Julius Tyrell










Legate, Dawnguard Fighter


Dawnguard, Imperial Legion

Place of Birth

Weye, Cyrodiil


Sienna Tyrell (mother), Tabor Tyrell (Father), Victor Tyrell, Fedro Tyrell (Uncle) (Brother)

Julius Tyrell is an Imperial who served in the Legion for the Civil War, and is a member of the Dawnguard Vampire Hunter Clan. He joined shortly the Volkihar Vampires attempted to complete the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy.

Early Life

Julius Tyrell was born in Weye, Cyrodiil in the year 4 E 168 to Sienna and Tabor Tyrell. Both his parents perished in the Great War, leaving Julius and his brother Victor both orphans. After a huge battle in the city, the two brothers were alone in the world and ended up eating one of the dead soldiers out of necessity, the experience being so traumatic for him (and partly due to his young age) he almost completely repressed the event in his subconscious. After the White-Gold Concordat was signed by Titus Mede II Julius was adopted by his uncle Fedro. However, he didn't have the Economic means to support two children and Victor was sent to the orphanage, while Julius was taken in by him and his wife. His Aunt and Uncle used to read him stories to sleep about his parents sacrifices and heroism in the Great War, as well as stories about Tiber Septim, and about the current Emperor, Titus Mede II who ended the Great War and saved all humans on the continent. Julius was grown up to be very patriotic towards the Empire, and despite his respect for Talos, understood as a proud Imperial citizen to respect that his worship is banned within the Empire.

He embraced diversity as well and studied many different cultures and languages in his youth via schooling. At the age fifteen he was one of the smartest students in his classes and for his tutors. Though he excelled in Mathematics and History, Julius' dream was to join the Imperial Legion one day and honor his parents for their service in the Great War.

East Empire Company

When he was twenty years old, Julius was a well-educated young gentlemen who ultimately decided to serve in the Imperial Legion. He spent the next four years involved with mostly quelling pirate raids and keeping order on the countryside. His term eventually ended and he was honorably discharged from services. Wanting to still serve the Empire and put his education to good use, at age twenty-five Julius joined up with the East Empire Company, starting off simply as a packer for the ships heavy & complex supplies. Due to his knowledge on economics, geography and foreign cultures he excelled at this job. He quickly rose in the ranks eventually becoming a manager, and having the opportunity to travel all around Tamriel for his work. Living in almost every province, short of Morrowind and Black Marsh.

At age thirty he was appointed to Skyrim to try and improve the East Empire's position in the province that was full of growing Civil Unrest.

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