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I was trained from a young age in many combat styles, though my focus was two-handed weapons and polearms.
— Kaidan describing his preference of weapons


Character follower is made by livtempleton, creator of the mod Kaidan 2 in nexus. Don't know who made the screenshot though.

Kaidan didn't know much of his past, he was raised in learning to fight for survival with his trusted greatsword katana and guardian parent who taught him in fighting. Kaidan as Nord traveled around Tamerial until he was ambushed by the thalmor during his recent travels within Skyrim.

Imprisoned and tortured in abandoned prison for days unending, he was later rescued by man who calls himself Lancelot. In the aftermath, both became fast friends during their adventure and were notorious for their deeds in taking bounty contracts and stealing just to survive. Soon enough, they later fall in love until the day that were forced to be separated from each other after being ambushed and captured by the thalmor during camping once more.

Of course, both managed to escaped their cell but are now unable to see each other, resulting them to go into separate ways until at some point he heard rumors of mysterious settlement in the north of Solstheim that is The Union.


Kaidan presents himself to be gruff, cool-headed, aloof and hardened swordsman to everyone he meets, but is kind to his loved ones and caring about his companions. He doesn't put much thought in what his friends do in their life as long they don't hurt the people he cares about, although he would at times question them about their choices. He isn't evil nor emotionless altogether, but can be vengeful and spiteful when it comes to others harming his friends or resorting to kidnapping as he had merciless killed his own abductor for imprisoning and torturing him.

Outside the surface of Kaidan's character, he is no mindless brute and has been at times to be offended when others rudely comments him about it. Other than his hobby of mostly practicing swordsmanship and archery, Kaidan has interest in reading various books, especially when it comes to history and culture of Tamerial, and Akavir. Moreover, his view on vampirism or werewolves, is interesting take, as while views them disgusting evil creatures that need to be hated for what they are, he doesn't mind or care if his friends were vampires/werewolves as long they are still being themselves.

While he usually presents himself to be the cool-headed and manly swordsman, Kaidan does become antagonistic and annoyed to those that were mocking or rude towards him. Though, he doesn't really care what they think of him and Kaidan will easily forgive them if they stop being jerks. However, if their rude/mocking commentary were aiming towards the people he cares about, Kaidan becomes angered and holds grudge towards them as simply apologizing and making amends, is out of the question.


Gifted: While his archery is basically above average, he is shown to be great swordsman and has many experience of handling an greatsword, especially after becoming immortal vampire. He is said to be honing his sword for the past hundred of years and learn various types of techniques regarding the way of the sword.

Combat Statistics

Powers and Abilities: Vampire Physiology, Life Absorption, Telekinesis and Paralysis Inducement with Afterimage Creation (As vampire lord, his strength and speed increased immensely to the point that he can lift and punch mammoths or giants in skyrim. Knows two spells, Vampiric Drain and Telekinesis, the drain spell allows him to drain other's life force to replenish his health while telekinesis allows to constrain or throw an person. Moreover, every time he goes full sprint or stops, he creates an afterimage of himself.), Intangibility and Transformation with Immortality (Can turn into a cloud of mist & bats at will which temporally makes him intangibility, including transforming himself into vampire lord. Vampires are also immortal creatures.), Levitation, Night Vision, Blood Magic, Invisibility, Necromancy, Mind Manipulation, Summoning and Corrupted Blood (Capable of levitating from the ground, able to see in the dark, knows another two spells that allows him to throw an splash of blood that drains their health, while the other spell causes them to start boiling their blood with the flick of finger. Can turn invisible, able to raise the dead and conjure gargoyles. Like every vampire, he can turn others into vampires through bite and able to hypnosis the weak-willed mortals.), Immunity to Disease, Poison and Frost.

Combat Tactics: Kaidan is swordsman at heart, preferring to charge at his enemies in blinding speed while thinking new ways of using his vampire powers to overwhelm them.

Speed: Supersonic+ combat speed and reaction speed (Dodged countless arrows during his human life, and eventually after becoming vampire, his speed and reaction timing increased to the point that he can easily maneuver around incoming bullets from work in progress Solar Guns, while leaving afterimages for every stop.)

Weakness: Like every vampire, they become severely weakened under the sun as their blood boils them to inevitable death the longer they stay; albeit for Kaidan, especially for being vampire lord, he will just be weakened under the sun. Vulnerable to holy attacks and requires blood to survive.