Kodlak Nikulson
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 25
Status Alive
Factions Kaldtfrelsers, Felsaad Vanguard
Titles ----
  • King of Kaldtfrelser
  • Vanguard Commander
  • Master General of the Frelser Army
  • High King of Skyrim
Place of Birth Sørskaal Hall
Family Tate Nikulson (father) (deceased)

Fanari Nikulson (sister)

Frea Nikulson (mother)


Kodlak Nikulson is the king and leader of the Kaldtfrelsers, the leader of the Felsaad Vanguard, and the High King of Skyrim. He appears in The New Kingdoms.


Kodlak has dirt blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. He is tall and lean, but is still strong and toned for his leanness. He has a light beard.

Like his father, he contains a kind demeanor to kind and neutral entities. However, in an argument or in combat he can lose his temper. When he is extremely mad his eyes seem to turn to a dark, piercing blue. His angry glare makes people very uncomfortable. He can turn to rage-induced fits of violence, such as his torture and execution of the Black Fang leaders, Lucien and Louise.


Kodlak was born in Sørskaal Hall. He is the son of Tate Nikulson and Frea Nikulson. He was raised with his sister, Fanari, in Sørskaal. Ever since he was a child, he was a natural with the bow. He was making very accurate shots by the age of 9. Throughout his life, he has proven to be an amazing archer. He joined the army when he was 16, and founded the Felsaad Vanguard when he was 19.


Felsaad Vanguard Basic Armor

Kodlak in his armor

Kodlak has many various items on his person at most times. These are all somehow useful to him. He carries the following with him:

  • Kodlak's Steel Mask
  • Ranger Hood
  • Kodlak's Armor Set
  • Kodlak's bow
  • Kodlak's dagger (x2)
  • Smelling salts
  • Throwing knives (x5)
  • Dwemer oil
  • Vanguard powder bombs (x4)
  • Frelser arrows (x45)


Kodlak has many jobs that he performs simultaneously. Below is a list of all of his occupations.

  • Leader of the Kaldtfrelser
  • Commander of the Felsaad Vanguard
  • Master General of the Frelser Army
  • High King of Skyrim


  • Master archer, very possibly the very best archer in all of Skyrim
  • Expert dagger user, master swordsman.
  • Master of parkour and acrobatics
  • Villfrelser unarmed tactics
  • Thu'um: Frost Breath, Ice Form, Throw Voice, Whirlwind Sprint, Unrelenting Force, Aura Whisper
  • Certain spells: invisibility, telekinesis, waterbreathing, stoneflesh, ironflesh, ebonyflesh
  • All frelser spells (certain unique restoration, illusion, alteration and destruction magics, as well as their rituals of nature and the like)


  • Kodlak loves to swordfight, and he takes any opportunity to have a friendly duel.
  • Although he is the king of the frelsers, he doesn't like to wear fancy clothes or jewelry.
  • Kodlak's name comes from Kodlak White-Mane, the Harbinger of the Companions in 4E 201.
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