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Kazrris is a Khajiit Rogue, and one of the original members of the Heroes Guild.


Kazrris was born sometime in the 189th year of the 4th Era. He did not know his parents, and grew up in an orphanage near Riften. When he was 8 years old, he accidentally discovered he had the ability to enter a different realm where he could move unseen throughout the land of Tamriel. His first move was to escape the orphanage and find a different life for himself.

Eventually he found himself in Cyrodil, where he and his powers were noticed by Imperial Battlemage Dalacon Granus. Kazrris was promptly brought into the Empire as a squire, to learn under the guidance of Dalacon and Hafnir.

Events of Nightloom

During his days as a squire, Kazrris would end up trapped on the island of Nightloom with his masters after a bandit chase went awry. They ended up trapped in a castle on the island, having to fend off mutant creatures and bandit clans while they tried to figure out a way off the island.

When the Mercenary Group appeared on the island, the trio joined their mission to defeat Kaelmun and save Tamriel from his mutant invasion. Although he desperately wished to fight in this battle, Kazrris was constantly kept out of action by the others in the group, as he was deemed too young to be in this fight.

Kazrris continued to pop up and get himself involved in the fighting and aided in the final battle that saw Kaelmun be defeated and stopped his plans of destroying Skyrim.

Events of Age of Heroes

After leaving Nightloom Island, Kazrris was made one of the original members of the Heroes Guild, alongside Vordel, Utahsi, and Denon. He and the Heroes Guild began their campaign through the Skyrim region beginning in 4E 210. His time, however, would come to a tragic end when Kazrris was slain in battle against Goriyn Mortis in Riften. He was buried alongside his fellow guildmate, Hagen, in the glade near Fort Dawnguard.


Kazrris is a boastful and often times arrogant Khajiit. His desire to fight and infiltrate is insatiable and almost intolerable to his comrades.