changed course and went towards the Dawnguard to her right. She tried to chase after it but a swarm of bats flew in her way. Fenrig materialized in front of Elvali. Fenrig transformed into his Lord form and flew at the Dunmer with the intent to kill.

Runa raised her shield again, blocking another strike from the vampire lord. However, she was pinned down, unable to get up while the vampire attacked her relentlessly. The two Dawnguard hunters were forced to draw their melee weapons as the vampire underlings met them. They were put on the defensive as they were pushed back, outnumbered by the underlings. J'Dhannar finished off one of the vampire underlings, then charged at the one that had retreated. He kept up the pressure with his battleaxe, not giving the fiend any breathing room. Jo'Khar went to aid the Dawnguard, throwing an Ice Spike at one of the underlings attacking them. He managed to draw the attention of one of the vampires, though he missed his attack, and gave the Dawnguard hunters enough of a chance to counter attack. The hunter hit one of the 4 vampires in the leg with his warhammer, breaking it and knocking the vampire down and finishing him off with a hit to the face, breaking his skull. Elvali just barely managed to dodge Fenrig's attack, his claws grazing her skin. She blocked his second attack with her dagger, just inches from her face. Fenrig flew at Elvali and grabbing her arm. He dug his claws into her flesh. She stabbed his arm with her dagger, trying to make him let go. He did, but when he dropped her her dagger remained stuck in his flesh. He grunted and pulled out the dagger, then threw it off the top of the tower.

Runa kept retreating until her back was to the battlements. She used the stone walls to slowly lift herself up as she blocked and parried the vampire's onslaught of blows. She missed one of them and received a slash to her side and a couple on her right arm. J'Dhannar bashed the vampire and sent him over the battlements, making the vampire fall to his death. He charged in and tackled the vampire lord, finally freeing up Runa. 3 against 3, Jo'Khar and the two Dawnguard hunters went up against the underlings. The two hunters held the vampires back while Jo'Khar provided support with his spells. He used Paralyze on one of the hunters then cast Chain Lightning on the other two, weakening them. The hunters pressed the attack, bashing one underling and hitting another in the stomach with a warhammer. The vampire lord turned into mist under J'Dhannar and reformed standing over him. He was about to strike at the Khajiit when Runa came in and blocked the attack with her axe and twisted the vampire's wrist enough that she was able to disarm him. The priest got up and joined Runa as she attacked the vampire.

Fenrig flew at Elvali, the Dunmer lunged to the side and avoided the attack, then tried to kick the vampire. Fenrig, however, flew up, avoiding the attack. She had no choice but to fight unarmed, though she was proficient enough to hold her own at least for a while. The two exchanged blows, with Elvali staying quick on her feet to avoid the vampire's grip. She moved their fight slowly to where the first dead underling was. The vampire that was bashed fell down, while the one that was hit in the stomach grabbed his lower torso as a reaction and bent a little forward, the air had been hit out of him. Jo'Khar shot an Ice Spike at the vampire as he was trying to catch his breath, piercing his upper torso. The Dawnguard with the Warhammer finished the vampire off, bringing his hammer down on his head and breaking his neck. The other Dawnguard bashed the vampire on the ground so he couldn't get up then hacked at his face with his axe, breaking his skull open. Jo'Khar finally ended the last of the underlings, shooting a dual casted Chain Lightning at him and frying the vampire. Elvali made it to the dead underling and rolled to the side to avoid a slash from Fenrig, then grabbed the sword of the dead underling and counter attacked the Nord. She managed to cut his chest. Now with a weapon, the Dunmer was able to put up a fight, not only trying to dodge his hits.

The disarmed lord came at the two, then turned into mist and materialized behind them. He tried to slash at their exposed backs but Runa was fast enough to move her shield behind them and block his blow. The Khajiit then hit the vampire in the stomach with the end of his battleaxe's shaft, pushing back the vampire. He then followed up with a diagonal attack and hit the vampire in between his shoulder and neck. The lord fell to one knee and Runa finished him off, decapitating him with her war axe. The Nord flew at Elvali. He grabbed her and lifted her up by the neck. He was about to pierce the Dunmer's stomach with his claws when he suddenly stopped. Jo'Khar had paralyzed the pale vampire before he could kill her. He shouted for Elvali to finish Fenrig off. The Dunmer, still being lifted in the air, thurst her sword into Fenrig's chest. The paralysis wore off as the Nord's life was extinguished. Elvali was able to free herself from Fenrig's grip and coughed a bit while she caught her breath. Jo'Khar asked her if she was alright, placing a hand on her shoulder. She said that she was. The Dunmer looked over at the dead Nord vampire.

Fenrig's corpse remained in his vampire lord form, laying on the roof of the tower. The other vampires littered the roof. The group rested after their battle, having killed all the vampires. Runa said that they work was done, the vampires were wiped out. She approached Jo'Khar and corrected herself, saying that one vampire still lived. Elvali and J'Dhannar reached for their weapons. Runa told the Khajiit to listen up. He had made a deal with Isran, so the Dawnguard won't kill him, but that if he ever preyed on the innocent, they would come after him and kill him. The Khajiit nodded, saying that he will keep that in mind. The three Dawnguard began heading to the exit. Along the way, Runa stopped in front of J'Dhannar and told him that he fought well for a priest. If he was interested, the Dawnguard might have a place for him. Afterwards she and her subordinates left, leaving the three remaining group members by themselves.

Jo'Khar suggested that they get moving, Morgan still eluded them. Elvali told him that he needed to give up on chasing Morgan. He was gone, no one knew where he was. Not even her, and she was his right hand. He went into hiding over a month ago, he could be anywhere on Tamriel by now. Jo'Khar argued that he couldn't just give up. Morgan killed his family and turned him into a vampire. She knew, but what he was doign wasn't going to work. She asked if he'd just wander around Tamriel forever, with no rhyme or reason. He remained quiet. He knew she was telling the truth but he couldn't just stop. J'Dhannar interrupted, saing that he once felt as Jo'Khar did, but he managed to calm himself and achieve a certain peace of mind. He joined the church and found himself. Elvali said that she could no longer follow him around, regardless of your choice. She would report that she failed in her mission to kill him and return to her hideout. She pleaded, for his own sake, that he give up at least momentarily. The Dunmer offered her old friend one last look before she too left the tower.

The two Khajiit were left alone. They were silent for a time, before Jo'Khar finally stated that he would put his search on hold. The priest was pleased and asked what he would do in the meantime. Jo'Khar smiled and said that there was still a place for him at the College of Winterhold. He hadn't been there in years but he had many friends at the college. J'Dhannar said that he would move on as well. The Dawnguard seemed like good people, he decided to offer them his services. The two parted ways that night, J'Dhannar heading to Fort Dawnguard and Jo'Khar to Winterhold. While the Khajiit had not given up his quest for vengeance on Morgan, he decided to wait on it and in the meantime continue to live his life.


  • Jo'Khar's name was Kiyomori but it was changed to something more lore-friendly after the person that RPed him left.
  • Jo'Khar has a large reserve of magicka, he is seen using many spells one after the other.
  • Jo'Khar is extremely formal, he constantly calls people milord, or sir. Even though they sometimes don't outrank him.
  • Jo'Khar hates being lied to. In turn, he greatly disapproves of treachery and betrayal.
  • Despite studying the path to Lichdom, Jo'Khar has no plans of becoming a Lich himself, and studies it only out of his quest for knowledge.
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