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Lizard Men are are race of hostile reptiles in Reign of Chaos, who dwell beneath the Imperial City's Prison and in the Imperial City's sewers.
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According to Talin Warhaft II the Lizard Men were pushed out of the sewers by the Imperial Guard, who purged the sewers of them, to make the city safer. They were pushed back to near extinction in the Imperial City but plenty more still dwell out in Tamriel.

The Lizard Men, like Goblins tend to have their own tribal identities, they craft wooden shields and use makeshift hand axes or loot them off of fallen adventurers or guards. Their weapons, armour and other equipment are shabbily made and thus they seem to be losing their territorial war with the clan of Goblins, who also share the sewers.

In spite of the word 'man' being in their name, they are by no means civilized, they can communicate but only to get the attention of one another and are otherwise simple beasts. They have no relation to the Argonians of Black Marsh and little is known of their origin so far.

On the threat scale, they stand between goblins and wolves.


Reign of Chaos: Prologue - The Imperial Prison

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