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Skyrim, Whiterun Hold

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Gammelvarg (father), Hedvig (mother), Bitvarg (brother), Torsdolk (brother), Ulftand (brother), Ylva (sister), Hildi (sister-in-law), Varg (nephew), Rigvar (nephew), Valkyrie (niece) Hemming (nephew), Lilja (niece)


4E 130


4E 150


The Lady


Katri Ghost-Wolf was a Nord member of rank Pup of Clan Ghost-Wolf.

Physical appearance

Katri was renowned for her beauty. She had pale skin and hair so blonde it was almost white. Her eyes was described as "being bluer than the Sea of Ghost itself".


Not much has been said about Katri's earlier life to date, save for the fact that she was prone to severe depression and due to her condition she stayed mostly out of sight from anyone within the household. Because of her sadness, the household tended to called her by the epitaph "the Sad Wolf".

She was the youngest child of Gammelvarg and Hedvig Hawk-Singer.

She was described as being a shy, young woman who was inflicted with sickness, however it is not stated whether this sickness was physical or psychological, as some women of the Ghost-Wolf clan has shown tendencies to develop mental illnesses, such as melancholia and depression.

With no way to cure herself from her depression, Katri gave up all hope. After several days of sadness it has been said that she one cold night wandered out in a furious blizzard wearing only her nightgown, never to be seen again.

Since her body was never recovered it is not yet known if she indeed truly died that night or at some later occasion, or whether she died at all.

The life and death of lady Katri Ghost-Wolf remains a tragedy and a mystery for the clan as to this day.

Her death affected many members of the clan as well as the loyal Cadet Branches. Her brother Bitvarg the Elder, a man famed for his stoic persona, seemed to take her death particularly hard as he cried whenever Katri was brought to subject, even long after her supposed death.

Known Aliases

  • The Sad Wolf


Quotes by Katri

— Katri Ghost-Wolf

Quotes about Katri 


  • Her name is a derivative of the name Katherine. The etymology of the name is still under debate, but it has often been associated with the Greek word kathoros, meaning "pure".


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