Kuros (face)








Mehrunes Dagon (Formerly)

The Master

Home Realm



Deadlands (The Master's planes)


The Master: Master

Reagon: Ally

Mactan: Subordinate.

Kuros is a powerful, yet loyal Dremora servant of The Master and seemingly his second in command, the Dremora lives for combat and especially enjoys the thrill of the arena, where he met his end at the hands of Daugalo, Darius and Agatha Tira and the recently converted and summoned Mactan.


Little is known about Kuros or his past, he first appears in Chapter IV of Unsung Heroes of the Oblivion Crisis, The Deadlands.

The Unsung Heroes of the Oblivion Crisis

The Kynreeve makes his first appearance to the group, when he ambushes Agatha and Arik, taking them prisoner and to the Arena, where they are forced to fight several creatures in a fight to the death, he later emerges as a combatant and fights the three of them, which eventually becomes four as Daugalo reveals that he was in the crowd the whole time.
Kuros (front)

Kuros: In Unsung Heroes of the Oblivion Crisis

He jumps down and attacks Kuros, the two of them fight and berate eachother for some time before Agatha finishes perfecting her 'summon Mactan' spell and summons the mad Breton, who then throws himself into the fray.

Kuros is knocked to the floor and eventually has his head smashed in by Daugalo's boot.

The Story of Apocrypha

Kuros returns, along with Mactan and Maraas as a summon, Arik and Darius Stormblade defeat him and the the latter bounds him to his soul, in a similar fashion to Agatha.


Kuros is quite antagonistic but reserved, he is incredibly strong and a skilled warrior. He seems to have a strange amount of honour but still regards himself and the 'Kyn' highly and looks down on the races of men, mer and beasts.

Interestingly, he chooses to capture Agatha and Arik, rather than slaying them, whilst they're back against a wall and allows them to fend for themselves.


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