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Isle of Balfiera


The Cult of Vulcan


Adawulf Sea-Born

Year of Creation:

4E 226

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When Adawulf fused the Heart of Lorkhan and himself, he created a race of men known as the Kagrenan. The followers of the Cult of Vulcan were instantly recreated, as they were just Ash Spawn before. Adawulf knew that the race needed much more people, so he went back to battlefields and recreated many others. That includes the Legionaires that attacked Snowhawk, many Nordic tombs, and the burned populace of the Falkreath Cementary.

Eventually many were reincarnated into the race, but many were simply born pure Kagrenan. They eventually formed societies outside of Balfiera too.

Differences from other Races

Kagrenans look like Nords with slightly grey skin. Most believe Vulcan is the true god, and that Adawulf is his second life. They accept both Mer and beast as equals, because they were all different before being reincarnated.

  • Complete fire resistance
  • Poison resistance
  • Complete ash resistance
  • Capable of breathing in ash

Different Kagrenan

Because people of all races were reincarnated, the Kagrenan are born with a mark on their hand that shows what they were before rebirth. Elven Kagrenan have slightly pointed ears, Human Kagrenan have more fertility, and Beast Kagrenan can either see in the dark, or breathe under water.


The Kagrenan have a culture closely resembling Dunmeri, Nibenese, and Nordic. They enslave criminals, have a knack for trading, and are known for having many mercenary groups similar to the companions. They are also known because of their Pantheon, which sees many anti-heroes and mortals as prophets and gods.