Joran Nerevar
Joran Nerevar
Joran in 4E 227
Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Age 101
Status Alive
Titles King of Morrowind, Grandmaster of House Indoril, Head of House Nerevar
Factions Morrowind, Empire, House Indoril, House Nerevar
Birthplace Mournhold, Morrowind
Family Nerevarine (Grandfather)
Vivec Nerevar (Father - Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Alma Nerevar-Redoran (Sister)
Sil Nerevar (Brother)
Elva Nerevar (Wife)
Vivir Nerevar (Son - Deceased)
Deres Nerevar (Son - Deceased)
Jina Nerevar (Daughter)
Jivin Nerevar (Son)
Elvir Nerevar (Son)
Hello, my name is Joran Nerevar, of House Indoril. I'm here to help.
— Joran's introduction to King Bodean Suda.

Joran Nerevar is the King of Morrowind, Indoril Grandmaster, and the grandson of the Nerevarine. He is the head of House Nerevar, a part of House Indoril and the current ruling family Morrowind. He rules from his home city of Mournhold and wields his grandfather's swords

Early Life

Born to the son of the Nerevarine, who had been born before the Nerevarine left for Akavir, it was always assumed that Joran would take over the throne of Mournhold after his father died. His father, Vivec, had always held high status in House Indoril, which was the house his mother hailed from. He was the Grandmaster of House Indoril before Joran.

Joran grew up with Arekoa Sarethi, making her his oldest friend. She later became his most trusted general.

When Augustus Mede attacked the Talos Pact in 4E 207, Vivec Nerevar died. With his father dead, Joran became the Councilor of Mournhold and later, leader of House Indoril. As a descendant of the Nerevarine he had a rightful claim on Morrowind, as his grandfather was reborn from the legendary Chimer King, Indoril Nerevar. Despite when the Empire took back Morrowind, they had the exiled House Hlaalu's Grandmaster put on the throne, to the dismay of Houses Redoran and Indoril.

House Telvanni remained isolated. Houses Dres and Sadras sided with House Hlaalu and the Empire. House Redoran felt entitled to rule Morrowind themselves, since they were the ones that led Morrowind's military in pivotal wars since the Oblivion Crisis, and had led the Great Council since then as well.

Sometime before the war, Joran married Elva Indoril and had four kids: Vivir, Deres, Jina, and Jivin. His son, Vivir was sent to the Imperial City as an Ambassador for House Indoril, and during a protest against the rule of the Tyrant Emperor Augustus, he was killed by the local guards. Shortly after that, Joran's hate towards Emperor Augustus rose to its tipping point. After House Redoran rose in rebellion against the ruling House Hlaalu and the Empire, Joran and House Indoril did the same. Mournhold was subsequently besieged by enemy forces.


Character Form

  • Class: Spellsword
  • Skills: Master Destruction, Expert Speech/One-Handed, Adept Restoration/Illusion/Conjuration
  • Spells: Fire Storm, Healing, Heal Other, Lightning Bolt, Ice Spike, Conjure Frost Atronach, Rally, Flames.
  • Powers: Ancestors Wrath, Nerevar's Help
  • Equipment: Ebony Spellsword Armor, Joran's Royal Robes, House Nerevar Ring, Hopesfire and Trueflame.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

Joran Armored

Joran in his Ebony Armor

The siege of Mournhold had been broken, but in the process Joran had lost his second son, Deres. Joran and his army marched north towards the sea to board their ships. With House Indoril and House Redoran in rebellion against House Hlaalu and their Imperial allies, Joran was in need of help. He sought to ally with Daric Lariat, whom was currently allied with House Redoran, and join his Stormcrown Alliance. His goal was to replace House Redoran as Daric's ally in Morrowind and use that to help him claim the throne of the province which he thought was rightfully his. Thus he was heading to Hammerfell to help Daric's Forebear allies in their war, gaining Daric's trust and respect in the process. He still hadn't contacted Daric, as he wanted to prove his strength and support first. He left half of House Indoril's forces in Mournhold, to defend it against House Hlaalu or House Redoran while he was away.

On the ship, Joran glanced back at his General. He asked nervously if the general thought if Daric would help them. He also commented on the Hlaalu Usurper's cunning and asked what they would do. General Garzon said that the throne would be House Indoril's, they just needed Daric's help first. Joran said that Garzon was also cunning and asked how they could help the Stormcrown Alliance. The general suggested breaking the lines of the Crown army.

Joran's army eventually arrived in Hammerfell, landing near the city of Sentinel as they had heard reported that the Forebear army was headed there. Joran walked up on a nearby hill near Sentinel and confirmed the reports. He looked down upon the combined armies of the Forebears and the Bretons. They approached the army and were met with confusion, they had not expected a Dunmer army in the middle of Hammerfell. Joran's men proudly flew the banners of House Indoril and House Nerevar as they approached the armies. Joran looked upon Sentinel and paled, he knew it wouldn't be easy to take that highly defensible city. He walked through the camp and requested to see the leaders of the army. The men pointed him to the command tent, where he walked in on two men talking about people going in a sewer. He introduced himself and said he came to help. A Redguard turned to face Joran and introduced himself, King Bodean of Taneth. He asked what brought him to Hammerfell. He thought the elves were too busy with Morrowind to join the Forebears and the Bretons in Hammerfell. The Dunmer told him that he recently broke the siege of Mournhold and wanted to help the Stormcrown Alliance and to seek help from High King Daric. He asked if Daric was in the camp. Bodean told Joran that High King Daric was in High Rock and said it was General Etienne, the other man in the tent, that was in charge of the Breton forces in Hammerfell. He told the Dunmer to speak to him if he had business with Daric. Joran said he would do that later. He then asked what they were talking about, then asked if he was overstepping his place there. Bodean said that it depended, on whether his forces helped in the siege of Sentinel or not. Joran said that of course he would help, as he needed to gain Daric's trust in order to get his help. The Redguard mentioned that the High King already was dealing with House Redoran, and asked if Joran planned on having House Indoril replace House Redoran as Daric's main ally. The elf said he would do the best for his province. If he could do that better than House Redoran, he would, and claimed that he was the true leader of Morrowind, not Houses Redoran nor Hlaalu. He wanted to do what was best for Morrowind, no matter what, and believed he was the best ruler. Bodean shrugged off his comment, saying he had no interest in Dunmeri politics. As long as someone that hated Augustus was on the throne of Morrowind then he'd be fine with it.

After the meeting he wrote a letter to High King Daric, introducing himself and asking to meet with him in the future. He was later told the plan by King Bodean. Joran prepared his men for the attack on Sentinel. He had Nightblades ready to climb the walls and take out the archers. He then had wizards ready to bombard the defenders with spells, as well as Silt Striders to aid them. The King and the general had sent a stealth force into the city to open the gates, Joran told him men to wait for their signal. In Sentinel, it was about 5 in the morning and the streets on the city were still quiet. That is until there was a huge explosion in the western side of the city. The city fell into chaos. Joran heard the explosion and guessed what it meant. He ordered the attack and the Nightblades surged forward. They began to climb the wall. The leader of the Dunmeri Nightblades signaled to Joran, and he signaled the mages. They summoned Clannfears to break down the walls as fast as possible. King Bodean also bombarded the wall with his catapults. It took almost half an hour to break the wall, during that time the Stormcrown forces suffered many casualties. When they finally rushed into the city they lost their surprise advantage, but the Crown forces were disorganized because of local revolts. Soldiers began to rush towards the break in the wall to fight the intruders. They quickly took down the Clannfears. Dunmer Nightblades attacked the soldiers, but they were outnumbered. They began to flee back to the camp. Silt Striders with mages in them started to attack the enemy soldiers from above. There were two mages on top of each one, firing destruction spells down on the enemy. The Crown soldiers faltered in their chase of the Nightblades. They then began to run back to the city, losing great numbers of Redguards. Joran shouted and the Dunmer rushed into the city. Bodean ordered his men to follow the Dunmer. Joran fought through a line of Imperials, slicing with his sword. He and his men fought their way to an empty street, separating from the Forebear forces.

He and the royal guard fought their way to an empty street. There they found a young Redguard girl, screaming and crying for her mother and father. She looked about five years old, and seeing her reminded Joran of his own children, who were probably wondering why their father was so far away. He picked the young girl up. Only later would he learn that her name was Naza Silver-Tongue, the daughter of a prominent Nord guard in the city and his Redguard wife. He signaled for help and some of his men came to pick up the girl, they took her out of the city and away from the fighting. He and his soldiers kept going and came across a group of Crown soldiers, who were attempting to flee the city. Joran was angry that they wouldn't even fight with their underlings. So he used a Fire Storm spell to attempt to incinerate them all. It worked for the most part, except for one Nord man, who was wounded and dying on the ground. Joran heard him say something with his dying breath, the name of his young daughter, Naza. Bodean and all the forces under his command were in the city. It was utter chaos. The civilians were fighting the Crown forces along with the Forebears, Indoril and Breton soldiers. On the coast the Breton ships were providing supporting fire, bombarding the Crown capital. The Dunmer kept pushing into the city, watching as King Bodean and his men fought their way through the city as well. The Captain of the Indoril Guard said that they will meet with the Forebears at the palace, but for now they should destroy the Crown defenders. Joran disagreed and said that they would help King Bodean, then afterwards they'd defeat the remaining opposition. The captain still argued against it, so Joran folded and ordered him to take the Indoril Guard and storm the palace. He would stay behind with the remaining them and aid King Bodean. Joran then turned and began to fight toward the King and his men, before he felt a strange burning sensation in his leg. He looked down and saw the shaft of an Crown arrow in his leg. He gritted his teeth and kept fighting.

Joran came upon Bodean holding the limp form of a fallen soldier. The Dunmer put his hand on Bodean's arm and asked if he was close to him, felling sorry for the Redguard and the soldier's family. The Redguard told him that he fought with the young lad for quite some time. The young lieutenant showed promise, Bodean said he would have promoted him to Captain once the war was over. Joran said he was sorry, but that the lad's soul would surely make it to the afterlife. He told the king that they needed to keep fighting, to make sure that no one died in vain. The king knew he was right. He said for them to head to the palace. He wanted to have a personal talk with the High King. The Forebears fought their way through the Crown forces. Joran slashed and hacked his way through the enemy, while running alongside Bodean. When they got to the Palace, the first thing Joran noticed was torn apart bodies of what used to be his Indoril Guard. The Redguard asked if those were the elf's soldiers, and said that whatever killed them was waiting for them inside. He said they should not underestimate it. Joran asked what could do such a thing, what horrible beast was in there. The king said he had no idea, so for them to proceed with caution. He then motioned for his men to form up.

Joran, Bodean, and the Forebear soldiers entered the palace, killing or wounding all the enemies in their path. They entered the throne room, to find High King Ennah lounging on his throne. Ennah welcomed them, saying it was the last minutes of their lives. He didn't seem to impressive or intimidating, but all was not right. That was when they noticed something standing up from behind his throne, a large Daedroth, two times the size of a regular one. The High King taunted them while smirking, then stood on his throne pleased as the beast roared. A Sload slowly made his way to Ennah's side and whispered something in his ear. Ennah then held out his hand and pointed at the invaders. He told his pet to destroy the scum. The Daedroth charged at the intruders. Bodean jumped out of the way and spoke to Ennah. He said that he knew the High King used to be a warrior, a man of honor. He was not one to have others do his dirty work. The second he saw Bodean rush the Daedroth, Joran rushed the Sload. He had no idea what it was doing here, as he had only heard of Sload living on their island, but he thought maybe he had heard wrong. The Sload's eyes widened, and it turned and tried to waddle away. It wasn't very fast, but it was still very large. Joran caught up very fast, and the Sload, realizing it couldn't out run him, and used some form of magic to sweep Joran off of his feet. Joran leaped over the spell, and tried to knock over the Sload. Sadly, he couldn't as the Sload was very large and strong. Realizing he couldn't best the Sload, as he was weak compared to it, he used his Nerevar's Help power, and felt a surge of strength course through him. He charged the Sload with the renewed strength. Bodean and his soldiers attacked the large Daedroth. They could hear Ennah laughing insanely from his throne. Joran punched the Sload, but the Sload cast some form of a magic wall spell that caught his fist. The Sload then used it to throw him into a pillar so hard, the pillar cracked. Ennah yelled at the Dunmer for damaging his throne room. His vision was coming in and out of focus, but he could see the Sload waddling as fast as possible towards him. Joran raised his arms and shot a Fire Storm at the Sload's face. The creature realized what was happening too late, and attempted to raise a ward spell. He did get it up, but too late. The fire caught him straight in the face, burning it and blinding him. Joran got slowly to his feet and went over to the blind Sload. The creature was casting spells randomly at an alarming rate, before Joran drove one of his swords into his stomach.

Bodean slashed at the Daedroth's leg with his scimitar. The beast swatted a few soldiers a way. A group of soldiers shot arrows at the daedric lizard, while others fired spells. The beast grabbed a Forebear and tore him in half. and then bit slashed at another. The creature's hide was pretty tough. The king stabbed the Daedroth in the foot. One of his men jumped on the creature's back and stabbed him as well. Despite the beast's size the Redguards were slowly turning the tide of the battle, though they lost many men along the way. With the Sload dying on the ground, Joran turned to help Bodean. The High King laughed from his throne, but when Joran looked at him, it seemed as if the psychotic light had faded from his eyes. The Dunmer told Bodean that the Sload must have been controlling Ennah, but before the Redguard could say anything the Dunmer yelled at the High King over the roars of the Daedroth. He yelled at him to surrender, to stop the bloodshed, to call off the Daedroth. Ennah put a hand on his forehead. He seemed confused, like he didn't know how he had gotten there. The Daedroth swung his arm at the soldiers, knocking them away. He had quite a few arrows stuck on him but they didn't seem to bother him much. Bodean followed the example of his soldier and climbed on the creature. He held on and stabbed it with his dagger. Joran was trying to get through to the High King, shouting at him up until the body of a Forebear soldier came crashing down upon him. He pushed the dead soldier off himself, the heavy armor made it difficult. When he was back on this feet he cast flames on his hands and tried to get through to Ennah my showing him the flames and telling him that his city was covered in them. Ennah was still trying to make sense of all that was happening: the lizard thing and the soldiers fighting in his throne room, the dead Sload, the sounds of chaos and battle coming from outside. Bodean made his way to the beast's head. He put away his dagger and grabbed his scimitar. He began slicing the Daedroth's hide trying to hurt it. The Dunmer pleaded for Ennah to surrender, for their people were still dying, trying to get Ennah to realize what was going on. He asked if anyone knew a Calm spell, hoping one of the soldiers or Bodean knew one.

Finally the High King spoke, asking who the Dunmer was, he asked what was happening. He noticed the Daedroth, and asked what in Oblivion was that. Bodean stabbed the lizard in the eye. The Daedroth flailed his head and swung Bodean off him, his scimitar still stuck in the beast's head. Ennah noticed Bodean and asked the King what was the meaning of this. He also noticed the soldiers and then walked over to the window and looked outside finally realizing that the city was under siege. Bodean got up telling the High King to call off the beast before it destroyed the whole palace. The Daedroth charged at the Forebears and knocked against the wall of the throne room. Ennah told them that he didn't command the daedra, he had never seen it in his life. The Forebear King said that they had to kill it somehow, but that its hide was too thick. As the Forebears fought off the lizard Ennah drew his scimitar, saying that Bodean had the right idea of hitting the weak spots. He said he knew the largest one, charging at the beast. The Daedroth turned to Ennah and roared. As it did Ennah jumped in the beast's mouth. Joran asked what the High King was doing. Bodean told him that he was going to kill the beast from the inside. He thought it a smart strategy but a reckless idea. The Daedroth seemed to be in pain, Ennah must have been slashing at him with his sword. Joran gave a small smile. The King of Taneth said it was a shame that they had been on different sides since after the 2nd Great War. Ennah was a good warrior, they had fought together in the 2nd Great War. He then turned to his men and told them to keep the Daedroth from doing any more damage to the Palace's structure. The Daedroth roared in pain from Ennah's attacks. The Dunmer felt sorry for all the lives that ended because Ennah sided with Emperor Augustus. If it hadn't been for the Sload, he said his guards would still have been alive. Joran had no idea if anyone else he knew back in Morrowind was alive. His wife, his remaining kids, his friend Arekoa Sarethi. He hoped that his wife and kids were able to make it to High Rock safely, as he had sent them as an envoy to meet with High King Daric.

Bodean guessed that the Sload must have been controlling the High King for a while, maybe since before the Civil War started. The daedric lizard roared once more before falling to the ground. Joran shouted smilling, realizing that Ennah had saved them by killing the Daedra. The beast began to turn to ash as all summoned daedra did. Though there was no sign of Ennah anywhere. The Dunmer gave his condolences for the dead High King. He walked over and patted Bodean on the back, asking if the siege was now over. If Hammerfell was free. Bodean said that the High King died with honor, and revealed that he never wanted to see Ennah rot in a dungeon. Had he managed to live he would've been executed, as Bodean still held a grudge against him for having his sister executed. He said that Hammerfell still had Imperial soldiers in the south. But with Sentinel under his command he could soon get the whole province back in order. In the next few weeks the Forebears focused on getting Hammerfell back in order. They managed to take back Rihad and Elinhir and restored order in Hammerfell, repairing the cities that were damaged in the war. As the leader of the Forebears, Bodean was proclaimed High King of Hammerfell.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

Joran Swords

Joran wielding Hopesfire and Trueflame

After defeating the Crown Forces, and witnessing the coronation of his new friend King Bodean, Joran was getting restless. Soon, he and his armies were going to take a few ships back to Morrowind, to assist Arekoa Sarethi and claim his throne. A few days after the coronation and the resupply of his troops he got them back to their ships and set sail for their homeland. When he arrived he spent little time in Mournhold before setting off to Tear to meet with Commander Arekoa and the Indoril Guard. When he arrived his friend told him the plan to take the city and the following day the catapults had begun to fire on Tear. Joran was going to ride silt striders to the palace, while Arekoa would take the main bulk of the troops through the gates. Currently, they had 3 agents on the inside, working to free and arm the slaves inside. The silt striders were moving towards the palace. Joran could hear the screams of the Slave Masters as the Slaves revolted. The Commander began to lead the army to the walls. The Slaves they had rescued at the ports were fighting, too. Soon the gate opened, and House Indoril charged in, shouting battle cries and cheering. Joran's silt strider was heading towards Tear's palace at a surprising rate. A silt strider to his left went down, its hide riddled with arrows. The slaves below Joran were cheering as he made his way through the city, and they began to revolt.

Joran was sitting on the throne of the former leader of House Dres, while the ex-leader sat on the floor, sniffling and a look of hatred in his eyes. Both of them were bloody, but the Dres ex-leader was even more so. Arekoa walked into the room. He told her that they had won. She asked what happened, where his silt strider was. Joran looked at the ex-leader with distaste. He said that it was shit down. Luckily, he was over the palace so he fell in. Then he came in to the throne room and kicked the leader's ass. With the defeat of the lord, Tear was under House Indoril's control. The Indoril Guard began its long march north towards Narsis. When they arrived near Narsis, one of the advanced scouts brought an interesting report to Joran. The scout told him that House Redoran's troops were nearby. Joran asked where and the scout told him just north of Narsis. They appeared to have an equal amount of numbers to the Indoril Guard. Joran cursed them. To gain the advantage they'd need to do a surprise attack. The scout told them that the Redoran Commander was crafty. He was at a strategic spot where he could overview the entire city and there was no chance of a surprise attack from behind. Two days later the scouts reported that House Redoran was preparing for battle. Arekoa asked if they were about to attack Narsis. Joran ordered her to interrogate the captured Redoran scouts again, before turning on his heel and heading towards the war tent. In the war tent Arekoa reported that she learned from the scout that House Redoran wasn't supposed to attack so soon. Joran realized what that meant before Arekoa even reported it. She told him that they were going to attack them. Joran ordered her to prepare for battle. To get the archers and their mage companions on silt striders. To get catapults prepared, have the conjurers summon their thralls and have the other soldiers get armed.

House Redoran marched to meet House Indoril on the battlefield north of Narsis. The two armies were close enough to the city that the Hlaalu guards on the walls could see them in the horizon. Joran watched as the Redoran army marched to meet his own on the field of battle. He ordered the summoned creature to charge. The Redoran pyromancers lit the oil covered rocks on fire before they were launched at the Indoril's minions. The flaming rocks rained down upon the charging creatures. A handful were crushed, while others were lit on fire. However, as a whole, they kept charging, hacking and slashing at the Redoran soldiers. The Redoran archers on the Silt Striders began firing on the attacking minions. Redoran mages fired destruction spells at their enemies. The fire and lightning incinerated the front lines of the Indoril. The archers took the next line. Finally, the third line locked shields and kept advancing, slowly pushing back the Redoran army. However, their numbers were dwindling fast. The Redorans were putting up an amazing fight. The Redoran Guard charged the Indoril forces. Arekoa yelled an order and the wall of shields seemed to grow spears, which were held by the front line. The first line of the charging Redoran smashed into the wall, dying on the spears. Knowing this wouldn't work a second time, the Indoril dropped the spears and drew their swords, engaging the soldiers. The Indoril archers began to fire from their silt striders, while the mages flash incinerated other Redoran, while also trying to keep their eyes on the Redoran silt striders. The Redoran catapults and archers focused their fire away from the front lines, where their own troops now fought the Indoril. A fireball was cast into the air. Soon afterwards a large force of Redoran soldiers ran from the side of the battlefield and flanked the Indoril forces. The Indoril forces were stunned. Some of them turned to fight the new threat, while the rest continued to fight a losing battle against Redoran. Joran turned to Arekoa and ordered her to send in the phalanxes. Arekoa turned and blew on a horn. A group of Indoril soldiers grouped in the same formation as the Indoril's Spear wall ran down to meet the Redoran soldiers in open battle. All the non-pyromancer Redoran mages began casting spells. The Redoran Commander and his men charged to meet the enemies coming towards them. With even less Indoril fighting against Redoran guards they began making quick work of them.

The Indoril phalanx attempted to block the spells as best they could, but a couple of men had already died. The last of the minions were fighting back with new vigor, for they did not want to go back to Oblivion so soon. Arekoa led a charge towards the enemy commander. Redoran conjurers began to banish and expel the last of the Indoril thralls. As the conjurers got to work the Redoran Commander and his forces focused on repelling and counterattacking the charging Indoril forces. House Redoran was showing no mercy. With the thralls gone, the Indoril forces had nowhere left to hide. Joran watched from his post and saw his men were dying. So, he ran in with the main part of the Indoril army, charging to save Arekoa. The Redoran Guard, who had been fighting the bulk of the thralls and now the bulk of Indoril's forces were starting to fall. A captain of the Redoran Guard was slain. The few necromancers that Redoran had left retreated back to where the artillery was. The Silt Striders were just behind the Commander's men, the archers shooting at Indoril's Silt Striders. A few of Redoran's Silt Striders had already fallen. Joran estimated that he had about 65% of his troops left, but many were dying. The Redoran army was putting up an amazing fight. House Redoran and House Indoril kept fighting, troops began falling on both sides. The battle was brutal. You could see the determination on the eyes of the members of both armies, no side would give up. Joran finally caught up to Arekoa, who was standing a few feet from the Redoran Commander. She greeted him, Balyn Omoran, her cousin, and lifted her bloody sword. Balyn cast a fireball in her direction. He said that she was not his cousin, only an Indoril dog and he would put her down like one. He then charged at her. All around them the troops were fighting. Every second another soldier fell. Joran cast a ward spell and blocked the fireball. Arekoa told him to stay out of their fight, she wanted to kill him herself. She slashed at Balyn, while trying to trip him. Balyn jumped back, saying she could try, then swung his sword at her. A Silt Strider fell nearby. Arekoa blocked it with her shield. She bashed with her shield and swung her sword at his stomach. The Improved Bonemold Armor he was wearing took most of the damage. He commented on superior Redoran equipment then cast flames on Arekoa. She blocked the flames with her shield. Then cast a lightning bolt at Balyn, before following up with a slash at his face. The slash to the face left a big scar on Balyn helmet. His left eye, because the Bonemold armor's one slid, was cut. Though he had cast a ward to block the lightning.

The Empire and House Hlaalu's forces surprise attacked the two armies. Spells and arrows rained down on them while the cavalry charged from the sides, flanking both Indoril and Redoran soldiers. A arrow came out of the sky and struck Arekoa in the chest. She fell to the ground. Joran screamed her name and ran to her, there was nothing he could do, she was already dead. The Indoril soldiers were stunned by the sudden appearance of the Empire and began to flee. Arrows flying in Balyn's direction, one stuck him on the shoulder. He ordered the Redoran Guard to retreat. House Redoran's Army was routed, and so was Indoril's. The Empire and House Hlaalu had won this battle. Joran fled with the rest of his army, except he was weighed down by Arekoa's body. He was running next to Balyn, along with a great mix of Redoran and Indoril troops. Balyn looked over at Joran, he seemed angry. House Indoril retreated back to Mournhold. The Empire and House Hlaalu had won that battle, and maintained control of their land.

Joran's army blew their horns as they retreated into Mournhold, shutting the gates, he spotted his daughter Jina Nerevar standing in the street, next to some strange man in a mask. Joran was distraught, having lost his best friend, but he pushed his feelings down. He was a king. He had to lead. Soon after returning, he received a letter from Daric, requesting an audience in Mournhold, and also saying he would be in Blacklight. Joran sent a messenger to Daric, accepting his request. He also sent one to Aethan Sarethi, telling him of his daughter's untimely demise. He had no idea if Aethan would care. He did disown her as a young girl and throw her out on the streets. Joran had to tell him, however. A week later, the guards on the walls of Mournhold spotted a large group of people riding towards the city. Two big white banners with the Red Dragon symbol on it, Daric's banner, where being held up by two riders in the front. Though the guards saw that most of the men in the small group were wearing Redoran Bonemold Armor. They informed Joran of this and he ordered the gates to be opened. Joran rode out on his horse, accompanied by the Royal Guard, Jina, Naerion, and Sarin Indoril, one of the Masters of House Indoril. They rode towards the party. Joran greeted Daric and Balyn. He paused when he saw that the Redoran Archmaster was with them. Though he greeted him as well, before inviting everyone to his palace. Daric accepted the invite, and said that it was a pleasure to meet the Dunmer in person for the first time. He said that Jina had told him a lot about her father, like his rank within House Nerevar and House Indoril and his rightful claim to the throne of Morrowind. A Blade, that looked fairly familiar, rode next to Daric while Dandras, Balyn and the escort rode behind him. Dandras looked around with disgust. Joran replied rather humbly, saying it was what some people claimed and that on occasion he fancied that it was true. But that ultimately it would fall on Daric to decide who would be the next king, as only someone with his backing would be able to win the throne. Joran turned to Caesar, asking if he had been at the siege of Sentinel. Caesar confirmed that he was, under the command of General Etienne. Daric said that that was the reason why he had called this meeting between House Redoran and House Indoril. The group entered the Palace. The High King requested to be led to a room where they could have their meeting. Joran led them to a large, circular room with a long table in the middle. He took the seat at one end and motioned for them to do the same. Jina took a seat next to her father. Her father then asked what the purpose of the meeting.

Dandras sat at the other end. Balyn and his men stood guard behind him. Daric sat in the middle with Caesar standing by his side. Daric firstly said to Dandras that he'd like the meeting to go undisturbed, as the Dunmer looked quite angry. He told him to remove his guards from the room, save for one. Dandras reluctantly agreed and ordered his soldiers out of the room, only Balyn stayed behind. Joran ordered the Indoril Guard out, keeping only the Captain. Daric then replied to Joran, telling him that this was a negotiation. House Redoran and House Indoril must be united in order to defeat the Empire and House Hlaalu. They had already defeated both of them and had begun reclaiming the territories they had previously had conquered from them. Joran agreed, their recent defeat had brought some things to his mind, including the Great Council. He wanted to reform it, giving more rights to the Great Houses. The Great Houses needed to be united. Dandras said that is what House Redoran were doing before the Empire stepping in and made House Hlaalu the ruling house again. The Archmaster said, yelling, that now when Redoran try to continue their work Joran and House Indoril stepped in and messed everything up. The Breton told him to calm down, that there was no need to yell. He acknowledged that it was true that House Redoran had done much for the Dunmer for the past 200 years but that was all in times of war and tragedy. The Oblivion Crisis, the Argonian Invasion, the 2nd Great War. It is true that House Redoran led the Dunmer in those times but other than that Morrowind was separated into rival Houses. Morrowind needed unity, it needed a leader. Joran suggested that Daric pick someone to back so that the rivalry would stop. Daric said the Empire backing House Hlaalu as they claimed kingship only aggravated their rivalry with the other Great Houses. Him picking a side would have the same effect. The Dunmer needed to settle the matter between themselves, he was only there to make sure it happened. Dandras said that House Redoran's past actions proved that they could and would lead the Dunmer. The Breton asked if the other houses would follow. The Archmaster said they they would make them follow. Daric claimed that that was the problem. House Redoran was a military aligned house. They would always do thing with force according to their code of honor. Dandras explained the Code of Virtues: Duty, Gravity and Piety. Daric nodded, he said that someone more calm minded and not so militaristic needed to be the leader. Someone who was already a born leader. He then turned to Joran and said that it was where came in. The Redoran leader grew angry and yelled.

Joran asked if Daric was proclaiming him as king. Daric shook his head and reaffirmed that it was not his place to do that. He was merely saying that he thought Joran was the best person to rule and lead Morrowind. He was the grandson of the Nerevarine. Dandras pointed out that just because he was the descendant of the Nerevarine didn't mean that he should rule. The Breton asked why not. Joran had claim to the throne, he was a spiritual descendant of King Indoril Nerevar of the Chimer. The other Great Houses were far more likely to accept him as ruler than they were of the Redoran Archmaster. All Joran needed was the support of House Redoran. With their armies added to his the Empire and House Hlaalu wouldn't stand a chance. Dandras contemplated, saying that the High King spoke the truth. Joran asked if Dandras would swear fealty to him as king. He promised the Redoran a spot in the future Great Council of Morrowind. The Archmaster pointed out that he was far too young, too inexperienced at ruling. Daric argued that Joran would have the Great Council to aid him. Dandras thought for a bit and said that if he truly would reestablish the Great Council and give House Redoran the freedom and autonomy that House Hlaalu has stolen from them, then he would accept. Indoril would have House Redoran's army by their side, but they would not swear fealty to Joran until the whole of Morrowind was united under his banner. Joran accepted the deal. Though he said that many may think that House Hlaalu should be destroyed, but he didn't. Not all of them favor the Tyrant, and it was to that side that he would be extending a hand of acceptance and forgiveness. They would still be part of the Great Council. The Redoran said that they haven't been a part of the Council since the 3rd Era. They were kicked out because the Empire abandoned Morrowind in the Oblivion Crisis. They were the Empire's lap dog and now they were back as their lap dog. He asked Joran what made him think they would ever change. They had always been corrupt, working with the Morag Tong, the Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild. Daric chose to stay out of it since this part of the negotiation didn't involve him. Joran argued that one of the main reasons they rejoined the Empire was because they were exiled. He asked how he would feel if House Redoran was exiled, after all that they had done for Morrowind, and after all the promises he had made him. Besides, being deceitful and working with thieves and assassins was in the very nature of the Dunmer. Once Edras was gone, Joran felt that they could put them back on the right path.

Dandras argued that that may be the way of the other houses but House Redoran didn't work with thieves and murderers. If they had ever been kicked out of the Council for being the Empire's lap dog then they wouldn't go back to the Empire and be their lap dog. They would restore their honor, not taint it some more like House Hlaalu has done. Be he said that if he truly thought that House Hlaalu could change their ways once they conquered Narsis and brought unity to Morrowind then it would be on Joran's head when they went back to their old ways and screwed over the Dunmer once more. Joran was fine with that and asked if there was anything else that they needed to discuss. Daric said that that was all. Everyone exited the room. As they were going out of the room Daric approached Joran and asked to speak in private with him. The Dunmer agreed and stayed in the room. After everyone else was out he shut the door and asked what this was about. Daric said that there was something he should know. He wasn't sure if Jina had told him but he told the Dunmer about the assassination attempt on her. He said all his men were able to find on the assassins was the pin, which he handed to Joran. It was a fake House Redoran pin. Caesar was unable to figure out if it was a plot from the Empire and House Hlaalu or House Redoran or someone else entirely. Joran said that assassins weren't House Redoran's style. House Hlaalu was way more subtle than this, they wouldn't get the color wrong. He then asked who were the three other men that had been with them in the negotiations. The Breton said that they were Nelthars. It was hard to explain to him who they really are since even the High King didn't really know. All he knew was that they are a powerful faction that was spread through most of Tamriel. They were currently in an alliance with him, other than that they were a wild card. The Dunmer noted that his daughter couldn't keep her eyes off of two of them. He trusted that the High King would help him get tot he bottom of the assassination when the war was over. Daric agreed. She was almost killed in his castle, he couldn't let that stand. Joran was glad to hear it. He thanked him for the help in the negotiations. Morrowind would've been crippled with civil war for many generations, otherwise. Daric said that that was why he intervened. He would stay in Mournhold for two more days before he began his journey back to High Rock.

Joran sat in his throne room, mulling over battle plans. If the combined might of all the houses marched on Narsis, they would annihilate them. Sadly, the Telvanni won't care. Joran could count on the Dres Slaves, but he wasn't so sure about the Dres Members. Sadras would follow, when called. Joran stood up and sent out messengers to all the Great Houses, requesting their aid. The letter read: Dear Great Houses of Morrowind, Meet me in the outskirts of Narsis with your armies as soon as possible. -Joran Nerevar, King of Morrowind, Grandmaster of House Indoril. Joran and the Indoril Guard marched towards Narsis. He arrived some time later. Joran sat in his camp before Narsis. He had received letters from House Sadras and Dres, and he knew that Redoran was coming. The Redoran army marched to the outskirts of Narsis, coming to the same place where they had previously fought House Indoril. Joran saw the Sadras army arriving and walked to greet the newly appointed leader, Kirid Sadras. Kirid bowed and greeted Joran as his king. Joran welcomed him to the battlefield. Commander Balyn and the Redoran Army arrived at the Indoril camp. Balyn told Jora than House Redoran is ready to fight by his side. Joran thanked him. After all the armies were ready he gave the order to begin the attack. Commander Balyn returned to where the Redoran Army was and sounded a horn. The Army began marching towards Narsis. The Indoril mages began to fly on silt striders. Joran prepared to ride with the cavalry into the city. Commander Balyn and his forces remained out of range from the imperial archers and mages. Redoran catapults to fired onto the city, with Pyromancers at their side so the projectiles were on fire. Some of the archers were atop Silt Striders, who moved closer to the city so they can fire at the wall. Indoril silt striders and Redoran silt striders moved in perfect unison, flying high enough to avoid arrows, and blocking them together. While one strider would shoot fire, the other would shoot arrows. When they were attacked, Indoril mages would cast magic walls to block arrows and other projectiles. Meanwhile, netch riders were attempting to climb the walls. The Sadras army were summoning more and more Daedra, to attack the city in place of Dunmer soldiers. The Imperial Battlemages cast spells at the attacking Daedra. Redoran Catapults bombarded Nasis' wall. The spells were hitting the Daedra, killing many. The main bulk of the Daedra kept pushing on, though. The Daedra reached the walls, and began to scale it, placing ladders on the walls. With the Imperials occupied by the Daedra the Redoran Artillery units focused on the city gates.

The City Gates shuddered, taking the full force of the flaming rocks. Behind them, the Hlaalu and Imperial troops stood, waiting to kill anything that came through. Suddenly, the gates broke, shattering inwards. The combined Indoril and Redoran soldiers surged through, killing the enemy troops. The Hlaalu and Imperials troops held on as best they could. The other force of troops that General Ignatius had sent out of the city had circled around the Battlefield and now had begun charging at the Redoran Artillery units. Seeing the enemy troops begin to attack the Redoran artillery, Joran changed his course. Instead of taking the cavalry into the city right away, he attacked the enemies by the artillery, making short work of them, but losing more than a few of his riders and mounts. Following the death of the attacking force of Imperials, Joran finally took the Cavalry into the city, stopping just in the entrance to the gates, where the Dunmer forces were gaining ground. Joran called to Balyn and told him to fight his way to the palace as soon as possible. Balyn nodded and rallied the Redoran guard to advance. He activated Ancestor's Wrath and charged at the Imperials. Joran and his mount waded through the Imperial forces, killing many. Eventually, though, his mount was stabbed to death, and Joran had to keep going. He was alone. The Indoril Guard had fallen behind, and Joran was pushing his way forwards alone. Behind him, in the distance, he could see the other members of the cavalry, but they were too far behind. Balyn slashed and sliced his way towards Joran. He told Joran that House Redoran had his back, as he stabbed an imperial close to Joran. However he mentioned that if they continued like this there wouldn't be many of them left. They needed to take out the Imperial leaders, the Legion General and King Edras Hlaalu. Joran suggested that they go after the general first, then Edras. He turned around and headed towards the walls, with Balyn following. The General was atop the wall with a few elite soldiers holding off the Dunmer that tried to get up there to kill the remaining archers, which were firing down on the Dunmer. Joran called him, telling him to come down and fight like a man.

The general didn't comply. Balyn shot a fireball at him but one of the Battlemages cast a Ward protecting their general. Joran tossed continuous fire storms at the General and his men, but only succeeded in killing two of them. He told Balyn to take the stairs. Balyn nodded. He rallied some men and charged at the stairs. Cast fireballs at the Imperials, pushing them back as only a few Battlemages could protect their companions. Joran, watching as Balyn and his men killed the last warriors, finally shot a massive fire storm at the General. The Imperial General gets blown away by the firestorm and burned to death at the same time. The Imperial soldiers retreated further in the city, near the Palace. Joran got a Cavalry member to give Balyn and himself a horse. They then began riding toward the Palace. They saw King Edras fleeing, and Joran called to him. He yelled at the coward, telling him not to flee and that if he did he'd just hunt him down. The King's guards charged at Joran and Balyn to buy time for Edras to escape. He rode towards the back gate, which was open since the Imperials had previously used it to flank the Dunmer. Balyn dismounted and fought the guards. Joran shouted for Balyn to take care of the guards while he rode after Edras. Joran charged after him, but Edras was too far ahead. He turned back to help Balyn. Balyn fought the guards, but there were more of them than there was of him, making him take longer to dispatch them. One of the guards managed to evade Balyn and was able to shot an arrow at Joran's horses's leg before Balyn stabbed him. After killing the guards, Joran and Balyn watch as the final remnants of the Imperial troops die. After learning that their leader abandoned them the remaining House Hlaalu and Imperial troops laid down their arms. The battle was won. Joran felt as if a great weight was lifted off of his chest. Following the defeat of Narsis, and the freeing of Morrowind, Joran and Balyn led the victorious army into Mournhold, to the cheers of the Dunmer. Joran prepared for his coronation, when he would take up the swords of his Grandfather, Hopesfire and Trueflame.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

It has been a few days since the Battle of Narsis. Because of Joran Nerevar's coronation all the House Leaders were called to Mournhold. Joran received Dandras and Balyn Omoran inside the palace. He welcomed them back to Mournhold and asked if they were there for the coronation. Dandras said that they were there for the coronation and the meeting of the Grand Council. He asked Joran if he had forgotten it already, as he had been the one to claim to be reinstating it. Joran smiled, saying that Dandras was as blunt as ever. He then asked the Archmaster if he remembered the first issue on the table. The Redoran said that it was House Hlaalu's status as a Great House. He then said for Joran not to let him keep him from his other guests. A few more high ranking Redoran members had come with Dandras to Mournhold. Magister Neloth of House Telvanni had just arrived with his apprentice and other members of House Telvanni. Joran welcomed Magister Neltoth and asked him how things were in Solstheim. Neloth said that he should be in Solstheim right now, as his experiments didn't finish themselves. Then he muttered that he should work on that next, experiments that finish themselves. He told his apprentice to write that down before trailing off in thought. The apprentice was carrying a bunch of Neloth's equipment. He struggled to write down what Neloth was saying while holding the packs. Kirid Sadras and members of House Sadras had arrived. Marilia Hlaalu and the surviving House Hlaalu members also arrived. And last to arrive was Tanel Dres and the members of his house. Tanel was in an awful angry mood, his hatred for House Indoril was apparent. Joran asked Tanel how he was. Tanel brushed him off. When everyone arrived the coronation began.

Soon enough everyone was settled in the Palace's throne room. The guests were separated in two sides of the room by a light blue and green carpet going all the way to the throne. Indoril and Nerevar banners covered the walls of the room. In front of the throne were three Tribunal Priests, the Patriarch and two Masters. The music started, and Joran walked down the aisle to the cheers from the guests. He knelt before the patriarch, who held the crown. The patriarch said a few words, before having Joran stand up and turned around. He placed the crown on Joran's head, and exclaimed, They hailed him as King Joran Nerevar of Morrowind. The guests cheered. Joran then turned to the two masters and took Hopesfire and Trueflame. He crossed them over his chest and sat in the throne. The guests cheered again. All the guests except those of House Dres, and some others that still held disdain towards House Indoril, cheered. Some from House Telvanni were too busy lost in thought to even know what was going on, like Magister Neloth.

Joran stood up, and wandered to Dandras. He said that it was time for the meeting and beckoned him to follow. He led them to the same meeting room they had used for the last negotiation. He sent messengers to get the other House heads. The meeting room filled up with the six leaders of the Houses and their bodyguards. Joran welcomed them to their first council meeting, standing up. He mentioned that later he wanted to have the common folk take part. Tanel snickered and said that only high ranking members of the Great Houses could participate in the meeting, as it had been done since the time of the Chimer. Joran decided to deflect the issue for now and immediately began with the first issue and asked for a vote on whether House Hlaalu should remain a Great House or not. Joran and Kirid voted for. Neloth ignore the vote and kept muttering something about his experiments. Tanel voted against, saying that they had followed House Hlaalu twice now and both times ended poorly. Twice they sided with the Empire and it came back to bite them in the ass. Dandras looked over at Joran. He said that he had already discussed this with him in their last meeting. He voted for, but said that the consequences were on Joran. With that House Hlaalu kept their status. The Hlaalu leader, Marilia, cheered silently, overjoyed at not being exiled from Morrowind once again. Next up Joran brought up the topic of slavery. Dandras however brought back the topic of the common folk. He asked if Joran meant that they would be welcome to witness the meetings or will get to vote alongside the councilors. Tanel agreed with the question.

Joran said that it depended on what the council decided. He was hoping that they would allow the common folk to have representatives in the council, elected by them. They would be able to vote. He asked if they didn't want their people to have a say in what happened in their country. Tanel said that the meeting was of the Great Houses, not citizens. They had no say in what the Councilors decided. Dandras agreed with him. The council was an ancient tradition since the times of Joran's spiritual ancestor, Indoril Nerevar. With that Joran decided to drop the subject. Neloth brought back the topic of slavery. The others looked a little surprised that he spoke. He asked if Joran was serious at ending it. Both Houses Telvanni and Dres had depended on slavery for a long time. Dandras said that slavery had only caused problems for them. The entire reason why the Argonians had invaded was because of their stupid slavery. He also mentioned that if not for House Redoran they would have killed them all. Joran agreed with the Archmaster. Slavery had only caused problems for them. It had taken House Indoril a long time to rebuild Mournhold, all because of their slavery. Tanel argued that their farms required slave labor. Dandras pointed out that slavery was outlawed once before in the 3rd Era and their farms still survived. Tanel said that that was only because the ban didn't last long. Dandras reminded him that it lasted 200 years. Joran said that House Dres needed to learn the values of hard work. Tanel retorted, saying that slaves worked hard. Dandras decided to call a vote and stop the arguing. Kirid, Joran, Dandras and Marilia voted for a ban. Both Neloth and Tenal voted against. Dandras said that it was settled. Slavery was now outlawed in Morrowind. Tanel said that this would cripple House Dres' economy. Dandras told him to start hiring people instead of enslaving them. Tanel gave Dandras a stern look.

Joran suggested that if they payed the former slaves they would keep working for them just as hard. Tanel didn't answer. Slavery is something that House Dres had done for a long time, it was part of their culture. It would take more than one meeting to change the way they think. Dandras asked if there was anything else that they needed to discuss. Joran brought up the topic of Daric Lariat and his plan to go to war with Cyrodiil. Joran wanted to ask how the other Houses felt about this plan. Both Joran and Kirid wanted to help him, but Marilia didn't speak. Dandras agreed to help, he said they owed Daric that much. Neloth said that they didn't owe him anything. It was not their fight. Morrowing was free, they didn't need anything anymore. Marilia spoke now, for the first time. She said that they didn't owe Daric anything, but they owed Augustus Mede. They owed him a painful death. She agreed to help. Dandras stared at Tanel, who didn't want to help. Dandras said that his vote didn't matter since they were marching to war anyway. Joran adjourned the meeting. He then walked out with Dandras, Marilia, and Kirid and their bodyguards. He remarked that that went well. Dandras said that it went as well as it could have gone. Next time it would be the all councilors that voted, not just the heads of the Houses. Joran asked when they would hear from Daric next. The Archmaster said that the Breton claimed he was going to get his troops ready in High Rock, so he thought he would make contact soon. No doubt he was anxious to invade Cyrodiil and claim the Ruby Throne. Joran could relate. Kirid asked Joran when his wife and kids would return from High Rock. He said that they would be back next week.

Not long after Joran marched the combined Morrowind army of all the Great Houses into Cyrodiil through the east. They headed for Cheydinhal. The Dunmer faced bitter resistance in Northeastern Cyrodiil, the 2nd and the 8th Legion were there guarding the city. Cyrodiil wasn't going to give up without a fight. Daric's alliance had a hard time advancing through Cyrodiil. The Legions were well trained and disciplined, their formations were strong and unbreakable. The Dunmeri army arrived in front of the gates. To their horror, the Count, who probably would have let them pass due to him being a Dunmer, was dead. His dead body was nailed to the city gates. Joran, Balyn, Marilia, and Kirid, who were going to barter for their right to pass, turned and rode back to the army. With the Count dead, Joran ordered the siege of the city to begin. Kirid ordered the catapults to fire, before going to lead the House Sadras Daedra. A part of the Telvanni Mages summoned a group of Ogrim, to tear down the wall. Still, they had the men carrying ladders in case that didn't work. The 2nd legion that garrisoned the city counter attacked. Firing Ballistae and Catapult rounds at the Dunmer. The 8th Legion from Black Marsh attacked the Dunmer forces from the south. The Indoril Part of the army turned and engaged the 8th Legion, while Hlaalu spies on the inside were fighting against the guards at the catapults, assassinating as many as possible. The Dunmer in the city, seeing their kinsmen in trouble began to attack from the inside. The 2nd Legion in the city started to kill the rebelling Dunmer. The 8th Legion was more than a match for the Indoril forces. Seeing that Joran and his forces were in trouble Commander Balyn's Redoran Guard marched south to assist. A few of their officers were getting assassinated, the city's defenses started to falter. The combined Indoril and Redoran forces pushed back the 8th Legion, but the battle was ongoing. The Telvanni cast massive fireballs at the gates, all together. Varik, Neloth's underling, was a demon, sending fireballs, lightning bolts, ice spikes into the guards on the walls, floating above the rest of his army in his tornado. The gates fell, with a crash. Half of the Telvanni mages collapsed from exhaustion. They were the footmen, the weak ones. The Daedra and the Hlaalu army rushed through the gates, killing the guards stationed there. With the gates down the Imperials began abandoning their posts. They escaped the city to regroup closer to the Imperial City. The 8th Legion saw that Cheydinhal had fallen so they broke ranks and fled south.

The Dunmeri army cheered and charged into the city, clearing out the last pockets of resistance. Joran ran to the deceased Count's castle and brought down the flag of Augustus. He raised two flags, one being his own banner, of Nerevar Moon-and-Star, and the other being Daric's Septim flag. The Dunmer rejoiced, as did some of the citizens. Joran talked to a Dunmer during the feast. Her name was Alma Redoran, Joran's sister. As Cheydinhal was under Dunmeri control at the moment, Joran appointed her acting Countess until Daric saw otherwise. He also decided to leave behind a small portion of his army with her to protect the city. The army was going to stay across from the Imperial City, in Fort Urasek. Just as the Dunmer were about to leave the city, the alarm bells were rung. The Legions were coming back. Some from the north and others from the south. King Joran ordered the Hlaalu, Sadras and Telvanni troops to hold the north while Indoril, Redoran and Dres would hold the south. The 10th and 8th Legions attacked the Dunmer from north and the south respectively. The two halves of the Dunmer army fought back, firing arrows, fireballs, rocks, anything they could get their hands on out into the Legions. The North gate opened, letting forth a stream of Daedra, before closing just as quickly. The Daedra crashed into the already weakened Legion, killing many. The 8th Legion besieged the city from the south while the 10th Legion fought the summoned Daedra forces. The Daedra slashed and hacked their way through the 10th Legion, killing many before their summoning time ran out. The Redoran forces began charging out of the gates, using the same tactic the Daedra did. The gates closed very fast. The Dres fired arrows into the 8th Legion, while the Telvanni tossed Fireballs and Lightning Bolts at the Legions on both sides.

The diversity of the Dunmer's tactics was their strong suit. The Imperials took too long to adapt to the tactics of one of the forces only to be attacked by the forces of another House. The Dunmer were winning. In the south, the 8th Legion began to break, many of them panicking and running away. In the north, the 10th Legion, as there were no longer any Daedra holding them back, began to push forward and put ladders on the wall. The Telvanni and Sadras conjurers did their best to summon more Daedra or familiars to help, but most of them were near faint with exhaustion. The Hlaalu warriors were doing their best to cut down the ladders, but more and more were being brought up. That was when the Dres forces stepped in. It seemed they had come out of the East and West gates, and they circled behind the 10th Legion. They were already weakened by Daedra, and it was as if they were caught between a rock and a hard place. They went down fighting, severely crippling the Dres Guard, but they went down nonetheless. The Dunmer had won the day and once again had defeated the Imperial Legions. The few surviving legionnaires had ran southwest to Bravil. The Dunmer were wandering on the field of battle, searching for survivors to help. When they couldn't find any, they left a quarter of all the House armies to help the Dres Guard. The rest of the army resupplied, and moved towards the Imperial City to wait for Daric.

Joran sent a courier to Daric's last known location, asking when he would arrive at the Imperial City. It also said that they had taken Cheydinhal, and defeated the 2nd, 8th and 10th Legions. The Dunmer army marched towards the Imperial City, taking all the forts ans small settlements as they followed the Blue Road. The Dunmer didn't encounter much resistance. The 3rd and 4th Legions where guarding Bravil and Leyawiin. The Dunmer reached Fort Urasek and began to reinforce the fort as they camped there. Joran signaled to Balyn, and Balyn sent a single, fiery rock shooting from the catapult into the Imperial City, while they waited for Daric. Joran hoped that it ended up hitting the White-Gold Tower. The flaming rock didn't hit the palace, sadly. It rammed into a part of the wall, knocking it down a little. Joran turned to Balyn again and ordered him to send in some Hlaalu spies. 5 Dunmer, dressed in peasant clothes, began to head towards the Imperial City, circling around so they would seemingly come from Bruma, fleeing the Nords. 2 others waited for nightfall before heading to the broken part of the wall. They used a simple levitation spell, along with an invisibility spell. They dropped into the city.

As the sun went up the Dunmer army could see 5 heads on pikes near the hole on the wall that was broken by their catapult the last day. There was still no visible activity in the city. Joran stared darkly at he five heads. He hoped that the other two were still alive. He called for a courier and ordered him to go to Daric and report. The courier ran off. He found it strange that he had not yet gotten a reply from Daric regarding his last message. Some time later he finally received a reply from Daric and discovered that his first courier had been killed along the way. Daric ordered him to send reinforcements to Ulfric Stormcloak in order to take Chorrol. He sent Kirid with 1/4 of his forces. They soon began to wonder why the Empire wasn't attacking them at the fort. Before long they received word from Daric and marched out of the fort and through the Red Ring. As the Dunmer marched, many of them glared apprehensively up at the Imperial City, hating the very sight of it. Joran paused, and so did his army. He told them to remember the day they defeated the Imperials, who took their freedom from them. To remember all of the people, not just Dunmer, who had died thanks to Augustus. He said that they would end him and finally have peace. The Dunmer army cheered, and, after resting for a small time, continued to march. The army met up with Kirid's force along the way, after he had finished helping the Nords in Chorrol. As they reached Daric's camp west of the Imperial City the Dunmer received a letter from Emperor Augustus. It told them that if they turned back now they would be spared, but if they joined Daric in his assault on the capital then not only they would die but also their families in Morrowind. This message caused many members of Houses Dres and Telvanni to desert, as well as some from House Hlaalu. However the rest of the army didn't falter in their determination and instead got ready to attack.

Joran headed to Daric's tent to report the desertion to him. He informed him of Augustus' letter and of the men that deserted. Daric said that it was a shame, but it didn't matter. The Stormcrown Alliance was united. The Bretons, Nords, Redguards, Dunmer and Bosmer were ready to fight as one. They could take the Imperial City. Daric told Joran to return to his camp and ready his men, the war horns would sound the beginning of the attack. Joran nodded and headed to his tent. He put on his armor and picked up the swords of his House. He headed outside and addressed his men, preparing them for battle. Not long after Daric mounted his horse. The Catapults were being loaded. The men were in position. It was time. He blew on the horn and the Artillery started to fire on the walls. The Men got on the row boats they had made to cross the river. The Undead on the walls fired arrows and spells at the invaders, the Ballistae installed into the towers of the city fired on the armies bellow. Joran got on his horse, and ordered the remainder of his army to begin the attack. Hlaalu Archers and Telvanni mages got onto silt striders. Some of the silt striders were also carrying squads of Indoril, Redoran, and the remainder of Dres troops. The artillery rounds were starting to break off bits of the outer wall, killing some of the undead on the western wall of the city. The Imperial Ballistae had managed to destroy a few boats and catapults. The undead soldiers shot arrows and fired spells at the Silt Striders. The Telvanni were doing their best to protect the giant bugs, but many were knocked down. The Catapults of the Dunmeri began to fire, shooting giant green balls. When they were over the city, the balls uncurled, revealing Daedra. They dropped into the city, crushing anything beneath them. A few silt striders finally made it past the city walls, raining arrows and fire down from on high. Joran grinned and said that now the battle would start for real. The boats had begun landing on the other side. There the soldiers were putting up the ladders to climb the wall. The artillery was aimed at the sections of wall where the ladders. Some of the ladders were pushed down by the undead. More and more silt striders got over the walls, and Dunmer began to land. Some of them also began to climb the ladders with the Nords. The artillery was aimed farther into the city, so they wouldn't hit any friendlies.

Joran and the rest of his army came through the gates, that had been broken open, while he had the Hlaalu spies climbing across roofs, shooting undead people as much as they could. The Hlaalu Archers were climbing the ladders along with the Bosmer. Joran dismounted, while he, Balyn, and the rest of his army waded through the Undead, slashing and hacking. Kirid walked through the Undead army, towards Balyn and Joran. Balyn was a little surprised to see him there, as he had gone ahead on a silt strider earlier in the battle. He was bleeding heavily, and Augustus' troops were ignoring him. Joran shouted his name. He ignored the shout and charged at Balyn, who engaged him in a deadly duel. The fighting in the streets of the Talos Plaza District was wearing down the Alliance troops in an alarming rate. Everyone of theirs that died would be reanimated and would attack his former friends. Joran saw green, creepy light emanate from an alley. Joran walked towards the light and entered the alley, to see a large, fat Sload, casting spells as it raised the dead. Joran looked up to the rooftops of the alley and saw several Hlaalu members, staring in shock and horror down at the Sload. Joran ordered them to kill the creature and charged at the Sload, slicing and hacking. Three of the Hlaalu dropped down to fight, but one was flash incinerated by a spell. The other Hlaalu members began to fire their arrows at the Sload, but its thick skin was very tough. Joran ordered them to aim for the back of his legs, for his stomach, before he dodged a spell. The Sload was too busy fighting all of these people to raise any dead, so it was just casting spells as fast as possible. Joran ducked, avoiding a fireball, and rolled underneath the Sload's legs, coming up behind him. He braced himself on one knee and drove Hopesfire and Trueflame into its back. The Magic flames from the artifact engulfed the Sload, and it screamed, falling to the ground. The Dunmers' dead stopped being resurrected, and the Hlaalu continued to fire upon the Undead, and the revitalized Alliance Army charged at the Undead. The magic flame from Hopesfire and Trueflame seemed to grow brighter, and, if used on a group, would engulf all of the members in a sticky white and orange flame. When someone tried to put it out, it would spread faster.

With both the Sloads from the Talos Plaza dead Daric and his allies were able to clear out the undead in it after a while. They regrouped in the center of the Plaza. Daric said that if there were Sloads like the ones they encountered all over the city then they had to hunt them dow. Green Emperor Way was probably too overrun with undead to take before they get rid of their biggest advantage, being able to turn their dead against them. Joran looked at Daric. He said that if there were only two Sloads per district then they should split up. Balyn could lead one of the expeditions, while he offered to lead another. He said that if they kept using the same tactics, they could win the battle. They also had the Bosmer archers to aid them. Daric ordered the Dunmer and the Nords to head tot he Elven Gardens District. The Bretons, Bosmer and the Redguards would go to the Temple District. The fighting was still going on atop the walls and alliance artillery was still firing on the city. The armies had spread into the city and were fighting all over. Joran and Ulfric Stormcloak led the charge of their combined armies. Remembering the Talos Pact they had had before Augustus' terrible reign, the armies fought well together. Dunmer warriors would dart in, slashing at the front ranks of the Undead, taking out a few of them, and when the shields in that part were gone, the Nords would charge in, wailing away at the Undead with their axes and hammers. Meanwhile, Balyn and Galmar searched for one Sload while Joran and Ulfric searched for the other. The Nords and the Dunmer began to make ground as they fought their way through the District. Joran and Ulfric charged at a Sload, who was hiding in a clump of trees. Ulfric shouted at the Sload, and it fell to the ground, stunned. Joran leaped past Ulfric, and landed on top of the Sload. He drove Hopesfire and Trueflame into its stomach, and the magic flame consumed it. Ulfric remarked that the swords were very powerful and Joran nodded, staring at them. The alliance army was now routing the Undead, and, soon enough, the Stormcrown Alliance owned the Elven Gardens.

Joran and Ulfric brought part of their troops to the Temple district. They began to fight the Undead along with the Redguards, Bretons and Bosmer armies. Joran and the Dunmeri army had followed the Nords into the Arboretum, and began to fight the Undead. Together with the Dunmer the Nords pushed the undead back. Suddenly as they were fighting in the Arboretum a red dragon flew over the city and began breathing fire down on the undead. The remaining Dunmer and Nords that were in the Arboretum cheered. Especially the Nords. After killing the Sload in the Waterfront the Redguards joined up with the Nords and Dunmer in the Arboretum. They had already killed one of the Sloads in the Arboretum. The Nords were rallied by Ulfric and he marched them into Green Emperor Way. The Dunmer followed the Nords and Bretons to assault the White-Gold Tower. The armies clashed. Augustus was at the front lines slashing at the invaders. Joran and his army surged towards Augustus'. Joran had lost too many good people fighting this tyrant. He was going to help Daric end him, or he was going to die trying. He prayed to Saint Nerevar for protection then ran towards Augustus, hoping to stop the tyrant before he killed anyone else. Augustus pointed his sword at Joran. It glowed and then fired a bolt of dark magic. Joran rolled out of the way, coming up and firing the Magic Flames from Trueflame and Hopesfire directly at Augustus' face. Seeing that Joran had dodged his bolt he charged at the dunmer king. Joran jumped out of the way, as Augustus barreled past him. As Augustus was expecting to hit him, he stumbled past. In that moment, Joran drove Trueflame into the back of Augustus' left calve. Joran drew it out, red blood staining the blade. Augustus groaned in pain, telling the Dunmer that he would pay for that. He bashed the king with his shield. Joran fell back, stumbling. He slashed back with his sword. Augustus blocked the slash with his shield, then lunged forward with his sword. Joran caught the blade, barely an inch from his chest. He drove away the Tyrant Emperor, slashing back with his sword, hoping someone would help him.

Augustus blocked it with his shield, then bashed the Dunmer. He said that Joran was no match for him. He was already an excellent warrior without all the enchantments of his new armor and weapons. With them, his foes were hopeless. The High King of High Rock jumped into the fight and said that Joran was not hopeless if he had help. Daric shot a fireball at Augustus, who turned around and lifted his shield. Augustus commented on Daric's new sword, saying that it would not change anything. He then charged at the Breton. He said they would see and blocked Augustus's first attack, but the was hit by the second. He rolled the side after that. Joran ducked under the bash, and saw Daric enter the battle. Joran followed him after Daric, and stabbed Trueflame into his other calve. Augustus was angered by Joran. He pointed his sword at the dunmer and then shot a bolt of dark energy. Daric got up and got attack by two skeletons, he cast a fireball killing them both. Joran got blasted back. He said groggily as he stood up again. Suddenly, Jina Nerevar stepped in between her father and Augustus. Joran was confused, he had left his daughter in Mournhold before departing for Cyrodiil. A powerful lightning bolt shot straight towards Augustus, and Joran saw the masked man who was Jina's acquaintance and realized that the Nelthars must have brought her with them. He cursed them under his breath for putting his daughter in danger. Jina shouted Naerion in joy. Naerion, the masked man, walked over to him and his daughter and said that he wasn't doing this for either of them. Jina said that she didn't expect anything more from him. The bolt hit Augustus and staggered him, his armor's enchantment absorbed most of the damage but he still got hurt. He angrily swung his sword at Jina, since she was in between him and Joran. Daric blocked the attack and criticized Augustus for try to strike a child. Augustus said that all would fall by his blade. He was getting weakened from the fighting. Daric clashed swords with the Emperor. The Alliance forces were winning but slowly, the Sloads' powers to reanimate dead soldiers were keeping the fight relatively even.

Jina ducked as an arrow flew over her head. She was utilizing her training to get behind Augustus as Joran got to his feet. Joran got up and struck at Augustus' stomach. An undead came up behind Naerion but Naerion grabbed it's arm and place his fist in its face so it's head flew off. Augustus jumped back to evade the attack, the blocked an attack from Daric. Daric cast a Fireball straight at Augustus. Then power attacked the Emperor. Augustus was slashed by the Breton, he kicked the usurper and then power attacked Joran. Joran shouted and rolled away, getting grazed on his side by Augustus' sword. Jina struck, while Augustus was off balance. She drew her Nightingale Sword and drove it into his back. Augustus yelled in pain, then he turned around and bashed the girl, making her lose her grip on her sword, that was still stuck on the Emperor's back. He asked Daric if he was fighting four on one because he was so afraid that he'd die. He asked the Breton were was his sense of honor. Daric looked around and told the others to stand down. This was his fight, he had to defeat him alone. Joran and Jina backed up. He gave her a one-armed hug and whispered, saying that he didn't like that she was here, but glad that she didn't get hurt. Daric lunged at the Emperor, who blocked the attack with his shield. However from all the damage he suffered from fighting everyone else was slowing him down. Daric cast a firebolt at the Augustus. The Emperor power attacked the Breton. Daric held the sword and blocked the attack. Joran and Jina looked at each other, things didn't look so good, but they were told not to get involved. Daric charged in clashing blades with Augustus. He cast flames at Augustus' head. The Emperor moved back, Daric grabbed his shield then hit him with his sword's hilt. Augustus let go of the shield. The Breton said that now it was a fair fight and threw the shield away. Augustus lunged at Daric and the two clashed blades again. Joran and Jina cheered as Daric got the shield away.

Augustus kicked Daric, then slashed him across the chest. Daric grabbed his chest in pain. He fell, Augustus standing over him. He put his legs in between the Emperor's and tripped him. Daric got up and cast Close Wounds on himself. Augustus rolled back and stood up. Daric lunged forward with his sword, stabbing Augustus in the stomach. Augustus punched Daric in the face the pulled the sword out of his stomach. The Emperor said that he'd pay for that. He was wielding both swords. Daric cast a dual Fireball at him, when the Emperor fell to one knee he jumped over him. Behind the Emperor he pulled out Jina's Nightingale sword. Jina gasped as Daric and Augustus were both wounded. Daric had to endure an onslaught of attacks from Augustus now that he had two swords. He kept his sword in a blocking position. Augustus kicked him, causing Daric to stop blocking and tried to strike the Breton. Daric jumped back and then cast a fireball at the ground in front of the Emperor. Augustus now pretty weakened fell to one knee. Daric sliced his left arm, and then caused Augustus to drop Tazaarfeyn. Daric tossed Jina's sword aside, close to the girl, and picked up his sword. Augustus struggled to get up, saying that he'd kill the usurper. Jina picked up her sword when it was tossed near her. Joran looked on at the battle, hoping that he wouldn't have to step in. Daric asked Augustus if he knew the name of the sword he was using. Slowly getting up, Augustus asked if it mattered. Daric said that its name was Tazaarfeyn, Tyrant's Bane. He lunged forward at Augustus, who lifted his sword to block the attack. He pushes Daric back and then slashes at the Breton. Daric catches the attack mid air, then he fires a firebolt at Augustus' chest. The Emperor moved back, Daric sliced him across the chest. Jina put her sword into a ready position, prepared to strike Augustus. The Emperor was very weakened. He could barely stand, the Sloads were preoccupied with the battle and couldn't assist him this time. Daric kicked Augustus in the chest, knocking him down. He said that Augustus' time was up, he was relieving him of the throne. He stepped on Augustus's right arm so he couldn't lift his sword and asked what were his last words. Augustus told him to rot in Oblivion. Daric gripped his sword with both hands, then thrust it into the Emperor's chest. The Emperor screamed for a second before dying.

Joran gasped at the scream Augustus let out. He soon recovered from his shock, and shouted in joy. Jina ran to Daric, giving him a big hug, before stepping back and telling him good job. Joran ignored the two of them. He didn't feel like celebrating. He had lost many friends during this war. Arekoa Sarethi, Kirid Sadras, Balyn Omoran, even his two eldest sons. Their little celebration ended as Daric rejoined the fighting against the undead. Joran and Jina ran into the throng of undead together, slashing and killing anything in their path as they ran towards another Sload. The last Sloads were put down by the alliance. With the Sloads all taken care of the undead forces couldn't maintain their numbers by resurrecting dead alliance forces. The Alliance were able to kill the undead with greater ease. It didn't take that long, only a few short hours, to kill all the undead left in the city. Joran, Jina and the Dunmer army helped to clear out the last vestiges of the Undead. All over the city the Breton troops put Daric's Septim flag up. They started cleaning up the city. The citizens that were locked in their houses had begun to come out and life slowly came back to the capital. The alliance forces set up camp outside the city, with only a few staying inside to keep order.

Joran wandered through the streets of the Imperial City, staring at all the work that Daric would have to do to bring the city back to it's former glory. Just like his own country, they still had a lot to fix. When all the Legionnaires had returned to Cyrodiil Daric had most of the Alliance soldiers sent back home, to go maintain order in their own provinces. This included the Dunmer forces. The various province leaders arrived in the capital with their escorts. Daric had them all brought to the Elder Council Chamber. Joran walked into the Elder Council chambers with his family, escorted by the Indoril Guard. He introduced Daric to his family, then asked how were things. Jina just stared up at Daric, the awe in her eyes very apparent. Joran's wife, Elva, who had just recently arrived from Morrowind, walked in after him. She greeted Daric, saying it was a pleasure to meet with him. The Breton greeted her and welcomed her to the Imperial City. After he greeted the Nerevars, the family sat at the table next to Joran. Daric sat at the middle of the table. Caesar Autrus was standing right behind him. Celegorn Camoran, the Bosmer King, his brother and his son arrived. Bodean Suda sat down next to Daric, to the right of Daric was his cousin, who had replace him as High King of High Rock. Ulfric arrived right after. Bodean asked Ulfric how Galmar was doing, as he had been hurt during the battle. Ulfric said that he was fine, he was just getting too old for that kind of thing. The other leaders arrived and all sat down at the Elder Council Chamber. Daric said for them to get the matter at hand, bringing all the provinces back into the Empire. They needed everyone so they could maintain peace in Tamriel, which was the motive behind this meeting. The Argonian King, Azeez-Nassa, said that they didn't need the Empire. The Argonians would not be ruled by the Empire any longer. Daric said that he was right. This confused many of them. Azeez-Nassa asked what he meant.

Daric explained. He said that things were going to be different. Under his rule the Empire would not intervene in matters only concerning one province, unless requested by that province. They would maintain the peace and order between the Imperial Provinces but we would not impose their rule on them. Similar to how Morrowind had it in the 3rd Era. All the Provinces would have self-rule, only some Imperial laws would have to be followed by all, in order to maintain unity within the Empire, like the abolishment of slavery and such. Joran nodded slowly. Elva looked at Daric and asked who would enforce those laws, imperial soldiers. Joran looked at her, and they seemed to have a silent conversation with their eyes. Finally, Joran sighed and looked away. Jina continued to stare at Daric, before Joran patted her shoulder and she looked away. Daric said that each ruler and his people would enforce their own laws including the universal imperial laws. The universal laws wouldn't be anything like forced religion or anything like that, they would do basic things like the adoption of the Septim coin in all provinces. The Legions would maintain order and peace in Tamriel, having a headquarters in each of the provinces, but they would not interfere with the local governments. The Khajiiti Mane asked that even if he maintained this policy how would they know that one of his successors wouldn't turn out a tyrant like Augustus. The Breton said that in the treaty he would declare that if any Emperor broke even one of the terms, he would be unfit to rule and should be relinquished from command by any means necessary. The Empire was not meant to rule all of Tamriel with an iron fist. It was mean to maintain the peace and prosperity of the provinces. Bodean said that that was an admirable then but asked if they were meant to swear fealty to him. Daric nodded, saying that it would guaranty that they would follow the universal laws and his orders should he had to intervene in extreme circumstances. Each province would also have to donate a proportionate amount of troops to the Legions so the Empire could defend its territories. Azeez-Nassa said that they were just fighting the Imperials and now they were just supposed to pretend it didn't happen. Daric said that he didn't, but Augustus was gone. He would rule fairly and the autonomy that each province had would make sure that they didn't feel oppressed. The Orc King, Garzonk, asked what would happen to Orsinium. If he was going to be razed to the ground once again. Daric assured him that Orsinium would still be recognized as an official Imperial Province.

Jina spoke up. She asked what would happen if one of the leaders broke their oath. Daric said that if one of the leaders broke an Imperial Law, by invading another province or committing atrocities, then the Legion would be forced to step in. The Empire's purpose was to maintain peace and order on Tamriel, if one province or its leader threatened that peace the Empire would intervene. Daric then grabbed a scroll and opens it on the table. He said that it was the 2nd White-Gold Concordat. It detailed all the imperial laws and the other terms. Signing this would make them an Imperial Province, as for swearing fealty that was a formality for after his coronation. He handed it over to his cousin, the new High King of High Rock. High King Garth Lariat signed the Concordat. He then passed it over to Ulfric. Ulfric said that the Empire had brought peace and prosperity to Tamriel before, the 3rd Era was evidence of that, but Titus II was a weak ruler, and Augustus was too strong a ruler. He believed that Daric had the right amount of strength. Galmar behind him grunted in agreement. Ulfric signed the Concordat, and then passed it to High King Bodean. The Redguard told Daric to keep his word and bring prosperous trade back to Hammerfell. He signed the Concordat, then passed it to King Celegorn. He signed without a word. His brother, Fargoth, gave him a strange look. Celegorn passed it to Joran.

Joran took the Concordat. He believed that with Daric's help, Tamriel would be stronger. He signed the Concordat, and passed it to the Altmer King Yanniss Mothril. Elva looked around the room, lingering a little bit on Celegorm and Naerion, and looking between the two. She agreed with her husband, but added that Daric needed the right people beside him to be a strong leader. Elva's eyes lingered on Daric for a split second, before laughing a small bit and whispering something to Joran. Joran glanced at her, stunned. Jina glanced over to the two of them, her eyes bitter and upset at something Elva had said. Jina looked back at the leaders. The Altmer said that this was the best thing for his people. He signed the Concordat, passing it to King Garzonk. Garzonk was impressed that Daric defeated Augustus in single combat and said that he had earned the respect of the Orcs. Since they had pledged to the Empire before and Orsinium was going to remain under Imperial protection, he agreed to sign it. He signs the Concordat, then passed it to Azeez-Nassa. Azeez-Nassa said that they didn't need Imperial rule. Daric said that he had more to lose by not signing than anyone else. Black Marsh was know for being economically stagnant, they would not survive forever as an independent province. Azeez-Nassa was adamant in his position, saying that the Argonians would make do on their own. Daric tried to reason with the Argonian, saying that the Empire would let them have self-rule as well as bring prosperous trade and guarante peace. Azeez-Nassa looked Daric straight in the eyes. He was about to say something but stopped himself. He accepted, reluctantly. He signed the Concordat. After that he passed it to the Mane. The Khajiit was very grateful that he was freed from the Imperial prison that Augustus had locked him in. His people had been pawns of the Thalmor and Augustus, this was going to help them in more ways that one. He accepted and signed the Concordat. He gave it back to Daric. The Breton was pleased. The Empire was back to its former self. He knew that there was still rebuilding and reestablishing order to take care of, but they are on the right path to secure Tamriel's future. He thanked them all for that. They had one more matter to discuss, the Elder Council. He had decided that each provincial ruler would get to nominate one person to a seat at the council. The Nelthars also had one seat, that meant 11 councilors. They would vote on a Chancellor to lead the Elder Council. But that was for later, for now he requested that you remain in the capital for a while longer. The preparations for his coronation were almost finished.

A few days later everything was ready for his coronation. The Throne Room was set for the coronation too, the guests were all there awaiting for the Daric to walk to the Ruby throne, where the Nine Priests of the Divines. The Talos priest was holding the crown in his hand. Daric started to walk down the red carpet towards the Ruby Throne. Elva, Joran, Jivin and the baby stood near the front, cheering and clapping as he walked down the aisle. Jina was clapping the hardest. Daric walked to the Ruby Throne, the 9 High Priests awaited until he made it there. Then Daric kneeled in front of the High Priest of Talos. They all blessed him in the name of the 9 Divines, then the Talos priest placed the Ruby Crown on Daric's head. The priest said that he came as a Lariat, but now he'd rise in the name of the Nine Divines as a Septim, as Emperor of Tamriel. He beckoned the Emperor to rise and proclaimed him Darius Septim I. The Nerevar family clapped along with the rest of the people present. Darius and the High Priests started walking outside, followed by the guests from the coronation. They headed outside the White-Gold Tower where the citizens were outside. Darius waved at his subjects as he made his way to the Temple District. The Emperor entered the Temple of the One with the High Priest of Talos and other select few important guests. He had the Dragonfire pedestal rebuilt next to the Martin Statue, it didn't serve any purpose now but all the Septim Emperors had lit the Dragonfires so he wanted to maintain the tradition. He lit it with a flames spell and the whole Temple became illuminated with the glow of the Dragonfire. The Nerevars cheered along with the other guests.

A couple days later Joran and Elva sat in their guestroom. Darius was now engaged to an Imperial noblewoman. Joran and Elva figured that it was to strengthen his claim to the throne. Joran looked around, noticing that Jina was not near them. He asked his wife if she thought that Jina was off lately. Elva mentioned that she was in love. Joran asked with whom. His wife revealed that their daughter had developed feeling for the Emperor. Joran mentioned that that would be complicated, given that Darius was going to get married.

In two weeks time the wedding was held in the Temple of the One. The Mede banners and the Septim banners were hanging on the inside and the outside, as Darius was going to marry Livia Mede. Most of the other provincial leaders had already left Cyrodiil but the Temple was full with Imperial nobility. Darius had declared the day a one time holiday, to celebrate the joining to the two dynasties. Livia was wearing a long elegant white dress. It had many intricate designs along the fabric. Darius was wearing expensive white and red clothes. Jina and her family had stayed in the Imperial City because, during the short time she had been there, Livia and Elva had become good friends. Joran was wearing light gold and blue clothes, and Elva was wearing a long, beautiful dress of red silk. Darius and Livia said their vows in the presence of the High Priestess of Mara. After the ceremony the guests went back to the White-Gold Tower, where a banquet was set up in the Main Hall. Darius and Livia mingled with the guests. Elva and Joran danced along with many other people. Except, when they danced, the Nobles were turning to watch. That was how graceful they were. Elva was renowned as the most beautiful Dunmer since Barenziah, and Joran was a handsome Dunmer, in his own right. The rest of the day was filled with celebration.

Following the wedding, Joran, Elva, Jivin, and the baby, Elvir, had returned home to Morrowind, but Jina and General Jax Redoran. Jina had been appointed to the Elder Council by her father, and Jax remained with her as her bodyguard. In Morrowind, Joran began trying to solve the many problems of his people and rebuild the province after the war.

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