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Khemri is an Alfiq of incredible magical potency. He is described as having dark grey, fluffy fur and deep blue eyes. He wears partial clothing in the form of a ruffle, encircled with a collar decorated with brims of blue, purple, and gold. On his chest he wears a pendant with a dark red ruby.


Early life

Not much is known about Khemri's early life, except that he arrived at the city of Ulthar to study magic approximately ten years before Shaltaire's arrival, but that he spent centuries or even millennia learning about magic in the past. The first ten years of his present timeline was spent studying enchantments and the mystery of dragon breaks. While Khemri only managed to invent an imperfect solution to reproduce the effects of a dragon break, it was enough for him to acquire the knowledge of how to travel back and forth in time, but never the future. Using his knowledge of enchanting he crafted himself a pendant that would halt his aging while spending time in the past to ensure that he could learn and study to his heart's content without the fear of dying of old age. He occasionally returned to the present timeline to share his discoveries with his mentors, eventually surpassing them with what he knew.

Later life

When Shaltaire arrived at Ulthar, Khemri was intrigued by her ability to learn and gain knowledge, particularly her studies in Mysticism and Alteration. He found her resolve to learn more instead of using what she already knew to be commendable and decided to entrust her with the secrets of time travel, taking her as his student. The pair would eventually become enamored lovers who would frequently travel back and forth in time to learn the greater mysteries of magic, their greatest dream to successfully learn the magic of a dragon break. At some point during his and Shaltaire's relationship, the Alfiq mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. Shaltaire feared that her lover might have accidentally gotten himself killed or trapped in a remote timeline without her knowing.

Personality and traits

Khemri is cheerful and mischievous with an, according to Shaltaire, "winning smile". He has been described as somewhat of a trickster, who takes great pride in his accumulated knowledge and that others must seek his counsel.


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