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You might be Akatosh's firstborn son, Alduin, but we both know I'll always be his favorite.
— Laat Dovahkiin, allegedly, before obliterating the World Eater with an arsenal of Daedric Weapons.

Laat Dovahkiin on a morning walk in their casual Daedric armor.

Typical Nord representation of Laat Dovahkiin. While the name Skyrim is obviously a reference to the land, the significance of 'V' still puzzles scholars.

The Last Dragonborn, (L.svgAa.svgT.svgO.svgO.svgV.svgAh.svgK.svgIi.svgN.svg Last Dragonborn lit.) was an extremely popular and well known folk hero to the people of Skyrim during the Fourth Era. The popularity of the story has lead to many variations on the tale, however, all tales of the Last Dragonborn agree that they played a key part in the Dragon Crisis that plagued Skyrim in 4E 201. The Dragonborn was agreed to have slain the World Eater Alduin, and mastered the various powers of the Thu'um from the Greybeards. Beyond this, accounts tend to differ. It is widely theorized that the Last Dragonborn was a shapeshifter, or a master of Illusion magic, as most tales agree that the Dragonborn switched both species and gender multiple times during their antics across the land. Another thing that is widely agreed on is that Laat Dovahkiin was a godlike being in the guise of a mortal, sent directly from Akatosh to slay his wayward son. Because of this, the Dovahkiin was known to possess a superhuman level of learning ability, mastering skills it would take mortals their entire lives to learn in a few hours of practice. It is even rumored that the Dovahkiin was capable of bending fate itself to their will, reversing and pausing time to gain an advantage over their enemies.


I got a lucky shot.
— Laat Dovahkiin's catchphrase on killing any supposedly immortal being.

Discussing the Dovahkiin's overall appearance, gender and even personality are something of an exercise in futility, as Laat Dovahkiin was known as a notorious eccentric, and was known to have changed all on a whim. It is known that the character was a fugitive of Cyrodiil, caught and almost executed by the Imperial Legion alongside such other controversial figures such as Ulfric Stormcloak and Euryale Karnstein. The proceedings were interrupted by Alduin, though it is fiercely debated among scholars if the World Eater saved Laat Dovahkiin accidentally, or if their would-be executioner simply dropped dead from their presence.

From there on, the Last Dovahkiin proved to be an exceptionally deadly warrior and combatant, quickly mastering all forms of weaponry and magic known to mortalkind in a matter of days. Their first great deed was the slaying of the dragon, Mirmulnir, a powerful servant of Alduin who had survived since the ancient Dragon Wars. The Last Dragonborn anticlimactically destroyed the great beast, before devouring its soul and becoming the Thane of Whiterun.

During their one-person war against the entirety of Alduin's legions, the Last Dragonborn managed to find the time to also become the master of every known guild in Skyrim, champion of all Daedric Princes (somehow convincing even some mortal enemies to share) and bearer of their various artifacts, as well as defeat the very first Dragonborn, Miraak. Despite their extreme sociopathic tendencies detailed below, the Last Dragonborn was noted for being a very gifted orator, as they also managed to find themselves in the position of being a Thane of every hold in the land.


I'd rather die than go to jail!
— Laat Dovahkiin's common catchphrase before committing mass murder.

The Last Dovahkiin, while widely agreed to be a hero, is a mercurial figure in their own legend, to put it politely. The Last Dovahkiin is noted for having engaged in many criminal behaviors, that earned them a degree of infamy in the land. A partial list of the Dovahkiin's more notable crimes include:


the Last Dovahkiin is known for their many and storied relationships with various beings. Like a Nordic trickster god, Laat Dovahkiin was often portrayed as omnisexual or at least anthrosexual, and their romantic conquests were rumored to include:

Blessings of Akatosh

It is well known that the Last Dragonborn is the scion of Akatosh, god of time, and many scholars believe that the Last Dragonborn, even more than their predecessors, possessed the ability to control reality to a godlike degree.

Before the Dragonborn became cognizant of the true depth of their omnipotence, it is widely agreed that they possessed the ability to slow time, allowing them to switch between their weapons, equipment and spells to catch their enemies off guard. Some scholars whisper that the Last Dovahkiin even had the ability to revert time when they died, to ensure they fulfilled their destiny to destroy Alduin.

Another popular, though less mentioned trait of the Last Dragonborn in tales, is their seemingly superhuman ability to carry vast amounts of armor, equipment, books and contraband on their person without it being visible. It is theorized that the Dragonborn may have had access to a stable pocket dimension with a limited carry weight, given the amount of discarded trash they often left in their wake.



  • Just in case it needs to be said, this version of the Last Dragonborn is a parody of the player character from Skyrim.
  • Laat Dovahkiin as a character acts as a framing device, rarely personally encountered, to tie the author's works together.
  • The only mortal to have ever defeated the Dragonborn in combat was, incidentally, the Imperial Soldier who captured them on the border of Skyrim. This nameless soldier is notable for besting a seemingly drunken Dovahkiin (nonetheless acknowledged as a feat beyond that of most mortals), beating them senseless and arresting them, even having the audacity to imprison them in the same cart they transported Ulfric. the actions of this soldier, ironically, almost succeeded in doing what countless Dragons, ancient undead, maniacal wizards and literal armies have failed in: killing the Dragonborn. It is said that this soldier is the only being in creation that Laat Dovahkiin fears, and the phrase 'Stop right there, criminal scum!' is known to send them into a mad frenzy of rage.
  • To attain the power of the Vampire Lord, Laat Dovahkiin performed a ritual with the Daedric Prince of Domination, Molag Bal. It is unknown exactly what transpired during this ritual, however to this day, Molag Bal refuses to speak of the experience, and refuses to associate with Laat Dovahkiin, despite naming them his champion.