Kavius Closeup
Race Aviarak
Gender Male
Age A month
Status Alive
Factions Aviarak
Titles Aviarak High Commander
Place of Birth Fort Greymoor
Family None

Kavius is the first Aviarak ever made. He also serves as the commander of all Aviarak, reporting directly to Qa'do.


Kavius was, before his transition into himself, was originally an Argonian mass murderer by the name of Dagger-Teeth. He went on massive killing sprees in Cheydinhal, Windhelm, Solstheim, and Solitude. He killed people by gouging out their eyes with his claws before tearing their throats out with his fangs. He eventually went to the city of Greymoor, and managed to kill four people. However, his next target was the leader of the Jihaat Maaszi, Slagar. After an intense struggle, Dagger-Teeth was incapacitated, and was brought to jail. He was then inducted into Qa'do's experimental Aviarak program, and Qa'do wiped his memory, rewrote his genetic code, and turned him into what he is now.


Kavius has a white and brown complexion. Various parts of his body are white and brown. He has a white face, with brown mandibles.

Kavius, having the strict mindset of a commander of the Aviarak, is very formal and straight-forward in his line of thought. He is a brilliant strategic commander, even with his strict mindset. His strategies often involve massive numbers, to insure the destruction of the enemy. He will kill anyone who he sees being disrespectful to Qa'do, Slagar, himself, or anyone else he deems important.


Kavius Armor

When not in active battle, Kavius just wears his armor without the head attachments and paint. However, when wearing combat apparel, He paints his body different than usual, and wears a face mold that acts as extra protection, and also has a different horn setup, giving him a more menacing look. A complete list of his gear while prepared for major combat is as follows:

  • Armor of the Infallible Warrior
  • Facemold of the Fearsome Predator
  • Cloak of the Mighty Hunter
  • Blade of the Ferocious Vanquisher


  • Kavius is an Aviarak, which are heavily based off of the Turians of the Mass Effect series.
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